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We are looking for distributors and leaders to join our fantastic team. If you\'re looking for an extra income, an exciting opportunity and fantastic rewards and lifestyle then get in touch! At http://www.peoplewanted.co.uk

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Kleeneze 2010 Ewb 19

  1. 1. BULLETIN 28.05.10 Issue 20 KLEENEZE OFFERS YOU CAN’T REFUSE Over the last week, prospective Distributors have been able to start their own business for even less with our May Madness offer. Well, the good news continues, as the offer has been extended for one more week. PLUS, we have a brand new offer on UK and ROI Retail Kits. We foresee a scorching summer ahead! We’ve dropped the price of joining until Monday 7 June, 1.30pm. Start your business for even less, by snapping up this limited-time offer: UK Super 200 plus (online) (a Starter kit + Super 150) Current selling price: £156 Offer price: £99 UK Super 250 plus (online) (a Starter Kit + Super 200) Current selling price: £185 Offer price: £128 Plus, we’ll also DOUBLE UP on anyone qualifying for a Fast Start Bonus, so they will receive TWO RETAIL KITS instead of one, as new Distributor Ian Stanley found out this week! “I have been doing Kleeneze for around three weeks now. People have tried to disillusion me against my career choice, but I don’t care – I know with a bit of hard work, I’ll be the one in the money. What made me want this even more was when I visited the Head Office in Accrington with my friend, Michael Laydon. I was amazed with what I saw. The factory is an incredible structure - automated cranes that replenish stock for you and over 5 miles of conveyor belt; to be honest, it makes you want to be a box! I have just placed my second order and have hit over my target of 300 Bonus Points, which was easy! But with May Madness in place, I get double the rewards so there are a lot of boxes coming my way. Now I can see how they get here, it’s even more amazing. I’ve seen the inner workings, the outer workings and I’m proud to say, Kleeneze all the way.” It’s not just our new starters that can benefit from our offers either. We’re also launching a UK and ROI Retail Kit offer to the whole Network! From today until Monday 7 June (1.30pm), we’re knocking £10 off the price of this valuable retail tool. UK Retail Kit £22 (was £32), code 02623, ROI Retail Kit €25 (was €38.40), code 02747. WHILE STOCKS LAST! BREAKING NEWS: The Autumn/Winter 2010 Main Book will be launched exclusively to SEDs at a special summit on Monday 7 June and from 1.30pm on that day, will be available to order. Look out for more details next week… 560-068-02
  2. 2. TRUSTED HOUSEHOLD NAME ON YOUR TV ‘Kleeneze Distributors required’ newspaper advert having a more positive reaction.” “What a breath of fresh air it is to talk to our prospects on the phone now,” agreed Silver Executive Distributor, Debbie Gee. “The Kleeneze adverts are certainly working their stuff! Since the advert Marcell Treanor has aired, we have had dramatic changes to the response from our advertising. Not only is there more brand awareness but it has been a great work from home with talking point with people. In the past my adverts were general about earning an extra income. I did not advertise that it was Kleeneze for fear of people pre-judging Here at Kleeneze, we’re still incredibly excited about the leads that the the business without really knowing all about TV adverts are generating. But when we received the following emails, Debbie Gee it’s potential. we realised that it’s not just our advertising that’s creating the stir. Now that has completely changed. Proudly YOU are producing your own tidal wave of excitement abut the placed at the top of all our adverts is the Kleeneze name. The quality business. So thanks and keep up the great work! of the leads is so much better than before. We have basically filtered “The Kleeneze TV adverts are definitely helping to raise the profile of out the time wasters. Keep up the great advertising - Kleeneze really is this business,” said Silver Senior Executive Distributor, becoming a trusted household name.” Marcell Treanor. “I think the longer term benefits will be even more noticeable. I’ve certainly noticed the lead generation from my own Keep checking the DSA for the highlights of when we’re on FOUR LITTLE WORDS THAT COULD CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS There’s a buzz going around ”When speaking to Jamie Stewart, he asked me if I had ever presented the Network at the catalogues at the door. My reply was: ‘I’d rather stick pins in my moment and it’s all eyes!’” admitted Platinum Senior Executive down to four little Distributor, Andy Boswell. words – High “However last week I thought I’d give it ago, and Performance quite frankly I was amazed. I found that around one Retail Habits. The in two people took a catalogue and all those who ground-breaking didn’t were polite about it. Not only that, out of the initiative was 82 catalogues I picked up I got £241.90 which launched for the very worked out at £2.95 per catalogue! first time at Kleeneze LIVE! in Warwick and has since been This is one occasion I’m quite happy to say I was wrong! We have transforming Distributors’ been promoting it to people in our team who are starting to see retail throughout the similar results. We have also worked out, using Kleeneze’s average of Network. £2.70 per catalogue, that someone could start immediately and earn £18k + per annum for around 30 hrs per week, or an extra 8k per HPRH is designed to give annum for around 15 hours per week - how many people would you the confidence to personally present the welcome that at this moment in time? catalogue and go on to potentially triple your retail sales. The DVD and accompanying booklet gives you simple-to-follow I can’t believe I never retailed this way before in the past - I certainly methods and scripts to transform your retail. intend to only retail this way in the future!” EWB caught up with one of our top Network Distributors this Available to buy at only £2/€3 per brochure and DVD, week to see what he thought of the pioneering new way to boost on code: 09776. your business. 28.05.10 Issue 20 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. EZECOOK BOOSTS RETAIL SALES! Kleeneze’s inaugural cookbook, Ezecook has created quite a stir with your customers. Thanks to the delicious recipes made using our Kleeneze wares, customers have been snapping up the books AND the products! You can now download a copy a full list of products, codes and prices, as featured throughout the book, and overprint with your details. “We just wanted to let you know the reaction we’ve had from the new Ezecook book that we received at KleenezeLIVE at Warwick University the other week. When delivering orders to our customers, we’ve engaged them in conversation about Ezecook and shown it to them, while explaining that all the equipment required when using the recipes in the book is available to order from us. The result has been fantastic. We had 20 cookbooks and we’ve sold them all. Even though, with some of our long-standing customers, we were going to give them as a thank you, but they said no it’s a business and that they wanted to pay for them because they thought it was top quality as well! On top of that from the cookbooks, we’ve had an extra £240 orders. If that’s not worth showing your customers Ezecook, I don’t know what is! Thank you Kleeneze HQ for such a great retailing tool.” Fred and Karen Mason, Senior Distributors Ezecook (pack of 10) on UK code 09792 / ROI code 09695. £23.30/€27.70. BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY PROTECTING DELIVERY/ORDERING SCHEDULE Don’t get caught out this Bank Holiday! Make sure your YOUR BUSINESS business continues to run smoothly by checking our ordering and delivery schedule. UK Mainland Order date Order Day Delivery Day Delivery Date From time to time we ensure that we remind ALL 24.05.10 Monday 13.15pm to Tuesday 13.15pm Thursday 27.05.10 distributors of two specific areas of our terms and 25.05.10 Tuesday 13.15pm to Wednesday 13.15pm Friday 28.05.10 conditions: 26.05.10 Wednesday 13.15pm to Thursday 13.15pm Tuesday 01.06.10 1. Distributors claiming that they have sole rights to operating in 27.05.10 Thursday 13.15pm to Friday 13.15pm Wednesday 02.06.10 a specific area: General Rules, point 2 “You must accept that 28.05.10 Friday 13.15pm to Monday 13.15pm Wednesday 02.06.10 Kleeneze operates an open retailing policy and does not Northern Ireland Post codes BT1 to BT90 Plus R.O.I Dublin 1 to 24 operate on a territorial basis” Order date Order Day Delivery Day Delivery Date 2. Distributors who are interfering with other Distributors 24.05.10 Monday 9.15pm to Tuesday 9.15pm Thursday 27.05.10 businesses: General Rules 5 “You must not interfere with any 25.05.10 Tuesday 9.15pm to Wednesday 9.15pm Friday 28.05.10 other Distributor’s business in any way” 26.05.10 Wednesday 9.15pm to Thursday 9.15pm Tuesday 01.06.10 Everyone has an individual responsibility to ensure that they 27.05.10 Thursday 9.15pm to Friday 9.15pm Wednesday 02.06.10 operate within our guidelines that provide an equal opportunity 28.05.10 Friday 9.15pm to Monday 9.15pm Wednesday 02.06.10 for all; failure to do so could result in action being taken against Remaining Irish Postcodes, International, Highlands & Islands of Scotland, your distributorship. Channel Islands & Isle of Man Order date Order Day Delivery Day Delivery Date May we also bring to your attention that when sponsoring a new 24.05.10 Monday 9.15pm to Tuesday 9.15pm Friday 28.05.10 distributor, under no circumstances should they commence any 25.05.10 Tuesday 9.15pm to Wednesday 9.15pm Tuesday 01.06.10 Kleeneze business until their details have been submitted and 26.05.10 Wednesday 9.15pm to Thursday 9.15pm Wednesday 02.06.10 registered and they are in receipt of their temporary ID. 27.05.10 Thursday 9.15pm to Friday 9.15pm Thursday 03.06.10 To avoid any unnecessary delays we highly recommend all new 28.05.10 Friday 9.15pm to Monday 9.15pm Thursday 03.06.10 distributors register on line. The Service Centre will be closed Bank Holiday Monday ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 20 28.05.10
  4. 4. LEARN WHILE YOU EARN EVENTS COMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS 22 Jun (every four weeks) Edinburgh Opportunity Meeting, Premier Inn, Haymarket, EDINBURGH. 8pm - 9pm. parking, good reception areas & bar for team sizzles & meeting your guests. Unfortunately there is no wheelchair 30 May Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – THURROCK HOTEL, Contact Lynn MacDonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com. access to the room (upstairs). Only £3 per distributorship, ESSEX, 12pm – 4.30pm SOLD OUT! guests free (bring loads & see your business grow). If you 23 Jun (every four weeks) Opportunity Meeting at the Whitwood 13 June Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – THE HOLIDAY INN, Inn, Pioneer Way, CASTLEFORD, WF10 5TG (1/4 mile want 2010 to be your best year ever – don’t wait till then – RUNCORN, 12pm – 4.30pm Jct 31 M62). 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Everyone your 2010 business starts NOW. Hosts Gerard & Claire welcome. Please note smart dress. Hosts Graham and Tucker- Mawr (EzeReach: 0121 314 9785) and Geoff & 26 June Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – THE BEANCROSS Georgina Long, Eze 01937 858018. Diane Owen (EzeReach: 0121 314 4870) HOTEL, FALKIRK, 12pm – 4.30pm www.birminghambom.co.uk. 25 July Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – CEDAR COURT HOTEL, BRADFORD, 12pm – 4.30pm SOUTH/MIDLANDS/WALES 21 Jun (19/8, 11/10 13/12) Eltham open evening. We may have changed to Bi-monthly but we are still the only open 7 Aug Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour - CROWNE PLAZA 1 Jun (First Tuesday of every month) Business Opportunity evening in South London. Open to Blue and Red Groups. HOTEL, DUBLIN AIRPORT, 12pm – 4.30pm Meeting. St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood Road, St 7.30pm registration for prompt 8.00pm start, ends around Leonards, RINGWOOD, Hampshire, BH24 2NP 7.30pm . 4 Sept Kleeneze Xmas Showcase – THE NIA, 9.30pm, then relax for a drink and a sizzle in our own for 8.00pm start, £2.50 per distributor, Guests Free! BIRMINGHAM comfortable Bar & Lounge. Still only £3 per Business dress please. Hosts Bob Dalton and Sue distributorship, guests free, dress code: smart casual. 6-13 Nov Kleeneze Destination 2010 – HONG KONG Marshall on 01425 480675 or Ezereach 02380987429. Eltham Conservative Club, 254 High Street, ELTHAM, 1 Jun (29/06; 27/07; 24/08; 21/09; 19/10; 16/11) Bristol London SE9 1AA. Contact Joyce & Pete Rowe on 020 TRAINING MEETINGS - 2010 COUNTRYWIDE Opportunity Meeting. Ship Inn (next to Premier Inn), 8463 7133 or Ezereach 020 3393 2408 or email: 30 May (every four weeks) Freedom Training. 10.00am – 1.00pm Thornbury Road, Alveston, BRISTOL, BS35 3LL. 8.00pm jpr9@o2.co.uk. (doors open at 9.30am) Best Western Moat House Hotel, start. Business dress please. Distributors £2.50 per head, 21 Jun (19/07, 20/09, 18/10, 15/11, 13/12) South East Open Festival Way, Etruria, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST1 5BQ. guests FREE. Host: Andy Cooper, E/R: 0117 911 7561. Evening Bracknell. Welcomes Blue & Red Groups across Guest speakers John and Karina Beasley. Bookings only, 1 Jun (29/6; 27/7; 24/8; 21/9; 19/10; 16/11; 14/12) Hemel the Network. Join us for an evening of fun with £6.00 per person. Please send cheques (payable to A de Hempstead Opportunity Meeting, Holiday Inn, Breakspear Opportunity Presentations and Kleeneze Stories. Caso) to: Adele & Jaime de Caso, 38 Poplar Close, Blythe Way, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD HP2 4UA. £3 per distributor, Hospitality Suite (upstairs), Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent ST11 9RJ (names will be held at guests free. 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Business dress Bagshot Road, BRACKNELL, Berks, RG12 9SE. 7.45pm the door, no tickets are sent out) Business dress only please. Hosts: Rosina & Frank Pocock. Tel: 01442 for 8.30pm start. Distributors £3 - guests FREE Business please, everyone welcome. For further information, please 256405. dress please. Contact Debbie Gee on 01628 626327 or call 01260 218574. 2 Jun (third Wednesday of every Period) Port Talbot BOM at the Kate Lee on 0118 9268540. 19 Jun (17/7; 14/8; 11/9; 16/10; 13/11; 11/12) Going For Gold. At: Twelve Knights Hotel, Margam Road, PORT TALBOT, 24 Jun (29/7, 26/8, 30/9, 28/10, 25/11) Open Evening and The Globe Hotel, Tuesday Market Place, KINGS LYNN, South Wales, SA13 2DB. £3 per person, guests free. Opportunity Showcase, Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, Norfolk.PE30 1EZ (Use hotel entrance in Kings Street, Starts 8pm till 9pm. Free parking, less than 1 mile from The Gold Room (1st Floor) 1 Philip Lane, Tottenham, opposite ‘Prezzo’) 7.30pm for 8.00pm prompt start. junction 38 of the M4. Host: Raymond Underwood. All LONDON N15 4JA. A prospect focused, benefits led, Business Dress only please. £2.50 per person. Guests welcome. Ezereach: 01792-824532, email: presentation of ‘the four principles of business’ and the free. Everyone welcome. Contact Ann & John Coe on raymondunderwood@btinernet.com. Kleeneze Business Opportunity. 7.30pm registration for 01553 829241 or Ezereach 01553 888118. 7 Jun (5/7; 2/8; 30/8; 27/9; 25/10; 22/11; 20/12) Norwich prompt 8.00pm start. £3 per distributor (£5 per 26 Jun Training and Support event at the Park Plaza Hotel, Business Opportunity Evening, Holiday Inn, Ipswich distributorship). Guests FREE. Dress code: Business. Belfast International Airport, ANTRIM, Northern Ireland. Road, NORWICH, NR4 6EP 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. £3 , Everyone welcome! Hosts: Tony & Sue Peacham on 0208 11am to 1pm. Hosts: Marcell and Joanne Treanor. £5 per per Distributor, guests free. Business dress please. 521 4664 or Ezereach 0203 051 8333 or email: Distributorship. Guests are free. Contact Stephen on 07810 126010. payitforward2004@aol.com; Sohail Ahmed on 07792 7 Jun (5/7; 2/8; 30/8; 27/9; 25/10; 22/11) Business Opportunity 940705 or Ezereach 0203 393 2402 or email: OPPORTUNITY MEETINGS - NORTH/SCOTLAND Meeting Portsmouth, The Churchillian Pub - Portsdown Hill Road, PORTSMOUTH, PO6 3LS. Distributors £2. sohail_auk@hotmail.com; and John Hawkes on 07767 620441 or email: jahawk1923@aol.com 3 Jun (1/7, 29/7, 26/8, 23/9, 21/10, 18/11, 16/12) Leeds Open Guests Free. 8.00pm start. Business Dress please. Evening, Holiday Inn, Brighouse, Cliffton Village, LEEDS, HD6 4HW, 7.30pm for 8pm start. Dress code: business Contact Carol/Alf 023 92 613034. REPUBLIC OF IRELAND 9 Jun (07/07, 1/09, 29/09, 27/10, 24/11) Open Opportunity suit. Host – Craig White 01733808670. 2 Jun (Week 3 of every Period). Portlaoise Open sizzle/training, Meeting at The Summit Centre, Pavilion Road, Kirkby In 5 Jun (every four weeks) Aberdeen Opportunity and Training The Food Court, The Midway Centre, PORTLAOISE. Ashfield, NOTTINGHAM, NG17 7LL. Junction 27 or 28 of Meeting, Holiday Inn Express – Aberdeen Exhibition 7.30pm – 8.30pm. No charge, just buy a tea or coffee. the M1. 8.00pm - 9.30pm. Telephone 01623 752008. Centre, Parkway East, Bridge of Don, ABERDEEN, AB23 For more details, contact Kathleen Carolan on Hosts: Margaret & Mike Drayton 01623 722500, or e-mail 8AJ. 10.00am – 1.00pm, £3. Contact Lynn Macdonald at 0879092508 or EzeReach 059 86 47500. mikedrayton@btinternet.com. lynn@lynnmacdonald.com or Tel: 01506 414456. 8 Jun (every four weeks) Glasgow Opportunity Express by 9 Jun (07/07, 04/08, 1/09, 29/09, 27/10, 24/11) Essex Business Opportunity Meeting at the Holiday Inn, Brook Street, THE NETHERLANDS Holiday Inn Glasgow, City-Riverside, Stockwell Street, 12 Jun (12/6; 10/7; 7/8; 11/9; 2/10; 30/10; 27/11; 18/12) Hotel BRENTWOOD, CM14 5NF, J28 – M25. 7.30 for 8.00pm GLASGOW, G1 4LW 8pm- 9pm. Contact Lynn van der Valk de Cantharel, Van Golsteinlaan 20, 7339 GT start. Business Dress please. Everyone welcome, host Macdonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com or Tel: 01506 APELDOORN. 1pm – 3pm. Email Rita & Frank Kamsteeg Craig White. EzeReach: 01206 804 635. 414456. at f.kamsteeg@home.nl. 14 Jun Business Opportunity Open Evening, Everyone Welcome, 8 Jun (second Tuesday of each month) BOM meetings at Supreme Inns, Bicker bar Roundabout, BOSTON Carlisle. Border Gate Premier Inn, Carleton, CARLISLE Do you have any Training or Opportunity meetings in A17/A52 junction, registration 7.30pm, £3 per person, CA4 OAD Tel: 01228 633311. 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. All your area? Let us know, at meetings@kleeneze.co.uk Hosts:- Andy & Amanda Holland email: distributors and prospects/guests welcome. Hosts Alistair or EzeReach 01772 977402 and we will include them in a.holland075@btinternet.com Eze-Reach number: 01553 Townsend and Malcolm Bullough and will feature a our weekly meetings diary. 886597. presentation of the opportunity and a guest speaker. For DEADLINE FOR WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS 4PM TUESDAY. 14 Jun (12/7, 6/9, 4/10, 1/11, 29/11) Westcountry Open at information, contact: Alistair Townsend 01228 528126 Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton, DEVON EX15 1RU email: ali5kids@sky.com, Malcolm Bullough 01228 (signposted 5 mins from J28 on M5). SPECIAL GUEST 675553 e mail: malcolmbullough@hotmail.com. SPEAKERS, CYPRUS AND CAPE TOWN QUALIFIERS 14 Jun (12/7; 9/8; 6/9; 4/10; 1/11; 29/11) Titans Training and TIM AND TINA PACE. All from Red and Blue groups Opportunity Meeting, Cedar Court Hotel, Mayo Avenue, welcome. Prospect focused Business Opportunity Off Rooley Lane, BRADFORD, BD5 8HW, 7.30pm for Presentation, Training, Book Stall, Bids table, 8.00pm start. Everyone welcome. Contact Neil Young on Testimonials, raffle and business related stands. Booking 07932 965 071 or Ezereach: 0113 350 8763. in starts from 7.00pm. with small group training from 16 Jun (every four weeks) Teeside Opportunity Meeting, The David Bibby. Presentation starts at 8.00pm. Distributors Windmill, a purpose built Conference and Seminar £3 per person or £4 per couple. Guests FREE. Ample Centre, Dalton Piercy, HARTLEPOOL, TS27 3HN, directly parking. Accommodation, meals, coffee and bar on A19, just north of Wynyard Park turn-off. Open available. Contact Sheelagh & Paul 01392 462710 meeting, everyone welcome. 8.00pm Start £2.50 per (Ezereach 01803 898592) or Nigel & Lucinda 01392 head. Guests free. Opp/Training/Recognition/Raffle/Table. 874412 (Ezereach 01803 898652). Sue Phoenix 01642 918340 / Peter Neesham 01642 16 Jun (every 4 weeks) Birmingham Open BOM. The Plough & 918258. Harrow Hotel, 135 Hagley Road, BIRMINGHAM. 7.45pm registration for an 8.00pm prompt start. Ample free Issue 20 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN