BULLETIN                                                                   06.03.09 Issue 09

At the beginning of 2008 when we announced that the Spring Destination 2010 was a trip
The two weeks during which the Retail Challenge took place were an immense success. The fi...
COMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS                                     17 Mar (every four wee...
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Kleeneze catalogue 2009 Ewb 09


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Kleeneze is a leading network marketing company, allowing people to run their own home based business and earn an extra income on a part time basis.
free info www.peoplewanted.co.uk

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Kleeneze catalogue 2009 Ewb 09

  1. 1. BULLETIN 06.03.09 Issue 09 KLEENEZE’S DYNAMIC DUO! Kleeneze’s first ever duo-catalogue has arrived!! As announced at the New Year Showcase in January, we’ve brought together two great catalogues – Greeneze and Outdoor Life – to create something entirely unique and destined to double your sales. Half the catalogue is Greeneze, flip it over and then the other half is Outdoor Life. We don’t make these claims lightly! Last year, we introduced Greeneze and it helped your sales storm! However, it also created a lot of extra work for you having an extra catalogue, so taking that into account, we’ve combined the two to create a 48-page extravaganza of a catalogue with a lot more unique products, exclusive not only to the catalogue, but to Kleeneze itself. Some of our great new products include a Lawn Edge Cutter (page 5) to help create a neat edge to your perfectly manicured lawns; Fridge Balls (page 11) that will keep your fruit and vegetables fresh; and the quirky Bumble Bee Rest (page 16) to help stop the number of declining bees. So that’s lighter for retailing, fantastic new products, cost-reducing, faster turnaround times and the potential to double your sales. Sound ok so far? We’ve brought forward the launch by two weeks to let you get your hands on this fantastic new tool. Please remember that all of the products will be available to order from Monday 16th March after 1.15pm. The 48 page Catalogue will be included in all relevant Retail and Starter Kits and is now available to order in packs of 50 - UK code:- 04804, £6.00/ROI Code:- 04812, €9.00 For those of you who placed an order at the New Year Showcase, you will receive priority delivery (please note the order has been applied to your account) and the 250 catalogue packs will start arriving from Friday 6 March. OPPORTUNITY DVD SPECIAL OFFER Are you stocked up on Opportunity DVDs? Now is definitely the Stock up now! The offer starts today time to go recruitment crazy with thousands of people out there (6 March) and ends Monday 16 March. needing something that will bring in either extra cash or simply Opportunity DVDs (pack of 50), an income. code 07480. AL SPECI To help you make the most out of this period, we’ve reduced the Normal Price: £35/ €52.50 OFFER price of the Opportunity DVD for a limited time. It is, without a Offer Price: £25/ €38.00 doubt, the most popular sponsoring tool we have, as it gives a succinct and motivational look at the whole business. 560-071-08
  2. 2. UPGRADING THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION At the beginning of 2008 when we announced that the Spring Destination 2010 was a trip around the Caribbean on Club Med 2, we also announced another exciting incentive – the top ten qualifying Distributorships with the highest year-on-year bulk sales growth would be upgraded to a deluxe cabin on this luxury yacht. Four of the places were to go to brand new Bronze Executives, while the remaining six places were to be split equally between existing Bronze Executives, SEDs and Premiers. So, the winners’ names are now in and they are as follows: Helen and Andrew Walsh These lucky Distributors are: Andrew Buxton and Laura Kelly Jack Kirby and Chantelle Molloy Barry and Nina Mitchell Martina and James McGrath Richard and Claire Chantler Helen and Paul Allgood Geoff and Fiona Webb Tracy and David Sheehan Peter and Myrna Wellock Peter and Jackie White Peter and Claire Rea And as a special accolade, our new Distributors Craig and Magdalena White of the Year, Jean and Mike Day will be Lee and Trish Fisher upgraded to the Ship owner’s luxury suite! Stuart and Robin Lee Heard In a special twist, we’re upgrading an extra five Congratulations to all for your Distributorships to a deluxe cabin for their high hard work. year-on-year bulk sales growth too! NEW TOOL IS EZE-ILY A WINNER Kleeneze’s custom-designed “It’s been proven time and time again that communication is the voice messaging system, lifeblood of our business. In our opinion, there is no tool more Ezereach, was launched powerful for this purpose than the Ezereach voicemail system. only four weeks ago Like many people in the network, we’ve used voicemail for many years and already we’ve been and frankly, we couldn’t run our business without it. It enables us to receiving some great feedback from the Network. stay in touch with team members and to receive valuable information The system has been created exclusively with the Kleeneze Network in at any time, wherever we are in the world. It also enables prospects to mind and with the aim of helping you to build your business faster by contact us 24/7, so we never risk a wasted lead. saving you time and money; having instant access to your team We love all the new features of Ezereach and it provides far more members’ stories, tips, questions and event announcements. functionality than we’ve ever had access to before. The 3 month free “Lyn and I have used the original voice mail system ever since we trial and automatic connection for joined the business eight and a half years ago. We have always found new joiners is one of the most it invaluable for providing help, support and training and as an significant developments we’ve essential business building tool. seen in the business for years.” I was very sceptical about Ezereach when it was announced at the We would advise everyone to plug January Showcase. in to Ezereach and use it on a daily But wow, was I wrong! basis. Whether you’ve been involved for 10 years or 10 minutes, We have been using the EzeReach system from the day it was you’ll definitely benefit by using this launched and have been very impressed with it. It is very user great system.” friendly. It is simple to set up and far superior to the old system. It’s Andy Stephenson and Claire Branch absolutely brilliant being able to store messages, record and set up Silver Premier Distributors messages to send and set up groups, etc. on the computer as well as on the phone. Make sure you and your team members are listening to your This is just another way the company is helping to support the messages – daily! Speak to them and ask them what they Network. Well done and many thanks Kleeneze!” thought of a particular message. Find out what’s working well for other Distributors, hear the latest news first and share your Ron and Lyn Shypitka success with others. It’s already a proven tool for success, so now Gold Distributors all you need to do is make sure you’re taking advantage of it. 06.03.09 Issue 09 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. WINNERS OF THE RETAIL CHALLENGE The two weeks during which the Retail Challenge took place were an immense success. The first week alone, you created a whopping 36% increase in sales in comparison to the previous week and over the two week period, most Distributors placed four or more orders. The result was over 6,000 tickets in the draw! Our IT department, here at Head Office, placed everyone’s ticket in a number generator and the results are now in. So, without further ado… A PAIR OF MAY SHOWCASE TICKETS “WINNING” BY FRANK DICK David and Ingrid Norton, Darren Humphries, Mark and Sue O’Reilly, Frederick Fairclough, Helen and Paul Allgood, Derek Sally Foxall, Lisa Curtis and Kevin Wratten, Isobelle and Terence Harris, Pritchard, Paul Stowerbridge and Janice Young, Dawn Fitzgerald, Katherine and Stephen McGrail, Alan and Lorna Day, Christopher Mason and Mo Brown, Afia Kyere- David Cowan, Teresa Divers and Bryony Diabour, Paul and Janet Davis, Beth Wickens, Anne Hayward, Sarah and Adam Smith, Derek and and Robert Spencer, Rachel and Adedapo Adelowo Kathryn Shaw, Carol and Lewis Freeman, Terry and Margaret Farrell, Linda and “SUMO” BY PAUL MCGEE Alexander Mader, Patrick Hudson, Olive Claire McLoughlin, Daryl and Joan Dalziel, Julie and and John O’Donovan, Jeanette and Ray Andrew Rice, Robert Abercrombie, David Patterson, Bonella, Rose and Ali Khan, Joanne and Gordon Gibson, Ferenc Sereg, Wendy Vickers, Peter Spurge, Dawn and Stuart Baillie, William Mitchell, Lesley Burroughs Roger and Anne Lunn, Derrick Whitelaw, Mark and Diana Searle LCD MONITOR Ian and Elizabeth Lennon 50 OPPORTUNITY DVDS Martin Wolstenholme, David Richards, Eula IPOD NANO SPEAKER AND ALARM CLOCK SYSTEM Bygrave, Fran and Derick Stilwell, Kirsty and Shirley Pere and John Barnes Robert Kitching, Louise Noone and David Quail, Joseph Rich, Caroline and Jan Sochanik, Niall and Eileen McKenna, Karl- DIGITAL CAMERA Josef and Brigitte Mergler, Paul and Gill Julie and Simon Landamore Wilkinson, Ann and John Lejins, Norma and Ian Smith, Fay and Steve Scott, David Mousley, DIGITAL CAMCORDER Sheila and Paul Dean, Charles and Morweena John Bird and Kathleen Turner Morrison-Sever, John and Jane Allsop, Cheryl and Gary Young, Patrick and Deirdre Teggart, Harry Hunter, Deryck and Jane Easton, Brian PORTABLE iPOD SPEAKER Billingham, Pamela and Brian Lawrence, Wendy and Steven Gate Anthony Greeves RETAIL KITS WEEKEND BREAK FOR David and Bassdaye Rice, Patrick Ogundero, Jacqueline Rolph, Colin TWO AT THE HEVER and Angela Burrows, Donna Clease, Rick and Tracy Noice, Alison and HOTEL AND CLUB Gary Boules, Andy and Yvonne Ball, Colin and Marion Williams, IN KENT Clodagh and Patrice McDonald, Sylvia and James Mayne, Deborah Janine and Duncan Carling, Fay and Andrew Roe, Keith and Donna West, Denise Kelly, Johnstone, Cahal McGlade, Natasha and Michael Ebbs, Sadie O’Boyle, Michael and Mary Pennick, Lesley and Alan Knight, Shantilal Hindocha, Jemima Cheyne, James and Jane White, Sam and Mark Davenport Mark Dockray, David Gilroy and Melanie Price, Sally and Peter Fowles, Bhavesh Chauhan ONE WEEK’S SELF-CATERING ACCOMMODATION IN CYPRUS WITH CAR HIRE (EXCLUDING FLIGHTS) SETS OF WATERPROOF CLOTHING Aloys Tata, Veronica and Steven Martinucci, Maxine Lynas, Dean and Flora Copson, Anthony Ohio, Frank and Rose Devine, David Lauraine Doyle Blanshard and Jan Mills, Brian and Jane Mansi, Alan and Lynn Edwards, Reg Gardener, Paul and John Meikle, Joanne and Peter Spurge, Louise Sims and Edwina Glegg, Paul and Gosia Hammond, Robert Branch and Marianna Grineva, Robert Webb and Dawne Kovan, Alyson and Sean Milsom, Roger Poyner and Beth Buy, Anne Sivyer, Deborah Bennett and Yvonne Clark, Joseph and Dawn Steel, Keith Hatter, Geth and Lynwen Thomas ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 09 06.03.09
  4. 4. LEARN WHILE YOU EARN EVENTS COMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS 17 Mar (every four weeks) Edinburgh Opportunity Meeting, Edinburgh Training Centre, 16 St Mary’s Street Business Dress please. Everyone Welcome Hosts Richard & Vanadis. EzeReach: 01206 804 635. 7 Mar Kleeneze Success Seminar – PARK PLAZA HOTEL, EDINBURGH, EH1 1SU. 8pm 9pm. Contact Lynn 23 Mar Westcountry Open Evening at Padbrook Park Hotel, BELFAST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT MacDonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com. Cullompton, DEVON EX15 1RU (signposted 5 mins from J28 22-28 Mar Kleeneze Spring Destination 2009 – CARIBBEAN 18 Mar (every four weeks) Kleeneze Opportunity Presentation on M5) Featuring the all new Kleeneze University Challenge. CRUISE Evening. Holiday Inn STOKE-ON-TRENT ST5 4DL. M6 J15 Never before has this spectacular event been seen anywhere 9 May Kleeneze Summer Showcase – THE NIA, Business dress only. Please arrive early for a prompt start in the UK. Are You Up To The Challenge? All from Red and BIRMINGHAM Doors open at 7:30pm, presentation from 8:00 till 9:15pm. Blue groups welcome. Prospect focused Business 16 May Kleeneze Ireland Summer Showcase – THE Hosts: Adele & Jaime de Caso 01260 500081. Opportunity Presentation, Book Stall, Bids table, RADISSON SAS HOTEL, DUBLIN AIRPORT 25 Mar (every four wks) North East Business Opportunity Meeting, Testimonials, raffle and business related stands. Booking in 5 Sept Kleeneze Christmas Showcase and Gala Dinner – Quality Hotel, Boldon Business Park, SUNDERLAND. NE5 starts from 7.30, and the event starts at 8pm. Distributors £3 THE NIA and HALL 3, ICC, BIRMINGHAM 9PE. Easy Access from A19. Open meeting, everyone per person and £4 per couple. Guests FREE. Ample 12 Sept Kleeneze Ireland Christmas Showcase – THE welcome. 8.00pm start £2.50 per head. Guests free parking. Accommodation, meals, coffee and bar available. RADISSON SAS HOTEL, DUBLIN AIRPORT Opp/Training/Recognition/Raffle/Table Steve Geldard and Contact Sheelagh & Paul 01392 462710 (Ezereach 01803 Cathy Brookes, tel: 0191 521 4564, ITS 119822 Sue Phoenix 898592) or Nigel & Lucinda 01392 874412 (Ezereach 01803 17 - 21 Oct Kleeneze Autumn Destination 2009 – TBC ITS 514235. 898652). 9 Jan 2010 Kleeneze New Year Showcase & Gala Dinner – THE 26 Mar (30/4,28/5,25/6,30/7,27/8,24/9,29/10,26/11,17/12) Showcase 31 Mar (every four weeks) Glasgow Opportunity Meeting, Change of NIA and HALL 3, ICC, BIRMINGHAM Opportunity Briefing, Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, The venue - Room P614, Graham Hills Building, University of 16 Jan 2010 Kleeneze Ireland New Year Showcase – THE Strathclyde, 40 Richmond Street, GLASGOW G1 1XU 8pm- Gold Room, First Floor, 1 Philip Lane, LONDON N15 4JA. RADISSON SAS HOTEL, DUBLIN AIRPORT 9pm. Contact Lynn Macdonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com 7.30PM. Registration for 7.45PM start. Special guest 2-9 Mar 2010 Kleeneze Spring Destination 2010 – CAPE TOWN or Tel: 01506 414456. speakers each month. £3 per distributorship, guest free. 29 Apr (every four weeks) Business Opportunity Meeting Parkside Everyone welcome! Hosts: Gary Dixon and team. Contact TRAINING MEETINGS - 2009 COUNTRYWIDE Hotel PONTEFRACT 1/2 mile off Jct 32 M62 towards 07973 712 425, I.T.S.113915, or e mail: garydiamonddixon@aol.com. 8 Mar FastForward Northwest Millionaires training at the Holiday Pontefract 7:30 for 8pm start guests free Hosts Graham & Inn, RUNCORN. 12.00 noon start, still only £8 on the door. Georgina Long 01757 268830 ITS 119857. 31 Mar (four weekly) Burton Upon Trent Opportunity Meeting, The Admission includes a bumper raffle and free CD. Speakers Riverside Hotel, Riverside Drive, Brandson, Burton-Upon- include new SED Peter Wellock, Tim Pace repeating his super talk from the Gold Rush day, Mel & Irene Wilson and SOUTH/MIDLANDS/WALES Trent, STAFFORDSHIRE, DE14 3EP 8pm-9.30pm (doors . open 7pm). £3 per distributor, guests free. The Kleeneze 9 Mar Business Opportunity Meeting followed by Going for Gold business presented in a fun and informative presentation. SED Dave Horton. Further details from Mel Wilson on training, Quality Hotel New Ashby Road LOUGHBOROUGH 01524720192. Whilst providing an easy and relaxed atmosphere. The ideal LE11 4EX, 6.15-7pm BOM, 7.30pm – 9pm Going for Gold. combination for you to introduce your friends and family to 8 Mar (every four weeks) Freedom Training. 10.00am – 1.00pm Guest speaker Premier Tony Judson £4 per Distributorship. Kleeneze. Free entry to guests. Hosts: David & Anne (Doors open at 9.30am) Best Western Moat House Hotel, Contact Andy & Sharon Bird 0116 2330966. Pemberton-Smith, contact pembo.smith@googlemail.com, Festival Way, Etruria, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST1 5BQ. 10 Mar (7/4,5/5,2/6,30/6,28/7,25/8,22/9,20/10,17/11,15/12) Hemel tel. 07739 041843. Bookings only, £6.00 per person. Guest speaker David Hempstead Opportunity Meeting, Holiday Inn, Breakspear Horton. Please send cheques (payable to A de Caso) to: 1 Apr (29/04, 27/05, 24/06) Business Opportunity Open Evening, Way, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD HP2 4UA. £3 per distributor, All Welcome. Comfort Inn A17/A52 Jct Bickers Bar, Adele & Jaime de Caso, 12 Kennington Oval, Trentham, guests free. 7:30pm for 8pm start. Business dress please. Stoke on Trent, Staffs, ST4 8FX. (names will be held at the BOSTON, Lincs, PE20 3AN 7.30pm start. £2.50 per person, Hosts: Rosina & Frank Pocock. Tel: 01442 256405. Guests FREE. Contact Andy & Amanda Holland (e.mail: door, no tickets are sent out) Business dress only please, 10 Mar (7/4; 5/5; 2/6; 30/6; 28/7; 25/8; 22/9; 20/10; 17/11) Bristol aaholland@talktalk.net or v.mail 137713). everyone welcome. Opportunity Meeting. Ship Inn (next to Premier 7 Apr (First Tuesday of every month) Business Opportunity 15 Mar The Wealth Event, Thurrock Hotel, Ship Lane, Aveley, Inn),Thornbury Road, Alveston, BRISTOL, BS35 3LL. ESSEX, RM10 1YN. Guest speaker Gillian Nicholson. Doors Meeting. St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood Road, St Leonards, 8.00pm start. Business dress please. Distributors £2 per RINGWOOD, Hampshire, BH24 2NP 7.30pm for 8pm start, . open 1pm for 1.30pm start, 4.30pm finish. Business dress head, guests FREE. Host: Andy Cooper, ITS 124171. T. please. Distributors £4, guests free. Arrive ready to learn, £2.50 per person. Business dress please. Hosts Bob Dalton 01179 819526. and Sue Marshall on 01425 480675 or ITS 119727. leave ready to earn! Contact Gill Nicholson at 11 Mar (8/4, 6/5, 3/6, 1/7, 29/7, 26/8, 23/9, 21/10, 18/11, 16/12) 27 Apr (22/6, 17/8, 14/9, 9/11, 7/12) Open to Blue & Red Groups wealthevents@btinternet.com, tel 0708 763058. Somerset Business Opportunity Meeting, The Bathpool Inn, Eltham Open Evening at the Eltham Conservative Club, 254 15 Mar It’s back for 2009, it’s BIGGER than ever, it’s THE BIG 1! The Bathpool, TAUNTON, TA2 8BE, 7.30pm for 8pm start. £3 East Midlands premier event is coming up soon, so book High Street, ELTHAM, London, SE9 1AA. 7.30pm per Distributorship, guests free. Carlsberg don’t do BOMs, registration for prompt 8pm start, ends around 9.30pm, then now to secure a place with top speakers – Peter and Jackie but if they did, they’d probably say this is the best BOM in White, Mike and Amanda Bibby, plus Gary Watson! Also, free relax for a drink and a sizzle plus visit our well stocked Sales the world...but you need to come along to find out! Contact Aids table. £3 per distributorship, guests free, dress code: prize draw for a Super 200 Plus Kit from Kleeneze! Tickets Chris and Jacqui Hill on 01458 851046, 0967 661442, ITS only £7 for a fantastic afternoon of training with a fantastic smart casual. Hosts Joyce and Pete Rowe. Tel: 020 8463 237999, Ezereach: 01458888065 email 7133. ITS: 317 688. The only BOM in South East London. raffle. Starts at 12 noon (Doors open 11am) Finish at 5pm. somersetbom@toprewards.co.uk. For further details contact Laura Thorpe & Les Ward on 0116 294 7827 or Andy Buxton & Laura Kelly on 07830 190485. 11 Mar (second Wednesday of every month) Business Opportunity Meeting, Chobham Rugby Club, Fowlers Wells, Windsor REPUBLIC OF IRELAND Make cheques payable to ‘The Big 1’ to 34 Rectory Lane, 15 Mar Training Meeting at the Abbey Leix Manor Hotel, Road, CHOBHAM, Surrey GU24 8NA. Doors open at 8pm Thurcaston, Leicestershire. LE7 7JQ. The meeting is at the ABBEYLEIX, 12.30pm. Guest speaker John Hawkes. for 8:30pm start. £2.50 per person, guests free. Business Novotel, Long Eaton, NOTTINGHAM - Jct 25 M1. You Tickets are €7.50 per person and are on a first come dress is the norm. Everyone welcome! Business cannot by tickets on the day so don’t delay - book today - basis/€12 on the door. Please book early for yourself and presentation, recognition, testimonials, training. Sizzle in the this is going to be a sell-out! See you there. your team to avoid disappointment. Contact Eamon Lynch bar afterwards. Contact Steve & Rosemary for information 22 Mar (four weekly) Fast Start Training, The Riverside Hotel, 01252 343376; freedom@wottalifestyle.com. Ezereach and Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. Riverside Drive, Brandson, Burton-Upon-Trent, number 01483 604386 5 Apr The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. KILDARE, 12pm. STAFFORDSHIRE, DE14 3EP 12-2pm. £3 per distributor, . Tickets cost €10, guests free. Contact Eamon Lynch and 16 Mar (third Monday of every month) South East Open Evening guests free. A two-hour meeting that covers all you and your Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. BOM with a twist. Forest Suite, Bracknell Leisure Centre, team need to know in developing your Kleeneze business. Bagshot Road, BRACKNELL, Berks, RG12 9SE. 7.45pm for 21 Jun Training Meeting at the Abbey Leix Manor Hotel, Come along and join in a fun and informative gathering of 8.30pm start. Distributors £3 single/£4 joint, guests free. ABBEYLEIX, 12.30pm. Guest speaker Lyn McDonald. experienced and committed Kleeneze people. Hosts: David Business dress please. Contact Debbie Gee on 01628 Tickets are €7.50 per person and are on a first come & Anne Pemberton-Smith, contact 626327 or Kate Lee on 0118 9268540 to reserve your table basis/€12 on the door. Please book early for yourself and pembo.smith@googlemail.com, tel. 07739 041843. for your team sizzle! Everyone welcome across the Network your team to avoid disappointment. Contact Eamon Lynch 2 Apr (2/4,30/4,28/5,25/6,23/7,20/8,17/9,15/10,12/11, 10/12) (Blue and Red groups). and Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. Opportunity Showcase / Going for Gold Glasgow, 6th floor, 16 Mar (13/4, 11/5, 8/6, 6/7, 3/8, 31/8, 28/9, 26/10, 23/11,16/12) 26 July The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. KILDARE, 12pm. Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Ingram St, GLASGOW. 7.30pm for 8pm start. Business dress please. £3 per Distributor, guests Norwich Business Opportunity Meeting, Holiday Inn, Ipswich Tickets cost €10, guests free. Contact Eamon Lynch and Rd, NORWICH. NR4 6EP 7.30pm for 8pm start. £3 per . Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. free. Everyone welcome. Contact Tom and Kate Forbes 0141 Distributor, guests free. Business dress please. Contact 23 Aug Training Meeting at the Abbey Leix Manor Hotel, 626 0013, Andrew Walkinshaw 07915 063458, Bob Park Stephen on 07810126010. ABBEYLEIX, 12.30pm. Tickets are €7.50 per person and are 0191 247 1821. 17 Mar (four weekly) Second of our new Business Opportunity on a first come basis/€12 on the door. Please book early for 4 Apr Cornwall Coast 2 Coast Training. A chance to give your Training Meetings at COVENTRY, The Novotel, M6 Jct 3. yourself and your team to avoid disappointment. Contact business TIME (Training, Inspiration, Motivation and 7.30 for 8.00 start, £3.00 per distributorship, guests free. Eamon Lynch and Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; Education) - Kehelland Village Hall, NR CAMBORNE TR14 Everyone is welcome. Further details from Margaret Moore info@wealthblitz.com. 0DE 2pm-4.30. Guest Speaker Vic Brown100% Success 01780 782797. 18 Oct The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. KILDARE, 12pm. Master Coach. Contact Sandy and Rebecca - EzeReach No 18 Mar (15/04, 20/05, 17/06,15/07, 19/08, 16/09, 21/10, 18/11, Tickets cost €10, guests free. Contact Eamon Lynch and 01872 888010 or Lesley and John 01872 888436. All 16/12) Redruth Business Opportunity Meeting at Tricky’s, Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. welcome £2.50 per distributorship, guests free. Tolgus Mount, Redruth, CORNWALL, TR15 3TA. 7.45pm for 8 Nov Training Meeting at the Abbey Leix Manor Hotel, OPPORTUNITY MEETINGS - NORTH/SCOTLAND 8pm start. Everyone welcome. Still only £2.50 per Distributorship, Guests free. Hosts: David and Jenny Gerry. ABBEYLEIX, 12.30pm. Guest speaker Bob Webb. Tickets are €7.50 per person and are on a first come basis/€12 on 9 Mar (06/04, 11/05, 08/06, 13/07, 24/08, 21/09, 19/10, 16/11) Contact on 01209 714067, moneymagnet.info@yahoo.co.uk, the door. Please book early for yourself and your team to Merseyside Business Opportunity Meeting, Holiday Inn ITS 297533. avoid disappointment. Contact Eamon Lynch and Marie RUNCORN, Wood Lane, Beechwood, Runcorn, Cheshire 18 Mar (15/04, 13/05, 10/06, 8/07, 5/08, 2/09, 30/09, 28/10, 25/11) Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. WA7 3HA. £2.50 per person, guests free. Business dress West Sussex Business Opportunity Showcase at the Royal please. Hosts:- Mary & Harry Fullerton email: 6 Dec The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. KILDARE, 12pm. George, Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham-by- Sea, WEST mary.fullerton@gmail.com or Tel: 0151 601 2972. Tickets cost €10, guests free. Contact Eamon Lynch and SUSSEX, BN43 6TA, on the Holmbush Roundabout. Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. 11 Mar (every 4 wks) Teeside Opportunity Meeting, The Windmill, a Fantastic training from guest speakers followed by a purpose built Conference and Seminar Centre, Dalton Piercy, scintillating sizzle for only £2.50 per Distributor, Guests FREE. HARTLEPOOL, TS27 3HN, directly on A19, just north of 7.30pm for 8pm prompt start, Business dress please. THE NETHERLANDS Wynyard Park turn-off. Open meeting, everyone welcome. Hosts:- Judy & Gordon Seldon, 01903 893887. 21 Mar (18/4,16/5,13/6/11/7,18/8,12/9,3/10,31/10,28/11, 19/12) 8pm Start £2.50 per head. Guests free 18 Mar Open Opportunity Meeting at The Summit Centre, Pavilion Hotel van der Valk de Cantharel, Van Golsteinlaan 20, 7339 Opp/Training/Recognition/Raffle/Table. Geldard and Cathy Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, NOTTINGHAM NG17 7LL, Jct. 27 GT APELDOORN. 1pm – 3pm. Email Rita Weyn & Frank Brookes, tel: 0191 521 4564. ITS 119822 Sue Phoenix ITS or 28 of the M1. 8pm-9.30pm. £3 per distributorship, guests Kamsteeg at f.kamsteeg@home.nl. 514235. free. Parking facilities available and good access for 11 Mar (8/4, 6/5, 3/6, 1/7, 29/7, 26/8, 23/9, 21/10, 18/11, 16/12), wheelchairs. Contact Mike and Margaret Drayton on 01623 Do you have any Training or Opportunity meetings in your Leeds Business Opportunity Meeting, Holiday Inn, 722500. area? Let us know, at meetings@kleeneze.co.uk and we Brighouse, Clifton Village, LEEDS, HD6 4HW. 7.30pm for 18 Mar (15/4,13/5,10/6,8/7,5/8,2/9,30/9,28/10,25/11) Essex Business will include them in our weekly meetings diary. 8pm start. £3 per Distributor, guests free. Business dress Opportunity Meeting at The Holiday Inn, Brook Street, DEADLINE FOR WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS 4PM TUESDAY. please. Contact Angel Hill on 07931283957 or Stuart Hill on BRENTWOOD, CM14 5NF, J28 – M25. 7.30 for 8pm start. 07792002402. Issue 09 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN