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Manpower Overview

Manpower Overview



Learn more about Manpower

Learn more about Manpower



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  • Review historical snapshotThere is a lot of data to support this vision change..Review the Ages-see slide notes.Slide 6:Through the Ages - TransitionAs an industry this historical perspective means we have to shift our approach to Workforce solutions. Let’s talk about what that means to us more directly…..Previous eras were defined first by the raw materials our ancestors bent to their will—stone, iron and bronze; then they were characterized by the domains people conquered with ever-improving technology—industry, space and information. Now, it will be human potential itself that will be the catalyst for change and the global driving force—economically, politically and socially. In this new reality, humans are rising to the challenge to take their rightful place at center stage, as the world’s only source of inspiration and innovation. (from Jeff Joerres Human Age pdf)Throughout history, the world occasionally experiences a change so transformational and all encompassing it redefines the epoch; we have experienced the Iron Age, the Industrial Age, the Information Age and now, we are entering a new age, the HUMAN AGE, where the true power of human potential will be fully realized.
  • The world has experienced a series of tumultuous shifts over the last decade, and the velocity of change is increasing. Manpower has been tracking world of work megatrends which are changing the face of the labor market – and business – globally. It is the combined impact of these changes and the speed with which they are transforming the world that has conspired to bring about the dawn of the Human Age.The arrival of the Human Age will have a number of profound consequences on the world of work as the world adjusts to the fact that there is no reset to “normal.” The ability to make sense of this change will define the winning companies and individuals. Skilled individuals – in increasingly short supply – will dictate terms to employers, of how, where and when they work. They will naturally gravitate toward industries which offer the best career development options, display a commitment to corporate social responsibility and contribute to the communities where they are located. Companies must become more agile in how they attract, train and develop their employees, rethinking their people practices and work models to ensure they have the best environment to unlock the creativity, innovation, empathy, passion and intellectual curiosity that sit at the heart of what it means to be human.
  • Demographics/Talent ShortageThe demographics and talent mismatch is the conundrum that both individuals and companies are feeling right now. As the working age population declines and companies are looking for talent, they’re looking in a much more specific way, yet individuals are also being more selective when they can.Demographic and economic shifts are accelerating the talent mismatch.The pressure to find the right skills in the right place at the right time will increase as working age populations decline, economies rebound, emerging markets rise, and the nature of work shifts.- The talent mismatch is an issue that can’t be addressed by simply hiring one qualified candidate at a time. We need to rethink talent strategy in order to stay competitive.- Employers must recalibrate their mindsets to consider new types of candidates, who may not meet all of the job specifications but who have the capacity to be upskilled. Individual ChoiceIndividual choice is creeping in wherever possible. Individuals are exercising their choice as they realize they have the power to opt for or against a given job, which in turn is requiring companies to think differently about how they attract, retain and stay relevant to an ever select group of talented individuals.Individual choice is eliminating the one-size-fits-all approach and elevating the need for one-size-fits-one.Rise of Customer SophisticationRising customer sophistication is happening across the board. The transparency and velocity of information exchange throughout the entire value chain is creating innovation and tension at every level within that chain.Technological RevolutionsTechnological revolutions are at the heart of almost all of this. Having the power to change where, when and how we work, enabling organizations and individuals to be more agile and innovative is happening on a daily basis and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.
  • Manpower continues to evolve just like the industries and businesses that we service. We provide a full range of solutions from talent resourcing to workforce programs and workforce insight and innovation.The solution we recommend for you is based on the challenges you face and your business needs.
  • Manpower continues to evolve just like the industries and businesses that we service. We provide a full range of solutions from talent resourcing to workforce programs and workforce insight and innovation.The solution we recommend for you is based on the challenges you face and your business needs.
  • Manpower has a local, national, and worldwide network of offices. Our reach includes over 800 offices in North America – this helps you in terms of our recruiting efforts. Locally we are focused on you. We know the community, we understand local needs, and see you as a local partner. Insert local success stories, relationships, etc., Experience: We have been in business for 60 years. We were here yesterday, are here today, and will be here tomorrow. We are not going anywhere. We can provide safety and security in an staffing partnership.Workplace Evaluation: One of the first pro-active steps we take before placing an associate on assignment at your facility comes in the form of a thorough evaluation and review of all [ABCDEFG]-mandated safety policies. A better understanding of your work environment results in the best match possible. A member of our local service team will request a tour of your site. Through this tour, we learn first-hand about the job requirements, your safety training, equipment safeguards, and necessary personal protective equipment our associates may be required to wear. Our staff uses this information to source, recruit, screen, and place the most qualified individuals for your position. In addition, all job and safety information is shared with our associates before they begin an assignment so they are ready on day one.Recruiting: Candidate access is unlimited. We are always recruiting. We never stop. We have thousands of people in our database. We have experienced people in a wide variety of positions and skill sets. We reach active and passive job seekers. We share candidates with our offices in the area. We understand local candidate needs and reach out to candidates on a continual basis. We have a presence in the community among candidates and are constantly taking steps to develop relationships with them.Selection and Intake process: We do prescreening, job specific evaluations and a thorough interview - all to give us a complete understanding of candidates needs and wants. We use job-related, validated, reliable assessments to ensure that we are finding and placing the best person for your specific job. Our thorough process eliminates the guess-work and ensures we are sending you the best. Industrial specific assessments - Manpower provides industrial assessments that uncovering on-the-job potential for a wide range of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics to meet and exceed expectations on the floor of your operations. We have a battery of assessments called Ultradex for evaluating candidates for industrial positions. The battery consists of both hands-on performance-based assessments as well as general competency tests in math, measurement and reading. Sorting and CheckingCoordinated Rapid MovementInspectionMeasurement Comprehension – Available in both Standard and MetricMath Comprehension – Available in Basic and IntermediateReading ComprehensionBehavioral Style Questionnaire: While hard skills may qualify a candidate for a job, it’s soft skills that propel his or her career. Beyond technical skills needed to succeed in an industrial setting, we can also assess behavioral traits that contribute to success on the job. Our industrial behavioral style questionnaire – the Work Styles Questionnaire (WSQ) – applies to a wide range of production and operations positions in the manufacturing and skilled trade area. Competencies such as assertiveness, detail consciousness, resilience, decisiveness, and dependability are key drivers of job success. We can measure these traits and more to learn about candidates preferred behavior at work – behaviors that will help [ABCDEFG] succeed.Training: We provide safety training and general computer and business skills training. We are strong advocates for safety – it keeps our associates safe and reduces your costs through reducing OSHA claims and potential lost productivity. In addition, we believe in our associates abilities and encourage them to develop their skills through our free online training courses.On-going support: We stay connected. After associate(s) are placed with you, we follow up with Performance Calls and evaluations of our own service delivery. We care about maintaining an on-going relationship with you. And we care about our associates. We check with them to see how things are going and ensure that their needs are being met.
  • Manpower continues to evolve just like the industries and businesses that we service. We provide a full range of solutions from talent resourcing to workforce programs and workforce insight and innovation.The solution we recommend for you is based on the challenges you face and your business needs.
  • Manpower continues to evolve just like the industries and businesses that we service. We provide a full range of solutions from talent resourcing to workforce programs and workforce insight and innovation.The solution we recommend for you is based on the challenges you face and your business needs.
  • Manpower is part of ManpowerGroup

Manpower Overview Manpower Overview Presentation Transcript

  • POWERING YOUR BUSINESSIS HUMANLY POSSIBLEManpowerOverviewKaren SatingBranch Manager
  • The Human Age andWorkforce Trends
  • Manpower Overview 3 The World is Entering a New Era Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 4 THE DAWN OF THE HUMAN AGE We are entering the HUMAN AGE, when the power of talent is every organization’s key competitive differentiator. – Unleashing human potential requires a one-size-fits-one approach, and will require employers to engage with their people at a higher level. – This is creating complexity and opportunity in the marketplace. Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 5 ManpowerGroup World of Work Trends: Indicators of the Human Age Manpower 5/5/2012 Source: ManpowerGroup
  • Manpower Overview 6 What this Means for You • Broader insight is needed to make better workforce investments and decisions. • Talent for your positions is more difficult to find. • A re-evaluation of assumptions and mindsets is mandatory. • An understanding about the trends changing the world of work is required. ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A CHANGE? Manpower 5/5/2012
  • How We Can Help
  • Manpower Overview 8 A Partnership with Manpower • We have built a deeper talent pool to provide our clients Better Access access to the people they need, when they need them. • By effectively and efficiently assessing and developing skills, Better Skills we keep our associates ahead of the curve so they can get the job done each and every time. • By developing a deep understanding of a client’s organization Better Match and objectives, we can more precisely identify a candidate’s ability to contribute, resulting in a better match for our clients. • By connecting the ambition of business with the potential of Better Results people, success happens. Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 9 A Full Range of Workforce Solutions Talent Workforce Workforce Insight Resourcing Programs and Innovation Contingent Assessments Analytics Training Permanent Placement Site Management Contract to Thought Permanent Workforce Leadership Placement Optimization Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 10 Talent Resourcing • Recruit for your needs Contingent • Reduce your costs Increase Flexibility • Increase efficiency • Benefit from proven permanent placement processes Permanent for volume or project-based recruitment Placement • Reduce time-to-hire Achieve Long-Term Success • Reduce your costs Contract to • Improve workforce performance Permanent • Develop a true understanding of skills and capabilities Placement Evaluate in Action • Reduce your costs Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 11 How our Process Works for You Discover • Understanding your company, your objectives and your culture Follow up Recruit • Present the offer • Geographic presence • Finalize details • Recruiting channels • Onboarding • Large base of candidates • Quality assurance program • Performance and job satisfaction appraisals • Adjust as needed Qualify • In-depth screening process • Thorough interviews • Assessments to coincide with positions Match • Evaluate knowledge, • Identify top candidates for your skills and abilities culture and positions • Manage the interview process Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 12 Workforce Programs • Understand your workforce needs Assessment • Assess talent competencies and strengths • Match best fit talent to your needs • Develop programs that fit your budget and objectives Training • Provide in-person and online training on thousands of topics – business acumen, software, safety, and more Site • Provide program management from order, assignment, or Management employee management to full-scale onsite management Workforce • Apply an industry-leading methodology to increase the speed Optimization and efficiency of your operations, while reducing your costs Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 13 Workforce Insight and Innovation • Dive deep into what metrics mean for your business Workforce • Identify how industry trends impact your business Analytics • Improve your business performance model • Explore changes in the business environment Workforce • Share insights that affect the workplace Thought • Determine how to address the challenges Leadership in your environment Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 14 Why Work with Manpower • Understand flexibility and commitment • Go further to understand your organization • Develop talent-driven strategies for immediate needs and long-term goals We • Act as an extension of your organization • Monitor the performance of our talent and programs • Help you adapt your workforce strategy to changing business demands Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 15 Talent Resourcing Industrial Occupations • Place more than 147,000 associates each week in industrial positions • Industrial placement is 66% of Manpower’s core business • Named the largest industrial staffing provider for two consecutive years (Staffing Industry Analysts) • Top assignments General Grinding/ Inspector/ Production Assembler Production Polishing Tester/ Planning Worker Worker-hand Sorter Specialist Laborer- Machine Metal/Plastic Production Tester/Grader/S General Operator Worker Helper orter Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 16 Talent Resourcing Skilled Trades Occupations • Last year, the skilled trades accounted for 4,241,312 of Manpower’s billable hours • In the past two years, we have filled positions in cutting-edge industries, such as green energy and telecommunications manufacturing • Top assignments Mechanic- Production Tool and Mechanic- Machinist Industrial Welder Die Maker Automotive Machinery Meter Installer/Re CNC Electrician Welder/ Reader- pair Machinist Braze Utility Specialist Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 17 Talent Resourcing Administrative/Office Occupations • Place more than 100,000 office and clerical associates annually • Experience in departments across most industries and companies of all sizes • Top assignments Administrative Customer Data Entry Assistant Service Rep General Receptionist Office Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 18 Talent Resourcing Contact Center Occupations • Manpower services more than 500 North American contact centers • Focus on increasing retention and customer satisfaction • Top assignments Customer Inbound Outbound Tech Service Sales Sales Support Work at Help Desk Collections Home Agent Manpower 5/5/2012
  • About Manpower
  • Manpower Overview 20Powering the World of WorkThrough Innovative Workforce Solutions Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 21 A Partnership to Win in the Human Age Manpower is uniquely qualified to deliver workforce strategies that help you achieve your business goals. Manpower 5/5/2012
  • Manpower Overview 22 The Facts About Manpower Manpower 5/5/2012
  • add presentation title here 23 Contact your local Manpower office5/5/2012
  • Manpower Cleveland-West: Markets include western CuyahogaCounty, Medina County, Lorain County and Huron CountyManpower Cleveland-West Branch25239 Country Club Blvd.North Olmsted, OH 44070440.801.1623cleveland.oh-west@manpower.comManpower