KLV brand awareness and image research 2010


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KLV brand awareness and image research 2010

  1. 1. KLV brand awareness and image surveySubtitle: KLV Wageningen Alumni Network is well known and appreciatedKLV will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in style in 2011. The association is investing alot in this. To make the intended brand awareness and positive image effects quantifiable,KLV decided to have two sets of measurements made. This article is about the baselinemeasurement in October 2010, before the jubilee.On instructions from KLV, the largest Wageningen Alumni Network, Trigenum carried out a(baseline) survey in September and October 2010 of its image and brand awareness. Bothmembers and non-members were asked to take part in the survey, without the name of theprincipal being stated beforehand. A total of 1,982 people took part in the survey. 87.5% ofthese (n=1,734) studied at Wageningen University in the past. Respondent demographics: 60.4% 6.9% 9.0% 39.6% 11.5% 18-25 years 27.7% 26-35 years 22.1% 36-45 years 46-55 years 22.8% 56-65 years over 65 Male Female What is your gender? How old are you? (n=1,722) (n=1,727)The number of respondents is comfortably enough to allow good and reliable statements tobe made. A number of important results are given for you below.KLV brand awareness is very high!Spontaneous familiarity with the name56.0% of those asked mentioned KLV spontaneously, with it being top of mind (KLVmentioned first) for 50%. 9.5% spontaneously gave the full name, KLV Wageningen AlumniNetwork, with it being top of mind for 8.8%.Overall, 62.0% gave one of the two names, i.e. KLV or KLV Wageningen Alumni Network(excluding the duplicates). As might be expected, the familiarity is greatest amongmembers. Additionally, we see that members aged 18 to 26 are more familiar with KLV thantheir older counterparts.Assisted brand awarenessWhen people are shown a list of various organisations and networks for graduates,familiarity with the name KLV (Wageningen Alumni Network) increases to 89.5%. Spontaneous 82.1% 56.0% 26.1% KLV 57.4% without duplicates: 9.5% 47.9% 89.5% KLV Wageningen Alumni Network Assisted brand awareness (n=1,961)
  2. 2. In addition, at least a quarter of the respondents also knew of the Wageningen AlumniPortal (35.9%), the Vrouwennetwerk Wageningse Ingenieurs (VWI, Wageningen womenscience graduates network) (25.7%) and the LinkedIn Group of Wageningen University(25.7%).Image: KLV is professional and reputable… and a lot more besidesThe survey received a lot of neutral responses to the image questions. This means that theimage of KLV is currently not very clear. If we look at the image aspects, we see that KLVscores well on professionalism and reliability in particular. The average score for both imageaspects on a five-point scale is 3.5. This is followed by KLV is modern (average 3.4). Themost critical respondents are in the age category 26 to 55. Additionally, we see that mengive more positive judgements across the board on image aspects. The same is true formembers as opposed to non-members.The added value of membership is a critical success factor, scoring an average of 2.7 on afive-point scale.KLV membershipIn response to the question “Are you a KLV member” 44.4% indicated that they wereordinary KLV members. One striking aspect is that quite a number of respondents are notsure whether they are KLV members or not (see diagram below). 17% don’t know! I am a (regular) member 17.0% I am a student member 44.4% 17.0% No, I’m not a member at the moment but I was in the past 14.1% 7.6% No, I have never been a member I don’t know f or certain if I am a member or not Are you a KLV member? (n=1,692)Almost 8 out of 10 members would recommend KLV membership to others. The networkingfunction (directory and contacts with former fellow students) are the key reasons for beinga KLV member, along with keeping up-to-date on developments. The main argument givenby non-members for not joining is the lack of added value. A sixth of respondents said thatthe main reason was that they are no longer working in the agricultural sector. A fifth ofnon-members are considering KLV membership in the future. This is one interesting groupof potential members that the survey has revealed.The jubilee: the “How to feed the World” theme is highly appreciated!Both spontaneously and after suggestions were listed, a preference was expressed forevents with genuine content (symposium, congress and lectures) for the jubilee. The themeof “How to feed the World” was popular (3.8 on a five-point scale). The events with lessformal content, such as a party evening and barbecue, scored fair or good amongyounger people (up to 36) in particular.
  3. 3. The result: “A result to be proud of, after the KLV rebranding!”This measurement has provided a picture of the brand awareness and image of KLV.Looking at the results, we can say that KLV is a strong brand, despite the fact that we donot have figures for comparable organisations. If we look at benchmarks from otherrandomly chosen sectors, we can see that the brand awareness is good. In addition, theresults also give a picture of the requirements for the jubilee.If you took part in the survey, you will have contributed to the Wageningen University Fund(WUF). A sum of 450 euros will shortly be paid into the Anne van den Ban Fund. We andKLV would both like to thank all the participants very much for their cooperation, remarksand suggestions.Trigenum BV – December 2010www.trigenum.nl