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KINSHIP digital Social Media Consultancy company overview



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  • 1. KINSHIP digitalCompany Overview
  • 2. Company Overview KINSHIP  digital  is  a  social  consultancy  that   specialises  in  understanding,  developing  and   protec:ng  its  clients’  reputa:on,  brands,   businesses  and  people  in  Social  Media.     2
  • 4. Our Values  Kinship  places  its  mission  as  "building  successful  social  enterprises"  for  its  clients  and  pledges  to  use  these  values  to  guide  that  mission.    1.  Commitment: We care deeply about our employees, our customers, our partners and our community. Our word is our commitment and we will always act with integrity and transparency.2.  Creative Passion: Dedication and devotion are at the heart of every great idea and we value creativity, not just productivity.3.  Relentless: An unparalleled focus on the success of our customers; always working to co create value. The customer experience is at the centre of everything we do.4.  Inspiration: Our greatest asset is our exceptional talent with a bias for action. The ability to see solutions no one else sees, to dream of innovations no else conceives, and to create a future no one else can.@Michae1Green!
  • 5. Our Playground"
  • 6. The Stakeholder Ecosystem 
 Value Creation Model
  • 7. Take control. Succeed. Lead. It’s time to ask more of your Social Media.•  Is your Social strategy actively increasing the value of your business? •  Is it measureable? Predictable? Responsive? •  Do you know exactly what’s working, and what isn’t? •  Do you have a clear view of who’s talking about your business, and what’s being said?•  Do you have an accurate, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute view of what your competitors are up to? 7
  • 8. Our Game"Platform, Process, People, Infrastructure
  • 9. IntroductionKINSHIP digital is a social consultancy specialising inunderstanding, developing and protecting its clients’ reputation,brands, businesses and people in Social Media. We help our clients to:•  Develop a set of proven rules and frameworks for Social success •  Reap measurable, predictable results and significant ROI from their Social activity•  Stay connected to their customers in a way that is both time and budget -efficient •  Gain up-to-the-minute customer insights for increased sales, improved service, faster product development and more effective marketing•  Listen, understand and act on Social conversations on a large scale•  Harness the power of Social to understand their customers, competitors, and their market•  Transform their existing operational systems and infrastructure into a differentiated customer experience 9
  • 10. Services EXECUTE
 OPERATIONALISE THE SOCIAL BUSINESS CENTER OF EXCELLENCESOCIAL SOCIAL CUSTOMER DIGITAL MARKETING SALES SERVICE PR & COMMSü  Social Marketing ü  Sales Insights ü  Rapid Social ü  Online Reputation Insights Support Response ü  Competitive Managementü  Rapid Social Intelligence ü  Seamless Customer ü  Crisis Marketing Experience ü  Lead Response Management Response Centre ü  Peer-to-Peer ü  Proactive PR/ü  Social Campaign Crowd-sourced Comms Tracking Supportü  Social Event Management @Michae1Green!
  • 11. Social MarketingAre you finding it difficult to gather proper, solid marketing intelligence? Are you still viewing Social as a ‘soft’ marketing channel? How about campaign tracking? Do you know exactly what ROI your Social efforts are delivering?We will:•  Gather useful, relevant, real-time market intelligence •  Track returns on online marketing spend •  Interact, generate interest and engagement with potential customers•  Execute, monitor and track your digital campaigns •  Manage your Social events•  Identify influential customers - Find the core group of customers who you really need to be talking to: allowing you to do more for less•  Get real time market insights for marketing campaigns •  Generate – and maintain - buzz around upcoming events 11
  • 12. Social SalesKinship’s sales-via-social services delivers in-depth market insights, real-timecompetitor intelligence and water-tight leads. We will:•  Gain valuable insights into your potential customers•  Accumulate important intelligence about your competition •  Bring in leads that are ready to buy 12
  • 13. 81%  of  consumers  using  social  media  say  its  important  for  businesses  to  respond  to  ques9ons  and  complaints  and  within   a  reasonable  amount  of  9me.   •  Most social customers don’t think of themselves as social customers •  Their behavior is dynamic •  Conversations sprout everywhere – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook •  Social Customers are influential regardless of how many friends, fans and followers they have@Michae1Green!
  • 14. Social Customer ServiceThe web is widely used as a forum for people to discuss, interact with andcomment on products and brands. Customer service is about listening andresponding to customers in a timely and appropriate manner. Online customerservice inquiries can often be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, whichmeans that an ill-considered response (or none at all) will have a huge impact –both positive and negative – on your brand. We will:•  Look after your customers via cost-effective, ‘real’ and appropriate channels•  Showcase your best-in-class service to potential customers.•  Improve customer satisfaction•  Increase referrals•  Reduce costs (on many levels)•  Boost brand perception 14
  • 15. Digital Communications and PRThere used to be a clear distinction between marketing and public relations. Theline is now blurred by the impact of the web – leading to a 24/7 news cycle that isimmediate and viral – and sometimes hard to keep up with. It’s all too easy for asmall spark to turn into a full-blown forest fire.We will:•  Track your brand sentiment 24/7, meaning no surprises•  Understand – in real time – what is being said about your brand, people, executives and products or services and be able to respond appropriately •  Identify real-time threats and opportunities•  Identify which channels are the most appropriate for action•  Benefit from measurable, replicable and customised frameworks to manage your public relations and online brand reputation•  Successfully identify the appropriate channels and influencers for Social PR 15
  • 16. Our Methods…"@Michae1Green!
  • 17. Engagement Process EVALUATE
 RESEARCH SOCIAL A STRATEGY & TEAM OPERATIONALISE THE SOCIAL BUSINESS CENTER OF EXCELLENCE LANDSCAPE• Conversation and • Define strategy (goals, LISTEN PLAN ENGAGE sentiment analysis actions, KPIs) • Identify listening and CRM • Create plan for employee • Launch programs, events• Surveys, polls and • Identify the right teams, software and partner training and campaigns stakeholder interviews stakeholders and emp • Establish a social media • Process and collaboration • Manage internal• Data mining from social • Establish roles & listening center design collaboration and channels responsibilities communication projects • Determine internal & • Crisis coms and customers• Intelligence gathering Market • Achieve buy-in from external topics support escalation tree • Expand teams and & Competitor) senior leadership channels globally• Social Architecture Review • Establish Social Architecture & a • Identify Business Use measurement framework Cases and Benchmarking
  • 18. Engagement Models and Frameworks EVALUATE
  • 19. A  Command  Center  is  a  physical  space  where  Governments   and  Companies  coordinate  to  listen  and  engage  their   ci:zens  or  market  in  social  channels  to  achieve  business   use  cases  in  marke:ng  engagement,  customer  care,  risk   management  [crisis  management  /  ORM],  or  opera:onal   efficiency  of  coordina:on  and  contact  center  deflec:on.   Jeremiah  Owyang   Al:miter  Group   @jowyang  @Michae1Green!
  • 20. 24x7 Social Command Center @Michae1Green!
  • 21. Kinship Digital Partnerships @Michae1Green!
  • 22. Kinship Digital Clients @Michae1Green!
  • 23. Appendix" Additional information@Michae1Green!
  • 24. EVALUATE
RESEARCH SOCIAL LANDSCAPE! Evaluate the Social Landscape Four Quadrant Assessment Model A model to efficiently assess a market or customer base from a social point of view. The first strategic step in a social media COE is to create an assessment, learning where (on what platforms) a respective ecosystem is engaged. iGo2 four quadrant assessment methodology includes the following groups: - Customer mapping and field assessment
 - Brand analysis
 - Partner and alliance analysis
 - Competition analysis The evidence based assessment identifies where people are in the social web, sentiment analysis, key interests and reflections. Only once a team is clear about what’s on top of the customer’s mind, it is able to adequately respond. The NCP Model The NCP model is a foundation methodology to social media engagement: Network – Contribution – Participation - Network provides the reach
 - Contribution is the active engagement and content contribution over such networks
 - Participation is the positive or negative reflection of the contribution and the actual conversation. Conversation is the currency in social media. Once the NCP model is implemented in a company’s market engagement strategy, it provides a self adjusting mechanism to all social initiatives. @Michae1Green!
A STRATEGY & TEAM! Establish Social Strategy Strategy Hexagon The KINSHIP digital Strategy Framework for Center of Excellence. Unlike the traditional top down corporate strategies, the social strategy framework KINSHIP digital leverages integrates key constituencies of a market into the strategy development. The strategy is based on six (hexagon) core elements: - Goal & Mission
 - Benefits
 - Actions
 - Presence
 - Resources
 - Reporting The strategy is based on a evidence based research assessment (see Four Quadrant Assessment Model) and geared towards a cross functional social market engagement. @Michae1Green!
A STRATEGY & TEAM! Establish Social Team Cross Functional Engagement Framework Social Media is primarily a state of mind – not a campaign
 The cross functional social media engagement framework provides the basis for a company wide social business engagement. It helps structure the social media leverage within a company so that the teams in sales, marketing, service & support, product management, HR, procurement and all other market facing departments are able to work in a concerted manner in the interest of the brand to the benefit of the customer. The SMS Team model is based on the establishment of a Social Media Centre of excellence. Examples of Organizational Structures Decentralized Centralized Hub and Spoke Multiple Holistic *Organization structure models from Altimeter Group @Michae1Green!
  • 27. EXECUTE
 OPERATIONALISE THE SOCIAL BUSINESS CENTER OF EXCELLENCE! ExecuteListen   Plan   Engage  Social  Presence  Model   Social  Media  Planning  Model   Advocacy  Model   Social  media  ROI  calcula9on   method  The  Social  Presence  Model   The  Social  Media  Planning   Crea:ng  posi:ve  sen:ments   The  KINSHIP  digital  ROI  model  aids  brands  and  their  teams   model  we  developed  is  a  way   and  an  increasing  level  of   is  a  true  financial  ROI.  The  to  create  a  sustainable  and   to  build  social  media   conversa:ons  as  well  as   ROI  model  takes  incremental  trusYul  presence  in  the  social   ini:a:ves  that  bridge  the   recommenda:ons,  is  the   revenue  from  social  web.  Listening  ensures   oxymoron  between  crea:ng   ul:mate  KPI  (Key   engagement  based  business  teams  are  where   highly  crea:ve  and  unique   Performance  Indicator)  for  a   interac:on  rela:ve  to  the  their  customers  are.     ini:a:ves  while  remaining  to   social  business  engagement.   cost  of  those  interac:ons.     be  structured  in  a  way  that   Effec:vely  covering  paid,   even  a  global  team  can  use   owned  and  earned  ini:a:ves.   and  adopt  it,  manage  it  and   ensure  its  alignment  with  a   strategy.     @Michae1Green!
  • 28. Understanding The Social Brand Versus
Social Business
 Programs   Community Management Marketing Customer Service Communications Events Campaigns Advocacy Crisis SOCIAL BRAND SOCIAL RESULTS (External) BUSINESS(Internal) Training Process Collaboration Organization Models Research & Development Policies & Guidelines Knowledge Sharing Culture Infrastructure  @Michae1Green!
  • 29. WHY! SOCIAL SERVICES!Social Maturity Journey1. From reporting to curating and embedding2. From analysis and synthesis to structuring and mining3. From data gathering to engaging and tracking4. From identifying data to mapping people and conversation @Michae1Green!
  • 30. @Michae1Green!