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• Examining Web2.0 in the financial community – from global
trend to business enabler
• Bringing collaboration to the next level through knowledge
• Utilising social context and reputation as part of the new business
• Collaborative innovation crowdsourced: some concrete case
studies in the financial industry

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  • This is Innotribe space at Sibos.Means you cannot pretend you innovate If you don’t make a space for it. I’ve heard many times “we don’t have an innovation department, it is spread in each branch of the organization”. I don’t believe it works.The “space” has to “feel” different. Has to be welcoming, and warm. And agile. We transformed this space at Sibos dozens of time I a single week. It’s designed to be DIFFERENT
  • This is the Innotribe team.We do NOT come ourselves with ideas. But we all have something in common. We are all un happy.Relentlessly challenging the status quoi. Keep looking for “fights” within the company. Open. Each with strong personality. But united.And conscious we cant’ work in isolation.If you want innovation happening, make sure you DARE to hire people who are different from the talent you’re used to hire. Different talents.
  • If you were attending the session beside the Innotribe space on Thursday, I have to apologise.We had 100 people each one beating up a drum, to celebrate the innotribe week and jam together.I took this image for the “breaking the rules”. That was our opening plenary. Again, not the usual Sibos opening.“Break the rules” is not just a fancy thing to mark your difference. Is a state of your soul.
  • “Depth” is a tricky one.We are all swamped with information, that’s a fact.To really understand what are the trends that will disrupt your business, what you need to do is approach them from different angles.Concrete example: Mumbai, last year. All players of eco-system present. 2 days designed to work on a single purpose. And a deep pattern to actually force the outcome.Question: have you ever seen a speaker getting emotional in a banking conference? I happened this year. At Sibos.And it fit nicely as a transition to the next topic…
  • Possibly, the biggest achievement of Innotirbe.At Sibos, close to 100 people simply stick together for a week.Felt like family.Felt like we all wanted to change.Felt like we could achieve big things. Change.This is an example of our big data deep dive. Showing the complexity. (tell the story).People FELT the issue. And they worked together.
  • The direct consequence of depth and collaboration is a CONNECTED company.We are far from being one, but imagine what it could means if:Ressources could be flexible, and assigned to task with agilityManagers were leaders, and employees followersThis pictures illustrates two different networking exercises. Yet another different way to engage with your audience.In our corporate culture we talked about hierarchical companies not working effectively anymore.The provocative sentence was “who wants to be CEO of a bank today?” nobody!
  • How to innovate in a FNAO culture?You create a place that allows (fast) failure.This is the Alcatel Lucent story. (Tell about Laura the troublemaker)
  • Innovators are rebels.They’re not afraid to get fired.They don’t work for the money.They all feel to have a mission, not a job.They sometimes defend an idea against the whole company.
  • And what’s the result of all this?IDEAS.But an idea is the easy part.Shaping it, make it understandable, put resources around it, and constant monitoring, and objectively keep assessing whether directions are good is the difficult part.The Incubator in 2011 has worked/financed/delivered SIX projects, and few of them reached the acceleration phase.Ideas can come from different sources, Innotribe is focusing on community-driven ideas.You, community, are THE most powerful source of ideas we count on.Now, you have a place where ideas have a home.It’s called Innotribe.Thank you.
  • Matteo Rizzi – Innovation Manager – SWIFT

    1. 1. ”The most successful SWIFT brand launch, ever”(Lazaro Campos, SWIFT CEO) Matteo RIZZI @matteorizzi 1
    2. 2. In Three From scratch, in FNAO culture, 3 years ago. years, from scratch. Collaboration in the DNA • Innotribe Brand is born • First Innovation Challenge 2009 • Innotribe @ Sibos, 3 streams, 200 people • Megaphones - 3 innovation challenges • – 12 POCs – Design team • Innotribe @ Sibos, 6 streams, 1200 people 2010 • 12 events (internal and external) • Innotribe Incubator – 6 projects, 2 acceleration – Innotribe ENABLERS • Start-up challenge • Innotribe@Sibos, 8 streams, B4BW, 2000 people 2011 • 50 events, internal and external, First Innotribe conference in mumbai • 4 Start-up challenge - global • 3 Innotribe conferences • Acceleration fund 2012 • DavosLazaro Campos, CEO: “The most successful brand SWIFT ever launched” 2
    3. 3. the Innotribe recipethrough picked moments each representing a relentless effort to… 3
    4. 4. bring open and collaborative INNOVATION in our eco-system 4
    5. 5. the recipe starts with …. 5
    6. 6. space 6
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. people 8
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. break the rules 10
    11. 11. depth 12
    12. 12. collaboration 14
    13. 13. connected company 16
    14. 14. tools 18
    15. 15. The Big Picture POC Incubate Accelerate $ Funding 600 KEUR 12 POCs 3-5 MEUR 6-8 projects Ad-hoc Bus owners 2 Mgr Business Resourcing (part time) 12-16 rsrcs Organizational Dependencies Unit Incubator B.A.U. External Housing @ Gesa Shared B.A.U. Legal & Legal & Comms Comms Services Lab + SWIFT Hosting N/A Or external External GL, KP Enablers Ad-hoc Governance Advisers
    16. 16. Browse upto 4 tags... Results change dynamically
    17. 17. encouraging failure 21
    18. 18. CORPORATE CULTURELAURA’S STATS • Start-ups: 7 Failed 1 Success • Entrepreneurs Helped: 317 Rejected 15 Funded • Products: 12 Killed 4 Driving Revenue • Emails 2010: 19,493 Not Read 25,731 Read • Industries: 1 Transformed
    19. 19. rebels 23
    20. 20. ideas 25
    21. 21. Email: matteo.rizzi@swift.comTwitter @matteorizziBlog
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