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KINSHIP digital Social CRM ( InsideView for MS Dynamics )

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Making a case for SCM with Dynamics and InsideView

Making a case for SCM with Dynamics and InsideView

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  • 1. KINSHIP digitalIntroduction to Social CRM
  • 2. Agenda•  KINSHIP digital Introduction•  InsideView Dynamics Overview•  InsideView Demo•  Other opportunities
  • 3. Company Overview KINSHIP  digital  is  a  social  media  consultancy  that   specialises  in  understanding,  developing  and   protec9ng  its  clients’  reputa9on,  brands,   businesses  and  people  in  Social  Media.     3
  • 4. IntroductionKINSHIP digital is a social consultancy specialising inunderstanding, developing and protecting its clients’ reputation,brands, businesses and people in Social Media. We help our clients to:•  Develop a set of proven rules and frameworks for Social success •  Reap measurable, predictable results and significant ROI from their Social activity•  Stay connected to their customers in a way that is both time and budget -efficient •  Gain up-to-the-minute customer insights for increased sales, improved service, faster product development and more effective marketing•  Listen, understand and act on Social conversations on a large scale•  Harness the power of Social to understand their customers, competitors, and their market•  Transform their existing operational systems and infrastructure into a differentiated customer experience 4
  • 5. Services EXECUTE
 OPERATIONALISE THE SOCIAL BUSINESS CENTER OF EXCELLENCESOCIAL SOCIAL CUSTOMER DIGITAL MARKETING SALES SERVICE PR & COMMSü  Social Marketing ü  Sales Insights ü  Rapid Social ü  Online Reputation Insights Support Response ü  Competitive Managementü  Rapid Social Intelligence ü  Seamless Customer ü  Crisis Marketing Experience ü  Lead Response Management Response Centre ü  Peer-to-Peer ü  Proactive PR/ü  Social Campaign Crowd-sourced Comms Tracking Supportü  Social Event Management @Michae1Green"
  • 6. for 6
  • 7. What Sales Reps want? Reach the right person at the right time with the right message   | SLIDE :7
  • 8. …Increases sales productivity by deliveringrelevant business and social insights when and where you need them. 8
  • 9. Company Social News Contacts Connections Info Networks Alerts“All in One” Intelligence toDiscover Opportunities & EngagePeople. Right  Person   Right  Time   Right  Message   | SLIDE :9
  • 10. Do you really need more data? 10
  • 11. When was the last time you agreed tomeet with someone who only knew your name? | SLIDE :11
  • 12. DEMO
  • 13. Key Features in Demo1.  Aggregated  company  and  contact  informa9on  from  many  sources  2.  Social  Media  and  Social  Profiles/Networking  3.  Smart  Tools   •  Smart  Agents  –  “alerts”   •  Smart  Connec9ons  –  beyond  LinkedIn   •  List  Building   •  Account/Contact  sync  into  CRM   | SLIDE :13
  • 14. InsideView For Microsoft Dynamics CRM
 •  Company Info •  Contacts •  Alerts •  Social Media •  Social Networks •  Family Tree •  Competitors •  Sync to CRM •  List building FREE!     5  minute    Install       Dynamics   Marketplace   Partner  of  the   Year        2011     CRM 2011 and 4.0 | Within Accounts, Leads, Contacts, & Opportunities
  • 15. Rich Executive Profiles 15
  • 16. Data Sync into CRM 16
  • 17. Daily Watchlist Email Alert Be the first to know…Watchlists for prospects, customers, and competitors | SLIDE :17
  • 18. Contact data, alone, gets you to the door. InsideView gets you Inside.   u Inside the prospect’s world u Inside their social networks u Inside the issues that matter to their business o Past the gatekeepers o Past the noise o Past your competition
  • 19. Key Benefits•  Expert sales preparation (fast and effective)•  Higher win rates•  Faster CRM Adoption•  Reduced spend on multiple data sources “InsideView  Users  are  more  successful”     CSO Insights, 2011
  • 20. InsideView Value Proposition: 
 Its  about  more  than  just  business  card  data   20