Managing sales force productivity part 4


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Discussing organization's innovative capability as a life code for its development.

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Managing sales force productivity part 4

  1. 1. Managing Work Force Productivity Innovation Capability of an Organization Innovation capability is a well spoken subject. Most of the time, it is explained with reference to product development and organization’s ability to invent new solutions for existing and new markets. This time I am talking about innovation in context of behavioral sciences and its ability to get institutionalized in organizational structure to form a remedial mechanism for radical and incremental change anytime and time after time. It’s a common perception to view the organizational performance with respect to its managerial decisions which is not a just way to do it. Human resources are one of the many factors which together with other elements and systems constitute a body that exhibits more or less all forms of life linked characteristics. At the same time, it’s not about putting the parts together; the question is what brings a life to an organization. RPV – The Life Code of an Organization These are the three distinct bands of organizational capacities formulating a framework to encapsulate every fraction of its ability. RPV stands for Resources, Processes and Values and the organizational ability to invent a change comes within the RPV framework. It will determine what your organization can or cannot do. The RPV theory asserts that company’s strengths & weaknesses are best defined by its resources, processes and values. The ability of a new born organization is primarily its resources and as the business progresses it defines enhanced processes through which it learns to capitalize well on its resources. Finally it reaches to a K. M. Saleem – Director Sales Venture & Agents
  2. 2. Managing Work Force Productivity stage where decision making is numerous and complex and needs to install positive values to redefine the authority and responsibility structure. A stronger RPV will improve motivation and abilities of its people and a weaker RPV will de-motivate and reduce the abilities. Motivation opens up sight to find opportunities, improves talent to sense threats and identifies the need for change. And when coupled with higher human abilities, it accepts the challenge (change) and automatically activates a system to respond to the change within a stronger RPV framework turning you into a highly innovative organization. Ensuring a stronger RPV structure is not a onetime exercise; it takes a well intended effort which must continue to main it at high standards so that it is institutionalized and embedded in the management architecture of the company. It was important to discuss the organizational abilities and systems that form a strong structure in order to guarantee a sustainable change of sales department development and as a matter of fact any developmental change in any corporate area. K. M. Saleem – Director Sales Venture & Agents