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Evaluation bernice Evaluation bernice Presentation Transcript

  • Media EvaluationBernice Kini
  • In what ways does your Mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia products?
  • Conventions and Forms• The key credits used in film openings are: Director, Producer, Production andDistribution Company, Actors Names etc.• In the film opening a key event will occur which engages the audience towatch more of the film.• Most likely in film openings, there is non diagetic sound, this is used becausethe audience are made to watch the action of the film. The audience do notpay much attention to the music they watch the action.• The purpose of a film opening is to show action and begin the viewers interestso they get immediately hooked into the film.• The film opening will also clearly state the genre of the film, you are also morelikely to notice the protagonist, antagonist, key characters, sidekick etc.• Most film openings last 2 minutes. However, major blockbusters last up to 5minutes long.• We establish the platform or setting of the film, knowing this allows theaudience to identify what kind of film it is.
  • What the Form/Convention UseDevelopChallengeExplanationIntroduce setting Develop Many films begin with a long shot of the settingbut I followed the idea of Alfred Hitchcock‘Psycho’. The camera moves in a tracking shotmovement into the window allowing theaudience to move along with the character.Introduce main character Challenge I wanted to use the narrative device of enigma,therefore in my film I have not shown thecharacters face but the setting allows theaudience to know the characters background.Titles Develop and Challenge The main titles used in many films include:Production and Distribution Company, Director,Producer and Actors names. I began my filmopening in a similar fashion.
  • What theForm/ConventionUse/Develop/ChallengeExplanationMusic Challenge My music is split into sections. The first section iscompassionate music reflecting on the suicide note.Whilst the girl is running, the music changes to amore upbeat and rhythmic to reflect on theprotagonist listening to this type of music whilstjogging. The last section is sympathetic andconsiderate. The changes of the music is not verytypical and I challenged the idea of a basic film.Narrative Challenge In my film opening, I use flashbacks. I decided to usethis technique to take the audience on a journey ofthe characters mind. To show the flashback I used afade to white. Film openings traditionally begin withthe introduction of characters and setting, but myfilm challenges this idea. My characters are notintroduced to the audience with close up shots butthe other shots emphasize the idea of the audiencefinding out more about the characters.
  • EvidenceThis is the shotof the girlrunning and wecan not see herface because Iwanted to createan enigma.These shots shows the camera moving into the house to see the character writing the note.
  • EvidenceThe screen grab is rather blurry toemphasise on the flashback, thecharacter thinking back to a time.The music dramatically changes to amore positive and cheerful music tochange the mood.Studio Canal is mydistributioncompany.Vertigo Films is myProduction company.
  • Analysis of Pride and PrejudiceWe also see the keyproductioncompanies.StudioCanal andUniversal PicturesThe title of the film appears as thesun appears. The font is dissimilarto the other titles because the titleof the films gives an insight of theplot.The film begins with anestablishing shot, theaudience notice wherethe film is set.The mainprotagonist isintroduced, wefamiliarise withthe character.The use of a prop the book allows the audienceto describe her as intellectual. This a form ofconventions because we are introduced to thecharacter.As she walks through we see more of thesetting of the film. The setting reflects onthe music as well being slow. The setting isbeing introduced in more depth.
  • Analysis of my Film OpeningThe first shot is anestablishing shot of thesetting and the distributioncompany appears.As the camera moves intothe window theproduction companyappears.The suicide note is being written with anover the shoulder shot. As the protagonistwrites him the title appears in colourtypewriter in bold, to emphasise on thetitle.The next titles are written in a similar form. The long shot creates a sense of tension to show someone iswatching the protagonist. We can not see the protagonist which highlights the idea of the audience notfamiliarising with the character. The producer is written in bold to show their importance.
  • The mise en scene of this shotis the pills on the floor which isthe denotation. But thedeeper meaning of the pills isthe protagonists killing herself.I used a close up shotbecause I wanted theaudience to feel anemotion towards thecharacter. I wanted them tofeel emotions because wedo not see the protagonistsface but the audiencequestion who she is andthe reasons behind thedeath.The clothes on the protagonist is notclearly seen. But the jeans andleggings highlight that the characteris young and we might say that thecharacter is a student because ofthe simple clothing.
  • Sound and Music• In Pride and Prejudice, the sound begins with birds tweeting even beforewe see anything on screen.• 20 seconds into the opening of the film, when the sun begins to rise thesong called "Dawn" by Dario Marianelli starts playing.• The title of the song is “Dawn” which means the first appearance of lightin the sky before sunrise. This idea is portrayed in the film opening we seelight before the sun begins to rise.• The title of the song applies to what the audience can see on the screen.
  • Sound and Music in my Film Opening• In my film opening, the music differs throughout the opening. There is aslow piano which introduces the audience to the setting of the house. Thispiano creates a sense of tension or nervousness as the camera zooms intothe window where the protagonist is writing the note.• Whilst the protagonist is writing the suicidal note the music used is called“emotional piano”, I decided to use this song because I intended on makingthe audience feel emotional towards the protagonist committing suicide.• I wanted to play with the audiences emotions. I did this by using a more aupbeat, rhythmic and jogging song when the protagonist is jogging. I chosethis specific song because it showed the music the protagonist was listeningtoo. The change of the music is very dramatic which creates a sense of reliefbut then the music changes to sadness.• When the protagonist commits the suicide the music then becomes morecompassionate and sympathetic. My film opening is a rollercoaster ofemotions, I planned this because that is how my target audience tend to feelon a daily basis.
  • Shots in Fast GirlsThis film is called ‘Fast Girls’ and toemphasise on the title, the pace of theshots are fast. The shots jump from one toanother, they are rapid and quick.The camera is the audiences eyes onfocusing on the different aspects ofthe protagonist. The shots are all veryclose up which allows the audience tofamiliarise with the character.The jumping of the shots allow theaudience to know about the athletics.The film begins with the beepingof the alarm clock and we thenhear the information on the radio.
  • Shots in my Film• The shots in my film opening are also varied. There are long shots, close-ups,tracking shots and zooming in and out.• The first shot is the camera moving into the window, I used this shot becauseit showed the audience getting an insight into the world of the protagonist.• I used an over the shoulder shot whilst the protagonist is writing the suicidalnote to show the audience looking carefully into the protagonists mind.• The long shot when the girl is running emphasises on the idea of someonewatching or stalking her. The idea of the setting being in the dark also adds tothe atmosphere of something dangerous is going to happen.• When the protagonist kills herself the camera is focusing on her hand andthe pills, the close up shot allows the audience to do this, their centre ofattention is on the pills. I deliberately did not want the audience to see theprotagonists face because I wanted them to be a closed off person, someonewho does not open up about their feelings.
  • TitlesThe title lasts for 3 seconds. The titleappears with numbers scrolling down thescreen like a timer. The setting in thebackground is significant because it reflectson the London Olympics.The titles lasts for 5 seconds. This title appearswith the sun rising and it is in the centre of thescene this is done because the audience focuseson the title only.The title lasts for 5 seconds. Thetitle fades in and fades out.The title lasts for 7 seconds. The titleenters with the lights flashing.The title lasts for 4seconds. The title comesinto sight in a magnifymoving closer into theaudience eyes.All these titles have one thing incommon, they are all appear in the first2 minutes of the film opening. Thisshows that when you make a filmopening the title should come alive inthe first 10 seconds.The length that the title stays on screendepends on the producer but the mainfilms stay for at least 5 seconds. The titlehas to be easy to read and visible.
  • Title of my Film Opening• My film is called “HIM”. My title appears as colour typewriter as the girlwrites HIM on the note.• The title lasts for five seconds. It disappears with a fade.Title of my filmAs the protagonist writes HIM the titleappears in bold.
  • Narrative Devices• The purpose of a flashback is that it bridges time, place and actionto reveal information about the character, or move the storyforward. My film opening uses this device because the protagonistsreflects back to a time which cannot be acted out.• Linear- (in sequential order e.g breakfast to dinner). Because I hadintended on playing with the audiences emotions, I did not wantmy film to be in an order like reality.• Non-Linear- (non sequential), My film opening uses this devicebecause it is more effective and engages the audience intowatching more of the film. I used the Non-Linear device toemphasise on the idea that my protagonists mind is all over theplace, she is not thinking straight.
  • How does your MediaProduct representparticular social groups?
  • Representation of Age• The age range of my film is aimed at 12 yearsand old. I think this would be the better agefor my opening because they are most likely torefer to the suicide situation.• Within the age range of 10 and 14, more andmore teenager girls are committing suicideand that is the target audience for my film.
  • Representation of Gender• In my film opening, suicide is the main topic I focus onhowever suicide is more common amongst males butmy film is aimed at females.• Although suicide may seem an extreme topic, manyyoung girls are being bullied, raped or abused and theyfind the best solution for all this to end is by endingtheir lives.• The representation may be negative because I amportraying males as sexual predators or those who hurtfemales. The females in my film opening may berepresented as being vulnerable and weak.
  • What kind of Media Institutionmight distribute your Mediaproduct and Why?
  • • A film distributor is a company orindividual responsible for themarketing of a film• I have chosen Studio Canal UK asmy distribution company.• Studio Canal UK (formerlyOptimum Releasing/HomeEntertainment/Classics) is a filmdistributor company working inthe UK and Ireland. The companyreleases many films, includingforeign language films.• Fast Girls is a British Drama filmdistributed by Studio Canal UK,the film follows the story of twofemale sprinters in becomingprofessional sprinters.• A production company is acompany responsible for thedevelopment and physicalproduction of new media,performing arts, film, radio or...• I have chosen Vertigo Films as myproduction company• Vertigo Films is a British filmproduction company based inLondon, England.• Streetdance is a British Dance filmproduced by Vertigo films, thestory follows a dance groupthrough the highs and lows.
  • Distribution Company• Films produced by Studio Canal UK have all been released in cinemas andDVD however they have not been released on Blue ray.• An art film (also known as art movie, specialty film, art house film), is theresult of filmmaking which is typically a serious, independent film aimedat a targetable and focused portion of a market rather than a mass marketaudience.• An Art Film is made for aesthetic reasons rather than profit and theycontain original symbolic content.• Fast Girls is an Art Film because their is a moral to the film which theaudience can take away for themselves.
  • Who would be the audience foryour Media Product?
  • Target Audience• My target audience will most likely be a British audience as people wholive elsewhere will not be able to relate to it as much. British drama isdifferent to other countries, situations and everyday scenarios differ fromcountry to country and British slang which reaches everyday.• Drama films usually appeal to both the young mature and older audience,of both gender.• I believe that my film can be targeted at both lower and higher audienceand it would appeal to people who have lost someone due to suicide andrelationships with the wrong people, I feel that the lower/middle classaudience will be able to relate to this.• These are all similar types of people who I plan to use in my short film andtherefore they are relatable which is the most important thing in films.
  • • The genre for my film is Drama. Drama film is a genre that relies on theemotional and relational development of realistic characters. Dramaticthemes are taken from intense, real life issues. Drama film aims to tell anhonest story of human struggles.• My film Opening also includes Tragedy. This is because the protagonist ormain character of my film has some tragic happen to them and this is anunhappy event.• The usual age group for people who watch drama films are 15- 45, thisshows that there is a big demographic audience which can be targeted,this could allow my film to be consumed by a wide audience. This is thetarget range that I am going to target, as they consume a large portion ofdrama films.• Drama narratives usually have both male and female lead characters,therefore it can appeal to both sexs.
  • How did you attract/address youraudience?
  • • To address my audience I created a questionnaire which allowed them togive their opinions on films when I collected the answers I came up with anevaluation.• I found out that children aged 16 and over prefer Dramas like Kidulthood andcomedies like The Inbetweeners Movie. This answer helped me think that Ishould keep my film within a target audience I am most familiar with.• One respondent quoted by saying “I enjoy watching Drama films becausethey are entertaining and emotionally stimulating. Unlike other genres that Iwatch, they captivate me and because they’re realistic most of the time, I canimagine myself in the movie”.• Those below 16 preferred fantasies such as Twilight because they are fake.• To attract my audience, I knew that I had to create a film opening which wascomical and dramatic.
  • Questionnaire• How old are you?10-12 13-15 16-18 19 and over• What film genre do you like the most?Drama/ Thriller/ Horror / Romantic/ Comedy• What 3 films do you like from the specificgenre you chose?
  • What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process ofconstructing this product?
  • Final Cut Express• I used Final Cut Express to edit and cut my footage.When I had completed my digital storyboard I knewwhat titles I wanted to include and how I wantedthem to enter and exit.This is a wireframe, the titlehad to fit inside the box sothat the title would appearin the shot.We can see herethat the title is inthe middle of theshot.
  • GaragebandThe "Loop Browser"allows you to filterloops based on avariety ofcharacteristics, suchas scale, instrument,mood, genre, andtone.
  • • I also used Garageband to decide on thespecific music that I wanted to use. The musicthat I chose had to match with the images andI listened to all the music on Garageband anddecide which sound fitted with which scene.This is the music that Ichose, it is a piano which iscompassionate and soft.These points show that I had the beginningmusic volume slowed down as the second songhad begun.
  • Directors Commentary• I followed the idea of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’, by having the camera move intothe window which allowed the audience to move into the characters mind/world• The over the shoulder shot was used to permit the audience to clearly see thesuicide not being written.• The title of my film is HIM and this appears as the protagonist writes the word. Idecided to make it slanted because it shows the protagonists mind is all over theplace.• The dip to white emphasises on the idea of a flashback.• The non diagetic music is now more upbeat to reflect on the music the protagonistis listening too.• The titles appear in the centre of the shots because I wanted the audience to seethem clearly and I made sure that they fitted in the wireframe.• The director and producer title are written in a bold font because they are moreimportant.• I used a slow motion when the protagonist is committing suicide to make the shotmore serious and to allow the audience to feel more emotions towards theprotagonist
  • What do you feel you have learntin the progression from it to thefull product?
  • • Throughout the previous Media lessons, I have learnt many thingssuch as editing, cutting, the 180 degree rule and how to put acamera together.• I learnt how to put a camera together with the help of theContinuity Exercise. We had to plan the shots which we wanted touse, the use of planning helped me to be more organised when itcame to my film opening.• During this exercise I also learnt how to use the 180 degree ruleby filming in a straight line, by having the camera on one side andthe actors on the other there was a straight line in the middle. Ialso tried to use this rule in my film opening.
  • • Whilst making and shooting my film opening, I tried to usemany of the skills I had learnt over the pervious lessons in myfilm opening.• I also completed a plan of the various shots that I would usebeing organised in this fashion helped me to be able to knowhow much work I was doing.• The skills that I Iearnt from the Continuity Editing allowed meto do the same for my film opening. I tried to use the 180degree rule.• The software that we used to edit and cut our film openingshelped me to make my film look more professional and skilled.