DokCRM for banking | architecture


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DokCRM for banking architecture and components

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DokCRM for banking | architecture

  1. 1. Paperless<br />PaperlessApproachfor<br />financialprocesses<br />withdokCRMfor banking<br />
  2. 2. 28<br />today<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />Paperless in the Financial Sector?<br />Suppliers<br />Clients<br />Institutions<br />!<br />Banking EngagementProcess<br />ContractAgreements, Productsales, <br />Origination, Post-Sales, Litigations<br />Engagement<br />Gap<br />?<br />Internal Processes <br />
  3. 3. !<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />Closing the engagement gap!<br />28<br />oggi<br />Tomorrow<br />Suppliers<br />Clients<br />Institutions <br />Banking Engagement Processes Trade agreements, Product sales, Origination, Post-Sale<br />Rich Internet Application<br />Banking Engagement Process<br />Accordi commerciali, Vendita prodotti, <br />Origination, Post-Vendita, Contenzioso<br />Composite Content Application<br />?<br />Human Centric Business Process Managemet<br />Universal content repository<br />Internal Processes <br />
  4. 4. DokCRMdistributed document platform<br />A virtual document management centralized platform for branch-bank applications, <br />A unified complete view of document assets, more valuable than the sum of values of heterogeneous application documents<br />Integration among applications throughout documents<br />Centralization of security management, business rules and objects<br />Attention to application maintenance efficiency and evolution management<br />Customer<br />Relationship<br />Managmnt<br />CreditRisk<br />Managmnt<br />Application<br />Mortgages<br />Application<br />… Apps<br />Customer<br />Dossier <br />Branch<br />Contract/Product<br />
  5. 5. DokCRMStraigthThroughProcess<br />xCP<br />Configuration<br />User Experience<br />
  6. 6. Distribute<br />Process<br />Capture<br />Deploy, Execute<br />ScannedImages<br />Portal<br />Model, Simulate<br />Faxes &Reports<br />BusinessProcessManagement<br />Reports<br />Paper & eForms<br />Monitor, Manage<br />Print<br />Analyze,Optimize<br />Common Content and Storage Platform<br /> Engine: EMC Documentum<br />
  7. 7. Capture<br />Compliance<br />WebApp<br />LegacyApp<br />DokCRMFramework<br />DokCRMOrchestrator<br />Events & Services<br />DokCRMCore<br /> Core functionality, Business Rules<br />Documentum Content Server<br /> Process & Data Model<br />English Version<br />dokCRMFramework <br />
  8. 8. Accelerator: KLever dokCRMcomponents<br />CLIENT<br />DocBank ScanclientDistributed Capture<br />BankLegacyApps<br />Documentum WebTop & TaskSpace<br /> DokCRMDashboard<br /> DokCRMDashboard<br />SERVER<br />DokCRMOrchestrator<br />Document<br />Science<br />Document<br />Composing<br />Captiva<br />Document<br />Capture<br />DokCRMCore<br />Documentum BPM<br />DokCRMRules<br />DokCRMWorkflows<br />DokCRMBatch<br />DokCRMTemplate<br />Documentum Repository<br />DokCRMBusiness Object Model<br />ADMIN<br /> DokCRMComposer<br />
  9. 9. DocBank framework | Business ObjectModel<br />Business ObjectModel<br />DokCRMimplements a business object model which covers all the banking application areas, thereby ensuring a uniform and integrated product appearance and avoiding a conglomerate of diverse applications which need to be glued together.<br />Units of Higher Business Semantics<br />A business object encapsulates structured and unstructured information and forms a unit of higher business value. Examples: Customer, Product, Operation, Contract, Document<br />
  10. 10. DokCRMObjects<br /> Documentum Composer<br />DokCRM| Business Object Model<br />DokCRMComposer<br />English Version<br />
  11. 11. DokCRMframework | HumanCentric BPM<br />While the main objective of BPM and workflow is to automate routine tasks and procedures, Human Centric BPM aims to support human beings in performing knowledge-intensive work<br />
  12. 12. DokCRMframework | HumanCentric BPM<br />Process Modeling vs Process Activation<br />Rather than automating completely predefined procedures, execution (or activation) of task pattern models should be interactive. <br />When a model fragment is complete any sequences, choices and decisions can be automated troughtbusiness rules execution. <br />When a model fragment is incomplete, users must decide what should happen next. <br />By combining human and automated decision making, Interactive Task Management is able to integrate the support for ad-hoc and routine work, covering the whole process spectrum.<br />
  13. 13. dokCRMFramework | DokCRMActivity<br />dokCRMEvent<br />Activities<br />Message Outbound<br />Message Inbound<br />dokCRMWeb Services<br />Activities<br />WebServicesInbound<br />WebServices<br />dokCRMCORE<br />Activities<br />PublishDocument<br />CheckList Evaluate<br />Change BusinessState<br />
  14. 14. dokCRMFramework | Orchestrator<br />DokCRMOrchestrator<br />Events & Services<br />English Version<br />
  15. 15. Document-centric operating model<br />In agenzia<br />Analogica<br />Posta<br />Classificazione e <br />indicizzazione<br />Biometrica<br />Su web<br />Portale<br />PEC<br />Remota + OTP<br />Su mobile<br />Conservazione<br />Sositutiva<br />Automazione<br />processo<br />Remota + SMS<br />BusinessKeyIntesi PKBox<br />Arx CoSign<br />Klever DocBank SignDOC<br />Kofax KTM<br />Captiva Dispatcher<br />Klever DocBank<br />LegalDOC<br />Klever PKConservazione<br />EMC Documentum<br />Adobe LiveCycle<br />Klever DocBank<br />EMCDocumentum<br />LegalMail<br />EMC DocumentScience<br />Adobe Output<br />Klever DigitalVault<br />
  16. 16. thanks<br />