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Elise evaluation

  2. 2. WHAT THE FORM/CONVENTION IS.. EXPLANATION.. EVIDENCE..Introduction to the main character UIn this mid shot, you see the main protagonist fully forthe first time. I used the rule of third, I thought it wouldmake the shot look more interesting and draw theaudiences attention to the main protagonist.Mood DThe mood of my film opening is scary and mysterious.The film opening would straight away put the audienceon edge, wondering what’s going to happen next. Ithink that the mood does develop as the scene goes onas more tension builds up.Establishing The Setting UFor example, I have an establishing shot of the house.Its dark outside with little lighting, this automaticallyput the audience on edge with a feeling of beingunsafe.Music DThe music fits in with my thriller genre as the sound ofthe piece is dark and mysterious. It makes the audiencefeel uneasy, leaving them knowing something is goingto go wrong. Viewers can automatically tell that theopening of this film will be a scary film. For my filmopening I got my music piece off of a non copyrightwebsite called LGFL audio network. My music is verytypical of my genre as its quite mysterious and scary.Use Of Titles UThe use of titles within my film opening constantly arefading in and our at relevant points within the filmopening. The fade in and out could also represent thegenre as it can come across creepy.In what ways does your Media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of the real media product?
  3. 3. How Does Your Media Product Represent Particular Social Group?The main protagonist is a youngattractive woman. She’s dressedquite glamorous so this may attractthe young adult audiences.She lives in a house by herself, tellingthe audience she’s working, and notstaying at home with her parents.You can tell by the surroundings that she is a middle classwoman. This may make her more of a target to become avictim. The middle class connotation is clearly shownthrough Mise En Scene. For example, the table with thefruit and the big kitchen looks very middle class.An attractive woman is normally atarget in any typical horror/thrillermovie. This represents my genre.Carol Clover wrote a book called ‘Men,Woman and Chainsaws’ in which took thenegative the portrayal of women as victimsand saw a positive aspect as at the end, thesingle female is often the survivor (i.e. FinalGirl Theory)When I was thinking of the storyline for my film, I would wantmy female character to survive at the end of the movie.I think that my film opening wouldattract teenagers and young adults.
  4. 4. What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product AndWhy?River Road Entertainment is a very popular well know distribution company, which was founded by Mr. Pohlad in1987. He wrote, directed, and co-produced his first feature film, Old Explorers which was then followed up withnumerous commercial, corporate, and documentary film and video projects. Hammer Films is a UK film productioncompany. Founded in 1934, Hammer Films is best known for the amount of ‘Hammer Horrors” they bring out.Hammer also produces other genres for example science fiction and thrillers within later years. During Hammer’smost successful time period, they dominated the horror film market, distributing different horror films world wide.This success was partly due to the partnership made with major US studios, such as Warner Bros.I chose to use River Road Entertainment as it’s a well know distribution company with many successful pieces. Ichose to use Hammer Film Productions as I was making a Horror film, I thought that this production company wasbest suited for my film.
  5. 5. Who Would Be The Audience For Your Media Product?The audience I would want my film to appeal to is teenagers and anybody olderof both male and female. My film is a thriller so I feel that anybody watchingunder that age of 15 years old would be unsuitable as it may be too scary.I think my film would be watched by students the most as I think that the ‘thrill’of watching a scary movie would appeal to them. I don’t think that very elderlypeople would enjoy watching this type of movie as it would make any viewerconstantly on edge throughout the whole movie.When I showed and asked people what they thought of my film opening, thegeneral feedback I gathered back was that they could see straight away whattype of film genre it would be. They said that this was due to the type of musicas it very tense and the setting also showed that the film may be a horror or athriller as the setting is very dark and quiet.
  6. 6. How Did Your Attract/Address Your Audience?Within my film opening, I only used one character. Thecharacter shown in the film opening is a young woman,mid 20’s. She comes across as very attractive andglamorous.This may attract my target audience (mainlyteenagers/young adults) as they might feel as thoughthey can relate to the main protagonist within the film.The young woman looks like she’s feeling veryvulnerable and scared as any woman would on theirown in this situation. This would also help attractviewers and audiences as it’s a scenario that couldhappen to anybody.The expectation of the film due to the genre is also a major factor of how my audiences are attracted andaddressed. The music plays a big part in the identification of my genre as by hearing the music you can tellthat the film is going to be scary as the music builds tension between the viewers and the screen.The setting of my film is in a house, the house seems to look like a nice, calm house but because we knowthat somebody has been in the house, this make the audience unsettled. I set the scene in a house as this isa place everyone can relate to, the comfort of your own home.
  7. 7. What Have You Learnt About Technologies Form The Process Of ConstructingThis Product?Whilst producing my film opening, I learnt many new skills aboutdifferent technologies in order to construct a film opening piece.The programme I used throughout the making of my film openingwas Final Cut Express. This programme allowed me to putdifferent shots together and add music and a title sequence etc.I was also able to take a piece of non copyright music off of awebsite on the internet called LGFL Audio Network and embed itinto my film opening. I was also able to turn the music volumehigher and lower at different points within the scene. For examplewhen there was dialogue I turned the music down so the mainprotagonist could be heard clearly and once she stopped talking Iturned the music volume up higher, to bring back a sense oftension again.Whilst adding in titles to my film, I used the wire frame on FinalCut Express to make sure that the text would be seen on thescreen and also the colour of the text may be affected by thecolour of the background. Foe example, my text was white so Ineeded to be careful about where on the screen I was placing thetext incase the text was over powered by the background.
  8. 8. Looking Back At The Preliminary Task, What Do You Feel You Have Learnt InThe Progression Form It To The Full Product?Through out the task, I was constantly learning new techniques.For example, camera shots, editing, planning etc. Looking back atother tasks I did like my continuity exercise, I found that planningwas very important as it makes your work more structured andorganized. If your work is planned, it makes it easier to be able togo back and re-shoot something where as if its not it’ll be more ofa struggle.Whilst making my film opening I used lots of different skills when itcame to editing my footage. The equipment and software, I wasusing allowed me to create a film of a high quality standard. Whilstshooting my film I learnt the 180 degree rule. This rule is put inplace as when your filming, you need to create a line as to whereyou would not film from, like a half way point. One side used forthe filming and another used for the acting. Therefore all myfilming was done from one side of this line.I found that when shooting the shots, you should always leave afew seconds at both the start and end of the shot as when youcome to edit it all together, you have space to cut it down etc.incase the shot jumps form one to the other. Also you need tomake sure you keep the camera in the same position at all timesotherwise its noticeable when you come to editing your film.