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Math staff development techn integration presentation
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Math staff development techn integration presentation


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Published in: Education
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  • Discuss the cloud and interactivity
  • Photo of all the technologies…
  • At this point, I hand out “assignments” in which teams of administrators must develop a technology integrated lesson, then share.
  • Transcript

    • 1. - Warm Up -
      1. Go to
      2. Look on the far right sidebar menu
      3. Click on 2010 DISD Math Training
      4. Click on and complete the Teacher
      *Optional - Request access to the page & look around the page
    • 2. In order to have class participation…..
      1. Number off
      2. Write your Number down 2 times side by side with enough space to tear it into 2 pieces
      3. Tear paper in half
      4. You keep 1 half
      5. I get the other half
    • 3. Effective Technology Integration
      - Kari Knisely
    • 4. Today’s Agenda
      Warm Up
      Brief Introductions
      Please be respectful
      – are teachers really the worst students?
      Break at 9:30 am or as needed
    • 5. Who am I?
    • 6. Hand Up, Stand Up, Pair Up
      Where you teach
      What grade you teach
      What is your best idea/secret/strategy/ classroom procedure/management/ expectation/rule that you use?
      What you look forward to doing in the evenings, your weekends, time off?
    • 7.
    • 8. Why?
      Why are we here?
      Why are we teachers?
      What is our goal?
      What is our mission?
    • 9. Donna ISD Mission Statement
      The mission of Donna ISD is to ensure academic excellence for all students through a rigorous and supportive learning environment that provides a quality education in accordance with state and national standards.
      "Committed to Excellence"
    • 10. What is a quality education?
      What do kids need to be successful today?
      Are standards properly aligned?
      If not, then ……
    • 11. Technology History & Advancements
      Printing Press
      • Internet
    • 12. Are we preparing them correctly?
      US vs. other countries
      Future Job outlook
      Search and organize info?
      What info is legit?
      Share and think globally?
    • 13. To assist every student in crossing the digital divide by ensuring that every student is technology literate by the time the student finishes the eighth grade, regardless of the student's race, ethnicity, gender, family income, geographic location, or disability.
      -- No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part D
    • 14. Title II Part D (NCLB)
      TEKS – all subject areas should include technology integration
      1. While there are references to the use of digital technology in all required curriculum, the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)are to be used to effectively integrate technology across the curriculum.
    • 15. What the heck is it?
      Any questions yet???
    • 16. What is effective TI?
      -- Proficiency in 21st Century skills
    • 17. Is this an example or non-example?
    • 18. Is this an example or non-example?
    • 19. Is this an example or non-example?
    • 20. And when the thrill is gone?
    • 21. Technology Integration Is Not:
      Taking students to the computer lab once a week for 40 minutes.
      Using the computer as an electronic worksheet.
      Using the computer as a reward station for students who are finished with their other assignments.
    • 22. Technology Integration Is Not:
      Accelerated Reader, Math Blaster, WebAchiever.
      Every student typing one PowerPoint a year, no matter what!
      What the teacher is doing with the technology.
    • 23. Glogster
      Google Apps
    • 24. We must prepare learners for theirfuture, not for our past.
      -- David Thornburg
      A vision of K-12 Students
    • 25. Joke
      Rip Van Winkle awakens in the 21st century after a hundred-year snooze and is, of course, utterly bewildered by what he sees. Men and women dash about, talking to small metal devices pinned to their ears. Young people sit at home on sofas, moving miniature athletes around on electronic screens. Older folk defy death and disability with metronomes in their chests and with hips made of metal and plastic. Airports, hospitals, shopping malls – every place Rip goes just baffles him. But when he finally walks into a schoolroom, the old man knows exactly where he is. “This is a school,” he declares. “We used to have these back in 1906. Only now the blackboards are green (Miranda, et al, 2006, 1).
    • 26. 21st Century Skills
      Personal and social responsibility
      Planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity
      Strong communication skills
      Cross-cultural understanding
      Visualizing and decision-making
      Knowing how & when to use technology
    • 27. Steps to Integration
      Begin with the end in mind.
      How will learning be different?
      How will teaching be different?
      Model integration
      Encourage integration
      Challenge integration
      Encourage YOUR teachers to learn!!
      Feel free to modify and share to meet your needs.
    • 28. Metaphor/Activity
      Where to find the Activities/Motivational things learned from Success Coach at CAMT 2010 in San Antonio
      Go to
      Click on CAMT 2010 (far right side bar)
      Click on Motivational Session
    • 29. The importance of visuals/images
      Text (books) = sequential
      Images = non-sequential
      Images, visuals help better learning and connecting
      Images & visuals in technology EVERYWHERE
    • 30. Brain Rule # 10:
      Vision trumps all other senses.
    • 31. drifted
      Words are processed sequentially.
    • 32. Images are processed simultaneously.
    • 33. If I can visualize it,
      I own it.
    • 34. Visualize & Imagine…
      Visualize having hot dogs at the beach…
    • 35. Is this what you visualized?
    • 36. Images go to long-term memory
    • 37. Did you ever see something in a split secondthat will remain with you forever?
    • 38. We are drawn to images
      Not words:
    • 39. Not text
      Even text that
      is colorful and bright.
    • 40. Any questions so far????
      Explore & start “doing” something rather than talking about it doing something…..
    • 41. Website Browsers
      Google Chrome
      Internet Explorer
    • 42. Go to
      Log in
      Take some time to set up our E-Chalk accounts and familiarize ourselves
      WHY use Echalk?
    • 43. Go to the following social bookmarking website
      Set up an account
      “Follow” me
      Play around
      Watch the tutorial videos
      WHY use Diigo?
    • 44. Go to
      Go to google docs or do a search for google docs
      Set up an account
      Create a New Item (form) of whatever type just to play around
      Watch tutorial videos to learn more
      Go over answers from Warm Up on overhead
      WHY use google docs?
    • 45.
      Doctor of the MTT program (great links here)
      For teachers to collaborate/share, get, find info
      Check out CAMT 2010 Links (thanks to Mrs. Eberstadt & Mrs. Sol!)
      For my classroom
      WHY use a wiki?
    • 46. Examples of TRUE integrated lesson plans
      Look around/Check out some FACTS lesson plans (under the red text)
      The above link will ONLY work in a Fire Fox browser… It will NOT work in Internet Explorer
      Click on the puzzle pieces to the right and it will walk you through a few examples created
    • 47. UBD
      Understanding By Design
      3 Stages
      MY Overview…..
      Start with the End in Mind
      Plan GOOD questions for the day/lesson (arguable, adult life like) Get them thinking
      Big Idea answers , “Why?”
      Real Life Application
      Rubric Assessments
    • 48. 3 Stages of UBD
      Identify Desired Results
      • Content, TEKS, TAKS
      • 49. Essential Questions – Arguable not recall, real life, philosophic , uncover not cover
      • 50. KEY: BIG IDEAS – real life, depth
      Determine acceptable evidence
      - Self assess, Rubrics, GRASPS (goal, role, audience, situation, performance, standards)
      Plan learning experiences & instruction
      - 5 E Model (
      - Organize by WHERE (Why or Where, Hooked, Equip/Explore, Rethink/rehearse/refine/revise, Evaluate)
    • 51. Your turn
      Create an effective lesson plan OR project
      1. What TEKS do you want to cover?
      - week, semester, 6 weeks, year
      2. Think of a real life problem that use those TEKS
      3. How will you use technology to gather, research, present, organize, share, etc. in solving this problem
    • 52. Closing
      What did you learn?
      Anything you would like me to post online/teach you later?
      Email me if so and we will figure it out
      Images for presentation from google images
      Please complete the Evaluation form online