NSW Government Social Media Monitoring: $5 per hour


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- No contracts - no lock-in.
- Monitoring up to 5 keywords* - brand, NGOs, people, citizens
- Maximum charge for service of $1,000 per month
- 24/7/365 Monitoring
- Hourly or daily reporting
- Report of 10 top influencers for each keyword
- Report of 10 top mentions for each keyword
Report showing in which social media keywords were discussed.
* Fair-use policy of max 7,000 mentions per day for nominated keywords.

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NSW Government Social Media Monitoring: $5 per hour

  1. 1. NSW Government Building a service-orientated agency through $5 per hour Social Media Monitoring
  2. 2. Discussion Overview 2 Topics 1 Why should NSW Government listen in Social Media? 2 What is a Social Media Command Center? 3 NDIS Case study 4 NSWBuy eCatalogue: $5 per hour offer 5 KINSHIP overview
  3. 3. Times Are Changing Social Media monitoring is providing new insight into citizens, markets and NGOs Reporting helps inform strategic communication planning Understanding how this data will contribute to your Social Media and overall Communication strategy is essential.
  4. 4. Why listen in Social Media? All Social Media NSW Government agencies initiatives need to start with Listening, to: 1. Align to Community Objectives a. Seek and respond to stakeholder input b. Make it easy for the public to participate c. Harness the power of communities through social media 2. Support Government Transparency and Citizen Collaboration a. Organise agencies to serve their employees b. Align performance plans with agency mission c. Engage employees—individually and collectively—as partners d. Make diversity a priority 3. Engage the Public in development of systems and solutions with the citizen in mind a. Take an agile approach to solution or service development b. Measure success in terms of citizen acceptance 4
  5. 5. The Social Ecosystem Developing a social media listening strategy is critical Participating Listening, establishing reputation (I’m one of you) Managed Listening, supporting, building reputation, marketing Owned Listening, supporting, building relationships, collaborating External Communities Closed Network Internal Communities Example: citizen communities Example: channels, members Example: Intranets, communities of practice Wikis
  6. 6. A Command Centre is a physical space where Governments and Companies coordinate to listen and engage their citizens or market in social channels to achieve business use cases in marketing engagement, customer care, risk management [crisis management / online reputation management], or operational efficiency of coordination and contact centre deflection. Jeremiah Owyang Altimiter Group @jowyang @Michae1Green
  7. 7. 3 Pillars of the KINSHIP Command Centre PLATFORMS Online Monitoring Analytics Platform Internal Collaboration Community Platform Social CRM PROCESS Social Media Policies Technology Integration Support, Crisis & Sales Workflows Measurement Framework & Rollout Enterprise Expansion People Behavior Change Cross Silo Collaboration Executive support & Participation Organisational Models Employee & Partner Participation @Michae1Green
  8. 8. Process of Real-Time Listening 8
  9. 9. 9 Examining the National Disability Insurance Scheme Social Media Monitoring Case study
  10. 10. 10 of NDIS over one month
  11. 11. NDIS Conversation analysis 11
  12. 12. Demographics of NDIS participants 12
  13. 13. NDIS Influencer Communities Influencer Community Twitter Influencers 13
  14. 14. Top NDIS Influencers: Twitter 14
  15. 15. Top NDIS Influencers: Blogs 15
  16. 16. Top NDIS Influencers: News 16
  17. 17. Top NDIS Influencers: Forums 17
  18. 18. 18 KINSHIP is NSW Government Pre- Qualified (Advanced Scheme)
  19. 19. The $5 per hour Offer 1. No long term contracts - no lock-in. 2. Monitoring up to 5 keywords* - agency, NGOs, people, citizens 3. Maximum charge for service of $1,000 per month 4. 24/7/365 Monitoring 5. Hourly or daily reporting • Report of 10 top influencers for each keyword • Report of 10 top mentions for each keyword • Report showing in which social media keywords were discussed. * Fair-use policy of max 7,000 mentions per day for nominated keywords. If you only want one hour monitoring that is all you pay for! 19
  20. 20. Buy Now Contact Mike Green @michae1green mike@kinshipdigital.com +61 422 300 295 Thomas Buckwalter @tombuckwalter thomas@kinshipdigital.com +61 487 151 269 20 1300 KINSHIP Link to KINSHIP $5 offer on NSWBuy eCatalogue: http://ow.ly/x4IqY NSWBuy Product ID: SMMNSWGOV001
  21. 21. 21 We practice what we preach @KINSHIPd
  22. 22. KINSHIP support 22
  23. 23. EVALUATE RESEARCH SOCIAL LANDSCAPE ESTABLISH A STRATEGY & TEAM EXECUTE OPERATIONALISE THE SOCIAL BUSINESS CENTER OF EXCELLENCE LISTEN • Identify listening and CRM software • Establish a social media listening center • Determine internal & external topics PLAN • Create plan for employee and partner training • Process and collaboration design • Crisis coms and customers support escalation tree ENGAGE • Launch programs, events and campaigns • Manage internal collaboration and communication projects • Expand teams and channels globally KINSHIP Process Models and Frameworks • Define strategy (goals, actions, KPIs) • Identify the right teams, stakeholders and emp • Establish roles & responsibilities • Achieve buy-in from senior leadership • Establish Social Architecture & a measurement framework • Conversation and sentiment analysis • Surveys, polls and stakeholder interviews • Data mining from social channels • Intelligence gathering Market & Competitor) • Social Architecture Review • Identify Business Use Cases and Benchmarking @Michae1Green KINSHIP Engagement through Proven Models and Frameworks
  24. 24. Questions of us? 24