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  • 1. Foldables™:Interactive 3-D Organizersfor Middle School/High SchoolDarlene M. Wheaton, M.Ed.Northwest Tri-County IU 5
  • 2. FOLDABLES™ are: Interactive graphic organizers Student-constructed visual displays used to organize information Engage students in active learning Creates student-ownership Ideal tools for diverse learners Assist in linking new information to prior knowledge
  • 3. FOLDABLES™ are: Focused on research-based skills Marzano research  Non-linguistic representations have strong effects on student achievement  Explicitly engaging students in the creation of nonlinguistic representations  Stimulates and increases activity in the brain
  • 4. FOLDABLES™ are: Embedded in or integral to each of the nine strategies:  Identifyingsimilarities and differences  Summarizing and note taking  Reinforcing effort and providing recognition  Homework and practice  Nonlinguistic representations  Cooperative learning  Setting objectives and providing feedback  Generating and testing hypotheses  Cues, questions, and advance organizers
  • 5. FOLDABLES™ are: Instructional/learning tool Hands-on Flexible Endless in application Show order and completeness of student’s thought process Strengths and weaknesses of student understanding become clearly evident to the teacher English Language Learners  Short words or phrases
  • 6. FOLDABLES™ are: Used:  To introduce the learning task  As advance organizer before the learning task  As a post organizer  As student-made study guides
  • 7. FOLDABLES™ are: Used  To incorporate skills  To incorporate skills  Comparing and  Graphics contrasting  Tables  Cause and effect  Charts  Similarities and  Diagrams differences  Models  Vocabulary  Venn diagrams  Concepts  Journals  Generalizations  Alternative assessment  Ideas  Theories
  • 8. FOLDABLES™ are for Differentiating Instruction Core Instruction Extended Learning Alternative form of assessment
  • 9. FOLDABLES™ are foreveryone: IEP to GIEP students All levels: K – 12 All Areas: Academics - Specials
  • 10. Basic FoldsHamburger Taco ShutterHotdog Burrito