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The use of social media monitoring is now widespread, but what is that level of maturity? There are three prime business questions organisations can answer by an assessment of their social media monitoring maturity: How efficiently are we monitoring social media - is there over or under investment? How effectively are we doing it - are we getting the best organisational benefit? What are the most effective next steps we should take to improve our ROI? More at blog post

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Social Media Monitoring Maturity Assessment Model KINSHIP-digital

  1. 1. Social Media Monitoring Maturity Assessment Benchmarking for continuous improvement   @KINSHIPd   July  2013    
  2. 2. 2 ‘Social media monitoring maturity’ ……. is a measure of a company’s progress as it moves from accepting the presence of social media monitoring as a marketing or customer service tool, to continuously leveraging social media intelligence to improve all facets of its business.
  3. 3. Social Media Monitoring Maturity Model: What questions it answers 1.  Are we getting the best ROI on our SMM investment? 2.  Where can we improve? 3.  How can we extend the benefits to other parts of the organization? 4.  What specific continuous improvement steps can we take? 5.  How do we compare to others? The model ensures that your organisation receives business value from the improvement activities recommended as part of the strategic review and roadmap development. 3
  4. 4. How you benefit 1.  To guarantee business value we work with you to determine your core “business driver” e.g. customer service, customer satisfaction, product innovation, regulatory compliance, sales growth etc. 2.  Most organisations turn out to be at level 1-2 when they undertake a review. The strategy and roadmap ensures rapid progress to a minimum of level 3 maturity capabilities. 3.  Your organisation is mapped against the model showing its current state and its predicted future state based on implementing the roadmap and we provide improvements steps. 4
  5. 5. Action Report • Invest  in  workflow   • Content  repository   • ExecuCve  educaCon   • Involve  digital  web  team   • Align  with  NPS  objecCves   Five  Key   Improvements   5
  6. 6. Benchmark report 6
  7. 7. We help you answer 5 key questions ü  Are you getting the best ROI on your social media monitoring investment? ü  Are you capable of moving to the next level of use of monitoring to improve business performance and improve ROI? ü  Where do you stand compared to others? ü  What specific steps do you need to take to move to the next level? ü  What is your roadmap for social media monitoring in relation to your business objectives? 7
  8. 8. Getting started • Whole  organisaCon?   • Which  business  use  cases?   • How  deep?   Scope   • Which  people  and  groups  –  customers?   • When?   • How  much  Cme?   Resources   • C-­‐level   • OperaCons   • HR,  resources,  organisaConal  change   ExpectaCons   8
  9. 9. Let’s get started 9
  10. 10. 10 Our Approach Social Media Maturity Assessment
  11. 11. Social Media Monitoring Maturity Model Scope The model can be applied organisation-wide or applied to a program of work or section of the business. Example business drivers include: •  Customer service •  Research and development •  Business process improvement or business efficiency •  Stakeholder engagement •  ASX Compliance monitoring •  Market, customer and competitor intelligence •  Social sales 11
  12. 12. 5 Levels of Monitoring Maturity 12 Level  1   • ReacCve  Alerts  &  Ad  Hoc   Level  2   • Social  Media  Monitoring   Level  3   • Social  Engagement   Level  4   • Social  Monitoring  CoordinaCon   Level  5   • Social  Business  Intelligence  
  13. 13. Tollgates ensure capabilities are real Mandatory “tollgates” between levels A set of criteria which are mandatory for a client to have their social media monitoring rated at a particular level of maturity. That is, no matter if the score exceeds the benchmark for entry to a certain level of maturity, if the tollgate criteria are not met then the maturity level has not been achieved. 13 Level  1   • ReacCve  Alerts  &  Ad  Hoc   Level  2   • Social  Media  Monitoring   Level  3   • Social  Engagement   Level  4   • Social  Monitoring  CoordinaCon   Level  5   • Social  Business  Intelligence  
  14. 14. Steps of Maturity 14 Level  1   ReacCve   • Ad-­‐hoc   • Free  tools   Level  2   Monitoring   • Top-­‐Quandrant  Tools   • Limited  CoordinaCon   • Distributed  chaos   Level  3   Engagement   • EffecCve  training   • Investment  raConalizaCon   • Content  planning   • IT  Consulted   Level  4   CoordinaCon   • Cross-­‐funcConal   • Management   acknowledgement   • Center  of  Excellence   • From  data  to  informaCon   Level  5   Intelligence   • InformaCon  to  Insights   • Strong  Use  Case  alignment   • Shared  investment   • Strategic  value   • Steering  commi_ee   • Big  Data  integraCon  
  15. 15. Maturity Level Descriptions •  Level 1 - free tools, ad-hoc, inconsistent and often untimely data, high risk of brand or reputation damage. Tactical, with poor alignment with business objectives. •  Level 2 – pro tools deployed on “distributed chaos” basis, reporting of basic data and limited governance, coordination and escalation, risk of brand and reputation damage. •  Level 3 - organizations take the content part of engagement seriously, invest more in staff, training and platforms. Roles of monitoring and engagement become coordinated, but not coordinated across the organization. •  Level 4 - management recognizes the risks & rewards of social media and begins to put the resources and governance in place to create consistency across the organization. Many enterprises implement a social media competency center to share expertise and improve consistency for specific applications or uses of social media information. •  At Level 5 maturity, organizations have not only coordinated their use of social media information but are focused on optimizing their social media activities – from improved processes to more advanced metrics to integration with other key business activities and integration with company big data. 15
  16. 16. Organisation scored on 8 elements The eight integrated elements reflect capability and culture; an organization is scored against the 8 elements: 1.  Assess & Align 2.  Prevent & Promote 3.  Context & Culture 4.  Organize & Oversee 5.  Monitor & Measure 6.  Engage & Resolve 7.  Inform & Integrate 8.  Detect & Discern 16
  17. 17. Approach There are a number of phases: Can also include a staff survey as well as interviews 17 Kickoff   •   Confirm   Scope   •   Agree   Stakeholder   Groups   •   Agree   workshop  /   interview   approach   ConsultaCon   •   Workshops   &  Interviews   •   Data   gathering   Analysis   •   Findings   documented   •   Gap  analysis   •   Causes  and   resources   •   Scoring   Review   •   Preliminary   review  with   stakeholders   •   Confirm  any   uncertainCes   •   Review  gap   analysis   Report   •   PresentaCon   and  Feedback   Day  1                                                          Days  2-­‐3                                                      Day  4                                                                    Day  4                                                    Day  5            
  18. 18. The key to effective social media monitoring is to identify how more employees, departments and outcomes can benefit and then build the organisational capability to achieve that. 18
  19. 19. 19 About Kinship Digital
  20. 20. The 3 Pillars of Social Media Monitoring Operations PLATFORMS   Online  Monitoring   AnalyCcs  Placorm   Internal  CollaboraCon   Community  Placorm   Social  CRM   PROCESS   Social  Media  Policies   Technology  IntegraCon   Support,  Crisis  &  Sales  Workflows   Measurement  Framework  &  Rollout   Global  &  Enterprise  Expansion   PEOPLE   Behavior  Change   Cross  Silo  CollaboraCon   ExecuCve  support  &  ParCcipaCon   OrganisaConal  Models   Employee  &  Partner  ParCcipaCon   @Michae1Green"
  21. 21. 21 We  prac(ce  what  we  preach  @KINSHIPd  
  22. 22. Kinship Digital brings Social  Media   Enterprise   Method   •  Experts   •  CerCfied   •  Monitoring  Leaders   •  Broad  IT  Experience   •  Complex  OrganisaCons   •  MulC-­‐level  Maturity   •  8  Measurement  Factors   •  Improvement  Outcomes   22
  23. 23. Company Overview 23 KINSHIP  digital  is  a  social  consultancy  that   specialises  in  understanding,  developing  and   protecCng  its  clients’  reputaCon,  brands,   businesses  and  people  in  Social  Media.  
  24. 24. 24 Read This for more information Three Reasons a Social Media Monitoring Assessment Makes Business Sense (Blog post – click above or go to Blogs