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Mobile Commerce - Opportunities in Business Applications
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Mobile Commerce - Opportunities in Business Applications


Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

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  • 1. Mobile Commerce: Now It Is Time! Email: kiran_ks@hotmail.com
      • A Presentation By KIRAN K S
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    iWaps© Copyright 2007
  • 2. Mobile commerce market
    • Over $50 Billion in Europe by 2006.
    • Japan's $30 billion e-commerce market is 1/5 th the size of the market in the USA, reports Reuters.
    • The Yankee Group also predicts that the size of the U.S. mobile commerce market will reach $15 billion by 2006
    • Mobile commerce is still a nascent market with too many vendors, too many standards and too many device manufacturers.
    • Mobile is the way; Mobile is the future.
  • 3. The Future Wave...1
    • Mobile Applications & Services: The applications and services expected to generate the most revenues across a wide range of sectors.
    • ERP/DATABASE and other enterprise server based markets are saturated or "taken up" by big names like Oracle, SAP.
    • Current situation in mobile commerce industry is similar to what it was in database or enterprise application industry 20 years ago.
    • 2005-10 is ripe for visionaries to look into "unseen" and "untapped" opportunity if started early on.
    • US market lags behind Asia/ Japan and Europe in mobile computing and applications usage. Once the flood gate is opened there will be far too many players for smaller companies to compete.
    • Today in the USA Wireless service providers / carriers (not the device manufacturers) hold the sway but once they open up to 3GL and 4GL the market will be starved for “killer” applications
  • 4. The Future Wave ...2
    • The best opportunities exist in service ticket logging and project mgt. (monitoring, reporting and control) enterprise mobile softwares.
    • Financial sectors offer manifold of opportunities for
    • Mobile applications because in US human interactions are expensive and considered risk/ error prone activity.
    • SOA (service oriented architecture) enabled services are much talked about these days and developed countries want to get out of manufacturing.
    • Commitment, delivery capability, and quality are the fulcrums to climb.
  • 5. Areas Of Opportunities Horizontal Industry Applications ------------------------------------------- h) Database Inquiry from the Field h) Internet Messaging - Email, paging & others h) Field Document Distribution h) Field Service Dispatch Application h) Field Service Audit and Inspection Application h) Field Sales Force Automation h) Information of Interest - Stock Quotes, News, Weather Reports & others h) File Transfer, Database Synchronization & Systems Management h) Wireless Document Distribution h) Wireless CRM (Customer Response Management) Application - also see Sales Force h) Automation h) Wireless ERP
  • 6. Areas Of Opportunities Horizontal Industry Applications ------------------------------------------- Others h) Mobile Data Collection h) On line and Distance Learning Using Wireless Technology h) Wireless Phone Office Applications h) Wireless Work group Application h) Wireless Internet Infrastructure Services - Content Adaptation & Delivery (Source: http://www.mobileinfo.com/Applications_Vertical/index.htm)
  • 7. Areas Of Opportunities Vertical Application Index -------------------------------------- Airline & Railway Industries V) Airline Applications V) Railway Applications v # Construction Industry v) Crew Card Data Collection v) Site Inspection & Project Status Reporting Distribution Industry v) Warehouse Inventory Applications Electronic News Communication v) Electronic News Applications Financial Industry v) Banking and Financial Institutions v) Insurance & Financial Planning v) Payment Application v) Stock Trading
  • 8. Areas Of Opportunities Vertical Application Index -------------------------------------- Healthcare Industry v) Introduction to Mobile Health care v) Clinical Trial Automation v) Electronic Patient Exit Survey v) Emergency Medical Services v) Healthcare General Applications v) Home Care - Giving Handheld Devices to Homecare Workers v) Mobile Pharmacy and Prescription from PlanetRx v) Patient Alarm Notification Systems v) Accessing Patient Records during Bed Visits by Doctors - Several Hospitals v) Remote Prescription & Specimen Management Services v) Tele-diagnostics ..Hospitality Industry ..Manufacturing & Mining Industries ..Miscellaneous Industry Applications ..Public Sector ..Retail Industry ..Transportation Industry (Source: http://www.mobileinfo.com/Applications_Vertical/index.htm)
  • 9. References 1) http://www.mobileinfo.com/Applications_Vertical/index.htm) 2) http://www.linkedin.com/answers/technology/wireless/ 3) http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/english/ 4) http://mobileanalystwatch.blogspot.com/
  • 10. Questions & Answers Please Ask...... Send feedback or comments to [email_address]