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Free and easy mobile apps for smart phones, tablets and pcs. QR codes for marketing programs, credit card processing--fast and low transaction costs, expense and mileage tracking, shared screen meetings with voice and chat, delegation and scheduling apps and finally three "just for fun" apps for meals, dates, and negative feedback. Presented by Chrystal Irons and Kathry Macomber, Business Development Specialists with the University of Missouri Extension #nexc2012 #680

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  1. 1. “Working Smart/Teaching Smart with Smart Phones” Presented by Chrystal Irons & Kathryn Macomber Business Development Specialists2012 National Conference
  2. 2. Mobile Apps Agenda Marketing workshops with fun technology Payments on the go Track expenses Record mileage Hands-free SMS & email Virtual meeting places Manage to-do lists & delegate Fun apps for busy professionals
  3. 3. Using Mobile Apps to Work Smarter Not Harder… GPS/Mapping Types of Apps Social Media Document 23% Management 49%20%22% Travel/Expense 26% Tracking 26% Credit Card Payments Time Management
  4. 4. QR Code Frenzy Fun and easy to use for many applications Many QR code generators are free:  Kaywa,, Microsoft Tag Most QR Code Reader Apps are free Track and analyze traffic from the codeHip new tool gives customers information drivetraffic to your website and potentially engage a whole new audience
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Intuit Go Payment Accept credit cards anywhere GoPayment app & mobile card reader free Syncs with QuickBooks software Pay as you go, no contract Competitive rates Customize electronic receipts
  7. 7. ExpensifyMobile app for tracking expenses Scanning receipts Pull expenses from  Credit cards  Bank cards Exportable reports
  8. 8. Webinars
  9. 9. MileBug Record mileage  Use your phone’s GPS Record parking and tolls Exportable reports
  10. 10. /
  11. 11. Export to CSV or HTMLMileBug Trip Report (8/28/12 -9/27/12)Summary Deduction ExpenseBusiness Rate Vehicle Miles Miles s Total BusinessCerner-NPL (0.525) Vibe 62 $32.55 $0.00 $32.55 Total: 62 $32.55 $0.00 $32.55 Grand Total: 62 $32.55 $0.00 $32.55Details Odometer Deduction End Date/Ti DestinatiStart Date/Time me Business Origin on Purpose Vehicle Start End Miles Miles Expenses Total Type Notes9/26/12, 12:20 9/26/12, Cerner- Wolf NevadaPM 3:20 PM NPL center pub lib Meeting Vibe 51200 51262 62 $32.55 $0.00 $32.55 B
  12. 12. Dictation Dragon…hands free! Voice-to-text Tap a button, speak a message & send via  E-mail  SMS  Facebook  Twitter Opt-in ability to take names and email addresses from your contacts
  13. 13. Online meeting place View someone else’s computer screen Share ideas and collaborate in real time Call via phone or use chat features Several members can join
  14. 14.  To-do lists  Work  Shopping  Home Syncs with phone, calendar and tablets Collaborate on projects Divide up tasks and delegate
  15. 15. Just for Fun! Dinner Spinner Decide Now Tazer Lite
  16. 16. What to do? Decide Now!
  17. 17. Tazer Lite
  18. 18. ResourcesKaywa – create QR Codes QRme – QR Code reader Intuit Go Payment MileBug
  19. 19. Dictation Dragon All Recipes Tazer Lite Decide Now!
  20. 20. Thank You! Contact Information: Chrystal Irons Kathy Macomber macomberk@missouri.eduUniversity of Missouri ExtensionBusiness Development Specialists