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Fbi presentation


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  • Your script offers excellent supplementary information to your already-thorough slides. The slides are attractive, but we might like a couple more photos. Your recorded narration is professional and clear. Excellent work. --DForeman
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  • 1. FBI AGENT
    BY: Kevin Hernandez
  • 2. Job Description
    FBI agents investigate violations of the U.S. laws.
    Investigate crimes
    Many types of crimes
  • 3. Requirements For The FBI
    FBI agents must go through many enduring tests in order to be qualified.
    The tests involve physical fitness, vision, and hearing test.
    A medical review is also necessary.
    FBI agents must have a degree in criminal justice
    Can attend any college that has a strong criminal justice system.
  • 4. Working Hours
    Agents usually work more then 40 hours a week.
    Expected to be on call 24 hours a day
    Must have flexible hours.
    Willing to relocate
  • 5. Work Site
    Have the option to work alone.
    Can work with team members.
    FBI agents can choose weather they would like to work indoors or if they would like to work outside.
  • 6. Day At Work
    FBI agents have something different to do everyday.
    Agents must be able to work in different aspects of the job.
  • 7. Salary
    Salary range from
    $55,689 for new agents
    $61,800 for agents with 2-4 years
    10-19 years $80,000-120,000
    Special agents and 20 plus years
  • 8. Advancement
    Special agents are eligible for salary increases
    Must show they are ready to do more work
    Show responsibility
  • 9. Job Satisfactions
    You make bank working as a FBI agent!
    You serve your country what more could you ask for.
  • 10. College Choice
    You want to choose a college that is known to have a strong criminal justice system.
    Agents must complete certain subjects to become part of the FBI.
    Need a bachelors degree
  • 11. Tuition costs
    Community college ranges from 2,500 each year
    Selective schools that are four year colleges cost about $7,000- 12,500 for in state
    Out of state ranges from $15,000-19,000
    Private schools range from $26,000- 29,000
  • 12. Benefits
    Paid holidays
    Medical insurance
    Retirement plans
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