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  • 1. Editing Photos
  • 2. To start off I had to insert the image in Serif Photo Plus.
  • 3. Now I decided I wanted to playaround with the effects that Serif Photo Plus has to offer.
  • 4. How I did that?I did this byusing a toolcalled PhotoFixthis allows meto ‘fix’ thephoto
  • 5. This is the original image lightingThis the original image.
  • 6. I wanted to change the lighting ofthe picture by doing that I clicked on this effect.Difference between original and edited
  • 7. I decided to choose this effect as it gives the image a more romantic feel for example the light is more clam and show the contrast of thecolours around them. I also chose this because it looks like the season is Autumn.
  • 8. Now I wanted to have a blurred effect or a motion effect where the focus is on my characters.What I did isgo to andanother effecton the toolbarcalled FilterGallery whichallows me tocreate aneffect of mychoice.
  • 9. On the rightcolumnthere arefilter effectswhich I amable to use.
  • 10. I decided to play around with the effects.Glass Effect Fragments EffectComic Effect Gaussian Effect
  • 11. After playing around with the effect I decided to use Zoom Blur whichfocuses on my characters.
  • 12. I also made the image darker togive the image depth and mystery.
  • 13. I also edited two images
  • 14. What did was use this tool that erases the background of the image.
  • 15. I erased the background and put iton this background which I used in my trailer. With this I also made the background blurry by using the Gaussian effect.
  • 16. I also did the same for the male leads photo .
  • 17. Finished Edited Photos