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Vocabulary definitions

  1. 1. Vocabulary Definitions: Unit One Adage Bonanza Churlish Citadel Collaborate Decree Discordant Evolve Excerpt Grope Hover Jostle Laggard Plaudits Preclude Revert Rubble Servile Vigil Wrangle
  2. 2. Wrangle Definition: To quarrel or argue in a noisy, angry way; to obtain by argument; to herd; a noisy quarrel Sentence: The two wrestlers were wrangling for at least twenty minutes before a winner was found. Synonyms: Squabble Bicker Antonyms: Agree Concur Home
  3. 3. Vigil Definition: A watch, especially at night; any period of watchful attention Sentence: The guards at the tomb of the unknown soldiers always keep a constant vigil of the tombs. Synonyms: None Antonyms: None Home
  4. 4. Rubble Definition: Broken stone or bricks; ruins Sentence: After 9/11 there was rubble all over from the fallen buildings. Synonyms: Wreckage Debris Antonyms: None Home
  5. 5. Servile Definition: Of or relating to a slave; behaving like or suitable for a slave or a servant, menial; lacking spirit or independence, abjectly submissive Sentence: The butler at the mansion was acting very servile to everybody. Synonyms: Slavish Groveling Fawning Antonyms: Masterly Overbearing Home
  6. 6. Revert Definition: To return, go back Sentence: After getting out of jail the robber reverted right back to his old ways. Synonyms: Relapse Regress Antonyms: Progress Advance Home
  7. 7. Preclude Definition: To make impossible, prevent, shut out Sentence: The F on my report card precluded me from making it onto the honors roll this year. Synonyms: Hinder Check Stop Antonyms: Help Promote Facilitate Home
  8. 8. Plaudits Definition: Applause; enthusiastic praise or approval The soccer player received plaudits from the crowd when he scored a goal. Synonyms: Cheers Acclaim Antonyms: Boos Disapproval Ridicule Home
  9. 9. Laggard Definition: A person who moves slowly or falls behind; falling behind; slow to move, act, or respond • Sentence: We got tired of waiting for the laggards that are always way behind the rest of us so we left them. Synonyms: Slowpoke Straggler Sluggish Antonyms: Early bird Swift Speedy Prompt Home
  10. 10. Jostle Definition: To make or force one’s way by pushing or elbowing; to bump, shove, brush against, to compete for Sentence: The football player jostled for the ball after the fumble. Synonyms: Push Antonyms: None Home
  11. 11. Hover Definition: To float or hang suspended over; to move back and forth uncertainly over or around Sentence: The helicopter hovered over the ground above an accident. Synonyms: Linger Waver Seesaw Antonyms: Soar Home
  12. 12. Grope Definition: To feel about hesitantly with the hands; to search blindly and uncertainly Sentence: In the dark, when the power ran out I was groping around for the flashlight so I could see again. Synonyms: Fumble for Cast about for Antonyms: None Home
  13. 13. Excerpt Definition: A passage taken from a book, article etc. To take such a passage; to quote Sentence: I took an excerpt from a book to use in my book report. Synonyms: Portion Section Extract Antonyms: None Home
  14. 14. Evolve Definition: To develop gradually; to rise to a higher level Sentence: Many scientists think that monkeys evolved into humans over time. Synonyms: Unfold Emerge Antonyms: Wither Shrivel up Atrophy Home
  15. 15. Discordant Definition: Disagreeable in sound, jarring; lacking in harmony, conflicting Sentence: The singer sang all of her notes perfectly except for one discordant note. Synonyms: Grating Shrill Different Divergent Antonyms: Harmonious In agreement Home
  16. 16. Decree Definition: Noun: An order having the force of law Verb: to issue such an order; to command firmly or forcefully Sentence: The king sent a royal decree that nobody shall be allowed outside past dark. Synonyms: Proclamation Edict ProclaimAntonyms: None Home
  17. 17. Collaborate Definition: To work with, work together Sentence: For our group project we all had to collaborate together in order to get a good grade. Synonyms: Team up Join forces Antonyms: Work alone Home
  18. 18. Citadel Definition: A fortress that overlooks and protects a city; any strong or commanding place Sentence: When we were being attacked we all ran to the citadel for safety. Synonyms: Fort Stronghold Bulwark Bastion Antonyms: None Home
  19. 19. Churlish Definition: Lacking politeness or good manners; lacking sensitivity; difficult to work or deal with; rude Sentence: My employee was acting very churlish to the customers, so I fired him. Home Synonyms: Surly Ill- tempered Antonyms: Courteous Civil Well-mannered
  20. 20. Bonanza • Definition: A rich mass of ore in a mine; something very valuable, profitable, or rewarding; a source of wealth or prosperity; a very large amount; sudden profit or gain Sentence: I was digging in a mine when I found a bonanza of gold! Synonyms: windfall Antonyms: None Home
  21. 21. Adage Definition: A proverb, wise saying Sentence: There are many adages used every day to give advice to people. Synonyms: Maxim Saw Aphorism Antonyms: There are none Home