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Media evaluation katie

  1. 1. Media EvaluationIn what ways does your Media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
  2. 2. • The forms and conventions of the opening of a film is to introduce the audience to thebeginning of the film using techniques that will make them want to watch the rest of thefilm. This is done making these conventions appeal to the target audience successfully.• The forms and conventions of the opening of a film are establishing the setting of where thefilm will take place, for the music to reflect the chosen genre, the titles to appear anddisappear effectively and for the main character to be introduced in an interesting way• The audience will expect the film opening to clearly show the genre through specific shotsand music used to convey some of the plot and links to what the rest of he film could be. Butit has to make the audience ask questions about the plot and interest them in the maincharacter. This will make the target audience want to watch the rest of the film which makesit a successful opening• I have looked and researched into a range of films including Dog Soldiers, Pride and Prejudiceand Alien to gain more knowledge of the forms and conventions to include in my filmopening. I looked into how the titles are presented on the screen, music and sounds used,editing techniques to ensure my film opening to ensure my film opening is successful• As my film opening is in the horror genre, the forms and conventions need to be able tomake the opening scary and horror like to the audience. This is achieved through the musicused, creative shots, and use of mise en scene. Also how the titles appear in an interestingand effective way.• I used these forms and conventions in my film opening to make it highly interesting andexciting to the audience. Through the use of scary music and different sounds, the big rangein shots and mise en scene all are combined to convey the horror genre.
  3. 3. What are theform/conventionUse,developorchallengeExplanation Evidence- screen grabIntroducingthe setting-the setting in a filmopening needs toaddress the settingimmediately so theaudience knows clearlywhere the film is setand maybe what will behappening in the rest ofthe filmI have introduced the setting clearly in the opening ofmy film. This is achieved as the opening shot is inside ahouse in the dining area. This panning shot shows themain character walking up the stairs showing this isinside a working class house. I have chosen this settingbecause houses is a typical feature in horror films andwill appeal to the target market of ages around 18-25.In a film opening we expect to see the setting beingestablished, characters introduced and someinformation about them, some knowledge of the plotand what it may include in the rest of the film, and theaspects of a horror film so including the typical formsand conventions of a horror film in able for the filmopening to appeal to the target audience.Introducingthe maincharacter- theprotagonist of the filmopening must attractand interest theaudience in order for itto be appealing to themThe main character is introduced from the first shot.This is a young girl who seems extremely shy and laidback in this house. Young children is a highly popularchoice in characterisation as I have looked at a rangeof horror movies who have done this. I carried out thisresearch to see how young children are portrayed inthe films of these genres. This is very scared andfrightened because their age create vulnerability anddefencelessness. This is also appealing to the audiencedue to the links to childhood shown in the openinge.g.. Toys and doll which could intimidate and makethe audience anxious and uneasy.
  4. 4. What arethe form/conventionUse,developorchallengeExplanation Evidence- screen grabTitles- thesemust be presented ininteresting waysthroughout the filmopening in order toattract the audiencesuccessfully. Theyhave also got to fit inwith the shots andmusic to make thismore appealingI looked at many horror films to see how the titlesappear and disappear of the screen. In my filmopening I chose to have the titles appear anddisappear slowly. This makes the titles of the filminteresting and exciting to the target audience. Thesetitles are clearly presented to show the attributors tothe film. This is also done by creating good timing sothey are shown for long enough for the audience tolook at them, and are shown on particular shots toadd interest to them and to give the opening more‘horror’ qualities. In my research I looked at manyfilms to help me consider what to put into my filmopening to meet the forms and conventions of ahorror film. I looked at how the titles appear anddisappear in a way that fits with the genre and makesit interesting to the audience. The range of films that Ilooked at used these conventions to create an excitingfilm opening and makes the audience want to watchthe rest of the filmMusic- a rangeof non-diagetic anddiagetic music andsound effects must beused to engage thetarget audience andmake this a successfulopeningThe music in my film opening highlights the horrorgenre well. I have used a range of sounds to go wellwith the shots chosen. The use of the slow chilling,mysterious non-diagetic music used intimidate andfrighten the audience . The diagetic sounds like thesewing machine , and rain and thunder outside startleand shock the audience highlighting the horror genreand making my film opening more interesting to thetarget audience.
  5. 5. How does your Media Product representparticular social groups?•My media product represents a particular social group considering age•My film opening represents age as the protagonist is a nine year old girl.This is presented in my film with a range of shots camera angles, creativemis-en-scene sound and edits contributing towards this.•I used a lot of high angle shots reflecting her vulnerability and point of viewshot from the doll showing her worried expressions.•The use of toys in the mise-en-scene demonstrates a childs innocence andharmlessness. Also the doll which you typically associate with a happychildhood is juxtaposed as something bad and frightening
  6. 6. What kind of media institution mightdistribute your media product andwhy?• I chose Warner Bros. as my distribution company• They have distributed films such as Sweeney Todd, Friday the 13thand Orphan• I carried out research into other horror films in order to find theright company• Warner Bros was founded in 1918 as Warner Bros. Studios andlater in 1923 as Warner Bros. Pictures . This is an Americanproduction and distribution company which has several subsidiarycompanies
  7. 7. • My film would attract young adults who likewatching horror movies• As the house the film opening is set in is workingclass, it may appeal to the working class to viewthis filmWho would be the audience for your mediaproduct?
  8. 8. How did you attract/address youraudience?• I have made my film opening appealing to thetarget audience by using the forms andconventions of a horror film• I have used an interesting range of shots toattract the audience and thought carefullyabout what to include in the mise-en-scene
  9. 9. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process ofconstructing this product?• I have used final cut express to make my film opening including capturing the film and usingtitling to add a range of interesting titles with effects. I altered the colour of these titles tored to fit in with the horror genre and varied the speed so they would slowly fade in and outin time with the shots and music. This was done using the opacity and motion tool. I did thisalso to reflect the theme making it more appealing to the audience• Also using final cut express, I altered the sound levels to make some music and sounds louderthan others for example the girl screaming and the thunder and rain sounds are louder toadd dramatic effect• I used Garage band to add different layers of music and sound effects. This enabled me touse these loops and to fit them in with the images effectively
  10. 10. Looking back at the preliminary task, what doyou feel you have learnt in the progression fromit to your final product• From carrying out the preliminary tasks I have learnt a lot in the progression from this to the full product• From doing the continuity sequence I have gained knowledge of the 180 degree rule and about shot-reverse-shot which gives the effect of a continuous edit• Since this exercise I have learnt more about camera angles and shots which is useful in my film opening,creating meaning using specific elements, and how music , sound and mise-en-scene can be used ininteresting ways to also add meaning and makes it appealing to the target audience