Sebastien Gourdon, Open Innovation Director, SpecialChem


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• How to Scout Novel Chemicals & Materials Technologies?
• How to Find Technologies Closer to commercialization?
• How To Incorporate these Technologies into your Product

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Sebastien Gourdon, Open Innovation Director, SpecialChem

  1. 1. 2012Sébastien GOURDONDirector, Open Innovation+33 172 763 Business-oriented Open Innovation specialized in Chemicals & Materials
  2. 2. SpecialChem accelerates Business and Technology Acting now as Open Innovation Intermediary Founded in 2000 HQs in Paris, France SpecialChem Locations in US / India / Japan accelerates Technology and Business >60 engineers (PhDs) & marketers Development Coming from the following companies in Chemicals and Materials
  3. 3. Open Innovation Definition  Open Innovation: Innovation efforts that leverage external resources to contribute to internal innovation initiatives Technology Scouting
  4. 4. World’s largest on-line network in Chems & Mats A network made of technical decision makers in corporations Network of associated Client base + personal network market & techno > 3,000 high level executives experts > 350 experts … … 527,408 profiled members in 4 main markets 3,000+ new registered Members per month 6 websites made out of technical content 4
  5. 5. Business-oriented + purely on Chems & Materials Providing Business Oriented Proposals  Specialized in Chemicals and Materials  Business Network  Closer to commercialization 5
  6. 6. Simple, cost effective, committment on results Providing Business Oriented Proposals  Technology Scouting and Out-licensing only  Really Global Network  Simple and Rapid: Connectivity  Extreme Care brought to RFP Framing  Aggressive on Pricing  Committing on Results 6
  7. 7. Example of the RFPs we deal with Requests For Proposals:  Scout of technologies for packaging: •  Seeking sustainable options for 3-ply retort pouch laminate applications •  Seeking cost effective sound abatement solutions for thin films  Scout of sustainable ingredients: •  Seeking renewable alternatives (from non-fossil-fuel sources) to liquid, semi solid or solid mineral oils (e.g. paraffin oil) for cosmetic formulations •  Seeking Bio-adhesive Agents for Oral Care •  Seeking Bio-adhesives Agents for Dentures •  Waste products that can be used as cosmetic ingredients  Scout of innovative technologies •  Seeking technology allowing color change of cleansing products •  Seeking novel ingredients for superior grease removal  Visit 7
  8. 8. Ex of a client looking for a ready-to-use technology Business Objectives Incompatible with Academia Networks  Background: •  Client is a leading brand owner •  Client has identified a growth opportunity in personal care if he could propose to consumers “free from mineral oil” products  Objective: •  Scouting a renewable (non-fossil-fuel-sourced) substitutes to replace mineral oils in cosmetic formulations •  Client wants to introduce the first products in the coming months.  Challenges: •  Client is working with thousands of chemists and has relationships with hundreds of innovative suppliers but: -  Suppliers are proposing lab-scale solutions, too far from the market -  Internal R&D (formulators) are expecting ‘’drop-in’’ and cost effective solutions with: o  Similar occlusive properties as mineral oil o  Similar organoleptic properties on the skin as mineral oil o  Similar skin hydration properties as mineral oil o  Similar viscosity data as mineral oil o  Similar melting points as mineral oil o  … 8
  9. 9. Example of Proposals 30 different industries showed interest!  Synthetic biological technology  Hydrogenated soybean oil  Biodegradable surfactant agents  Green derivatives  … 9
  10. 10. Results delivered by SpecialChem Business Proposals   RFP Published 6 weeks   A fast and streamlined process   +2,000 Readers   A unique access to the largest network in Chemicals and Materials   13 Business Proposals   A truly global network •  Canada / USA •  India / Korea •  Australia •  South Africa •  UK / Netherlands   Client in advanced   A business network, providing discussion mode and testing ready-to-use solutions with 7 of them 10
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention! Sébastien GOURDON Director, Open Innovation +33 172 763 927 11