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Moxie Marketing Campaign Mkt 456

  1. 1. Julia Anderson<br />Kate Dianora<br />Nikki Staszak<br />Emily Tod<br />Table of Contents<br />Situation Analysis__________________________________________________________________4<br />Client History_______________________________________________________________________________4<br />Target Market Assessment________________________________________________________________4<br />Competitive Assessment___________________________________________________________________5<br />Objectives___________________________________________________________________________________6<br />Positioning Strategy________________________________________________________________________6<br />Evaluative Procedure______________________________________________________________________6<br />Media Strategy______________________________________________________________________8<br />Budget_______________________________________________________________________________________8<br />Cost Per Thousand________________________________________________________________________11<br />Flighting Schedule________________________________________________________________________11<br />Media Choice Rationales__________________________________________________________________12<br />Promotions and Media__________________________________________________________15<br />Recommendations_______________________________________________________________24<br />Conclusion_________________________________________________________________________24<br />Appendix___________________________________________________________________________25<br />Primary Research Survey________________________________________________________________25<br />Primary Research Survey Results Summary____________________________________________29<br />Situation Analysis________________________________________<br />Client History<br />The Moxie Cinema was founded in 2005 by Dan and Nicole Chilton. The Moxie is located in downtown Springfield off of Jefferson facing Perishing Street. This is Springfield’s first and only community theater that recently became a nonprofit organization. The Moxie is known for showing independent or foreign films at much lower prices than regular movie theaters. The prices for adults are $8.00 standard admission, $7.00 students/ seniors, and $6.00 for matinees (shows before 5) and there are group rates too.<br />There are three theaters in the Moxie and they have a Cinebar, where they offer candy, popcorn (with various flavors), wine, and beer (with 10 flavors all brewed in Missouri). Typically, there are 3-4 movies that rotate every week to two weeks that play at the Moxie. Besides being the only independent, nonprofit, community theater in Springfield, the Moxie also has something called the Mobile Moxie. Basically, this is where the Moxie would bring a film in hand to other locations, and show it there. For example, they did a showing at a firehouse in Springfield, and played an old “talkie” film, where they had someone play the ragtime music on the piano while watching the movie. Other events they have had in the past include the Little Film Festival (SATO 48), where local Springfield film makers make short films in a contest for the Moxie.<br />The membership program the Moxie offers is most unique. When a person becomes a member of the Moxie, he or she receives discounts on movie tickets and discounts/ free movie snacks. The membership is tax deductible since the Moxie is a nonprofit organization. Diehard fans of the independent movies and the Moxie are the people who become members of it. <br />Overall, the Moxie movie theater offers a unique, vintage, independent movie experience. There is nothing in Springfield like the Moxie, which is why our client has requested this campaign so we can get the word out about this movie going experience. <br />Target Market Assessment<br />For the Moxie cinema, the primary target we have found is middle aged professionals in the Springfield area. These people are between the ages of 30 and 50. This group is highly educated, almost all having college degrees. They are a wide range of the middle class with incomes starting at $25,000. Most of these people will live on the “south side” of town in the area codes 65804, 65809, and 65810. Favorite activities of this group include going to movies, eating out at restaurants, going shopping, and entertaining friends and family at home. Being community minded and having the money to contribute to the Moxie is the central reason this group is our primary target market. They enjoy seeing their community thrive by supporting the businesses and organizations that make it unique. <br />A secondary target market we have found is the “hard-core cinema buffs.” These people enjoy seeing movies before they become main stream or nominated for Oscars. They go to the cinema because they love all types of movies, not because they want the social experience or heard it was going to be a blockbuster hit. This group truly appreciates the art of making film. <br />College students is our last secondary target market. We consider this a target market because the Moxie is relatively close to campus and students often go downtown for entertainment. The most popular bars and hot spots for college age students in Springfield are downtown. Therefore, we think they would enjoy going to a movie theater that is close to the rest of their favorite spots. Also, college students may be more open to seeing films that are not main stream. <br />Competitive Assessment<br />Like with any business, the Moxie Cinema has multiple primary and secondary sources of competition. The reason people go to the Moxie is for entertainment, so their competition comes from similar ways to get entertainment. The Moxie has no primary direct competition because there are no theaters that offer the same types of movies that are shown at the Moxie. Their primary indirect competition comes from home entertainment and from other movie theaters in Springfield. Lastly, their secondary competition comes from plays and concerts.<br />Primary Indirect Competition<br />Home entertainment is becoming one of the most convenient, and practical places to watch movies. Netflix offers thousands of movie choices that can be watched from the comfort of your own home as well as Blockbuster Video. Movies On Demand and Pay Per View with Direct TV offer fewer movie choices, but still have many to choose from on your home television. The movies that are offered at home, however, are not the same as are offered at The Moxie.<br />Movie theaters have always been a main source of community entertainment. These do not directly compete with The Moxie because theaters play mainstream movies. Some movie theaters that compete in the area are The Palace Theater, Campbell 16, and Hollywood Theater.<br /> <br />Secondary Competition<br />Local theater and concerts are another form of local entertainment that competes with the Moxie business. Since there are no movies played during these events, it does not directly compete with the Moxie. However, it is still another way to receive entertainment.<br /> <br />Objectives<br />There are three main objectives this campaign plans to accomplish:<br /><ul><li>To expand the viewing audience of the Moxie by 30%.
  2. 2. Encourage 15% of the audience to become a Moxie Member.
  3. 3. Gain 20% patrons of the Moxie to attend special events. </li></ul>Positioning Strategy<br />The Moxie should be perceived as a sophisticated upgrade to the usual movie theater experience. It should not be seen as the usual theater where people go to see main stream movies, but a place that offers a unique environment which supports independent films. The Moxie is a place where Springfield residents can go to culturally enrich their lives through film. <br />Evaluative Procedure<br />Measurement<br />We plan to measure the effectiveness of our campaign in several ways. First, we will provide the attached survey and encourage visitors of the Moxie to fill it out. We will also measure the attendance of our planned events, the increase of ticket sales, and the increase in memberships. Other ways to measure exposure include counting the number of hits on the website, an increase in the number of followers on twitter, and an increase of fans on Facebook. We can also view comments and measuring the increase of comments and movie reviews on both the web site and Facebook.<br /><ul><li>Primary Research Survey Located in the Appendix</li></ul>Research Quality and Assessment <br />Research used for this campaign came from both primary and secondary resources. The primary source of information used came from a face-to-face information session with the current Moxie owner. He provided us with the background information we needed in order to execute an effective campaign. As a part of our information collecting efforts, we visited the Moxie for a showing of It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Our visit provided us with a feel for what the Moxie is about, as well as showed us what improvements can be made to bring the theater to the top of mind. We also used information collected for the class from a survey that was given to determine how the Moxie is currently perceived.<br />Media Strategy____________________________________________<br />Budget<br />Our budget for the Moxie media campaign is about $17,540. We anticipate, though, with the Moxie being a nonprofit organization, they may receive a discount or free advertising in some forms of media, such as radio, for example. The budget will be between about $12,000 to about $17,540. <br /> <br />Moxie Media BudgetCostOnline MediaWebsite Renovation $2,500.00Banner Advertisements (10,000 impressions per month, $150 per month, 12 months)$1,800.00E-Blasts$0.00Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)$0.00Total Online Media $4,300Offline MediaFlyers- Handed Out during all the Art walks (6000 Flyers, 8.5 by 11)$327.60417 Magazine Print Advertisement (3 ads, 1/2 page)$5,214.00KSMU Radio Advertisement- 36 Ads ($15 per 30 seconds, M-F 6-10AM)$540.00KTTS Radio Advertisement 24 Ads. ($74 per 30 seconds, M-F 6-10AM)$1,776.00KGBX Radio Advertisement 24 Ads. ($40 per 30 seconds, M-F 3-7PM)$960.00Bus Bench (12 Months)$740.00Moxie Membership Bulletin Board$35.00Moxie Marquee Outside$468.00Total Offline Media$10,060.60Event PromotionsFlyers- Throw Back Sunday's (2000 Flyers, 8.5 by 11)$159.60Flyers- Hang Over Saturdays (2000 Flyers 8.5 by 11)$159.60Hangover Saturday Buzz Marketing Toilet$500.00Moxie Hang Over Saturday Waffle Maker $60.00Moxie Hang Over Saturday Waffle Mix, Toppings (2 Weeks Per Month, 11 Months, 22 Times Per Year)$1,500.00Moxie Hang Over Saturday Custom Promotional Mugs (144, $5.29 each)$800.00Total Promotions $2,679.20Total Budget$17,539.80<br />Cost Per Thousand<br />Website Renovation$2.50 per thousandBanner Advertisements$1.80 per thousandE-Blasts$0.00 per thousandSocial Media$0.00 per thousandFlyers (Moxie Promotion Only)$0.33 per thousand417 Print Advertisement$5.21 per thousandKSMU Radio Ad$0.54 per thousandKTTS Radio Ad$1.78 per thousandKGBX Radio Ad$0.96 per thousandBus Bench$0.74 per thousandMoxie Membership Bulletin$0.04 per thousandMoxie Marquee$0.47 per thousandThrow Back Sunday Flyers$0.16 per thousandHangover Saturday Flyers$0.16 per thousandHangover Saturday Buzz Marketing Toilet$0.50 per thousandHangover Saturday Promotional Mugs$0.80 per thousand<br />Flighting Schedule for Moxie Campaign<br />The campaign for the Moxie will run from January 2011- December of 2011.<br />MediaJanFebMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugSeptOct NovDecWebsite RenovationBanner AdvertisementsE-BlastsSocial MediaFlyers (Just Moxie)417 Mag. Print AdsKSMU Radio AdsKTTS Radio AdsKGBX Radio AdsBus BenchMoxie MarqueeFlyers- Throw Back SundayFlyers Hangover SaturdayHangover Saturday Toilet<br />Media Choice Rationales<br />Website Renovation<br />We feel there should be a significant renovation to the website, because there are so many items on there left from the old owners of the Moxie. The website needs to be renovated so it is more user friendly, and a tab about membership and benefits should be added as well.<br />Banner Advertisement<br />We will be putting a banner ad on,, and  These websites are the most viewed websites in Springfield with information about what is happening in the area.  The banner ad will be another way to get patrons to the Moxie<br />E-Blast <br />E-blasts are a great way to reach a large amount of people with the newest information, especially when the Moxie already has such large number of subscribers to its e-mail newsletters. The Moxie currently has 2,700 online subscribers. E-blasts put information directly in people’s inboxes. Many check their e-mail at least once a day. The e-blasts connect customer’s straight to websites and other sources or information such as Twitter and Facebook. Unless subscribers have stopped using their listed email account, the Moxie is almost guaranteed to reach 2,700 people with their message. The best part about sending out e-blasts is the cost efficiency. Sending out newsletters through the internet can virtually have no cost for a company. We have used the newsletter to talk of the new events the Moxie offers, including Hangover Saturdays and Throwback Sundays. We have also added information on becoming a Moxie member to spread the word on supporting the community theater.<br />Social Media<br />We feel the Moxie needs to continue with their social media strategy. They have a very strong Facebook presence with regular updates. They also have a blog they update. Something they can begin to utilize a bit more though is Twitter and possibly beginning the use of Four Square. Social Media is free, so it is highly recommended to take advantage of this opportunity. <br />Flyers<br />We will be creating flyers to hang in local businesses in the downtown area and the “south side” of Springfield. Also, flyers will be handed out during Art Walks and other events that take place. Aside from adding awareness, it will allow an unaware audience to learn about what the Moxie offers.  Since the Moxie is located in downtown Springfield, it is important to capture an audience who is already in the area often.<br />417 Print Advertisement<br />417 Magazine is a periodical that is read by much of our target demographic. 417 Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for Springfield adults and is used as a reference for entertainment options in the Springfield area. 417 focuses mostly on the downtown area and is perfect for capturing those individuals interested in revitalizing the downtown area. <br />Radio<br />We will be creating a radio advertisement to be played on KGBX, KSMU, and KTTS.  These radio stations will allow us to capture the attention of our primary target market.  These stations play mainly soft rock around the Springfield, Nixa, and Ozark areas and are mostly listened to be men and women from ages 30-50.  These listeners tend to also be professionals and are in the middle to upper class.  A 30 second radio advertisement is a very inexpensive was to get a wide spread message to large portion of our primary target market.<br />Bus Bench<br />A bus bench is a great nontraditional form of advertising the Moxie could use. It is inexpensive, and can be seen by anyone, even if they are not riding the bus. Overall, the bus bench is a great form of advertising, especially if located downtown close to the Moxie.<br />Moxie Marquee<br />The Moxie may not be like other movie theaters in town; however, it may be lacking an important feature that other movie theaters possess. We suggest adding a marquee sign in the front window of the Moxie so that people passing by can see what is playing. At first glance, some may not even realize that the Moxie is a movie theater. A marquee sign would allow people to recognize the Moxie as a cinema and encourage viewing. Custom marquee signs are available on Ebay, at fairly low prices. <br />Moxie Membership Bulletin Board<br />The Moxie Membership Bulletin Board provides a way of promoting the Moxie Memberships to patrons. This board would have the different membership levels and costs of those memberships as well as the benefits, such as tax deductions or discounts on movie tickets. There could be something on the board such as a photo of “Moxie member of the month.” Overall, the Moxie needs this to say they have a membership program while patrons are at the Moxie.<br />Promotional Events<br />Throw Back Sundays<br />Throwback Sundays will be an excellent way to get people in the Moxie’s seats. Classic 80s movies are near and dear to many people’s hearts. Younger generations enjoy watching old movies, and older generations get to think back to their high school and college years when these movies were just being released. Movies for Throwback Sundays can include Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and ET. Throwback Sundays will be held on the second and fourth Sunday of each month starting in 2011. <br />Hangover Saturdays<br />Hangover Saturdays will take place the first and third Saturdays of each month.  Genres wil switch between classic comedy and action movies every other Hangover Saturday.  At these events, we will also serve coffee, waffles, Mimosas, and Bloody Mary’s- along with normal refreshments.<br />Hangover Saturday Toilet<br />As a buzz marketing tactic, we will be setting a toilet on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in popular areas around downtown. Each week, the toilet will be set in a different location. The toilet will hopefully strike curiosity in those who are out and about on the weekends. Our idea is the people around downtown will relate to the “hangover” in Hangover Saturdays and will have an interest in the events. An advertisement will be placed on the top of the lid to inform passerbies of the Moxie’s information. <br />Throw Back Sunday Flyer<br />A flyer to promote the Throwback Sunday events will be distributed throughout Springfield reach our primary target market of older professionals. The flyers will be placed in businesses downtown and on the south side of town such as Piano Bar, Bugsy Malone’s , Harter’s House, and Parlor 88. Flyers will also be handed out at ArtWalk to reach the “artsy” types and those who support local businesses in the community. The flyer is supposed to remind viewers of classic 80s trends and get them in the mood to watch those great movies.<br />Hangover Saturday Flyer<br />We will be promoting our Hangover Saturdays through flyers. These flyers will be handed out at downtown events and put in businesses in the downtown area along with businesses on the south side of Springfield.  For this specific flyer, we will be posting them on the back of bathroom stalls in bars and restaurants downtown.  This will be appealing to our younger market that will be at the bars and may find the ad interesting.<br />Moxie Hangover Saturday Promotional Mugs<br />The promotional mugs are a fun advertisement, even to people who aren’t drinking the coffee. It can be used as a giveaway on Hangover Saturdays to encourage the moviegoers to purchase a coffee beverage with the additional “Moxie Mug.” It’s just a fun way to promote the event and the Moxie. Also, it has the potential to be purchased and the next time the customer is there with the coffee mug, they can receive a discount on their beverage. <br />Promotions and Media___________________________________<br />Banner Advertisement<br />E-Blast<br />Flyer Promoting Moxie<br />417 Magazine Print Advertisement<br />Radio Advertisement<br />Background<br />(Lots of noise, phones, talking, ”Oh my gosh”, VAMPIRES) <br />ANNCR:<br />At the Moxie I can get away from the obsessive teens and unwanted distractions.  I’m able to see movies the way they are supposed to be seen- in an intimate, old fashioned setting.. The Moxie offers unique independent films that get me away from the mainstream. Come to the Moxie and experience a true community theater.<br />Bus Bench<br />Flyer Throw Back Sunday<br />Flyer Hangover Saturday<br />Moxie Buzz Marketing Toilet<br />Moxie Hangover Saturday Promotional Mugs<br />Recommendations_______________________________________<br />We have a number of suggestions along with the campaign we feel could benefit The Moxie.<br />First of all, there should be a bigger signup at the counter for the newsletter. We noticed there is one on the website, but when we were doing primary research by attending a film at the Moxie, the signup was just a small notebook. <br />A second recommendation for the Moxie is having some co-marketing with businesses downtown in Springfield. We know the Moxie has done events like that before, but we propose doing something with The Cup since they opened in the last couple of months. The Cup could offer a $1 off cupcake with the purchase of a Moxie ticket and in exchange, the Moxie could offer them a reduced rate or free advertising before the movies begin playing.<br />Speaking of advertising before the movies, we noticed when we attended a showing there were no commercials or advertisements playing prior to the movie. As a way to involve the community, in the event no advertising for that night is reserved, we recommend having local amateur film makers create short films prior to the movie screenings.<br />Another suggestion we have for the Moxie is to create a Mobile Moxie bulletin board showing what the Mobile Moxie is and events they have put on. It is all about drawing awareness to this service the Moxie offers.<br />A final suggestion we offer the Moxie is another idea for an event. Around the December months, instead of the Hangover Saturday and Throw Back Sunday events, we recommend the Moxie take advantage of the season, and show classic holiday movies.<br />Conclusion_________________________________________________<br /> The Moxie Cinema offers a great service and unique atmosphere. This campaign can increase awareness and expand the audience by 30%. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Arch Advertising at 314-348-7281.<br />Appendix___________________________________________________<br />Primary Research Survey<br />We are a Missouri State Advanced Advertising class working on a project to help better understand the Moxie. This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. All information given will be anonymous (unless you provide an email at the end of the survey in order to be considered for the Moxie drawing) and only reported in aggregate. <br />What is your age range? <br />Below 18 <br />18-24 <br />25-34 <br />35-49 <br />50-64 <br />65 or over <br />2. What is your highest level of education?<br />Some high school <br />Completed high school <br />Some college <br />Bachelor's degree <br />Graduate/Professional degree<br />3. How would you classify your household income range? <br />Below $25,000 <br />$25,000 - $49,999 <br />$50,000 - $74,999 <br />$75,000 - $99,999 <br />$100,000 plus<br />4. What is your gender? <br /> Male <br />Female<br />The Moxie <br />5. On average how often do you attend a movie at the Moxie? <br />More than once a week <br />Once per week <br />Once every other week<br />Once per month <br />Once every two or three months <br />Once a year <br />I have never attended a movie at the Moxie <br />6. On average how often do you attend a movie at theaters other than the Moxie? <br />More than once a week <br />Once per week <br />Once every other week <br />Once per month <br />Once every two or three months <br />Once a year<br /> I never attend movies at places other than the Moxie <br />I generally don't attend movies at theaters<br />7. How did you originally find out about the Moxie? <br />Heard about it through a friend/acquaintance <br />Saw it when I was downtown <br />Found it via the website <br />Found it through Facebook or Twitter <br />Learned about it through a news story in the local media <br />Other (please specify) <br />Where do you get information about movies showing at the Moxie? (check all that apply) <br />Website <br />Fliers <br />Applications on smartphone <br />Facebook or Twitter <br />Word of mouth through friends <br />Newspaper advertisements<br />Moxie emails <br />Other (please specify)<br />9. Where do you get information about show times for movies showing at the Moxie? (Check all that apply) <br />Website <br />Fliers <br />Applications on smartphone <br />Facebook or Twitter <br />Word of mouth through friends <br />Newspaper advertisements <br />Moxie emails <br />Other (please specify<br />10. What is your favorite film genre? <br />Comedy <br />Romance <br />Documentaries <br />Dramas <br />Foreign <br />Classics <br />Mystery/Thrillers <br />Do you have Netflix (or similar) movie account? <br />Yes <br />No <br />On average how often do you watch Netflix (or similar) movies at home? <br />More than once a week <br />Once per week <br />Once every other week <br />Once per month <br />Once every two or three months <br />Once a year <br />I never watch movies from an online movie service<br />13. Which of the following are types of entertainment you have enjoyed in the past three months? (Check as many as apply) <br />Eating out at restaurants <br />Going to movies <br />Entertaining friends and family at home <br />Attending sporting events <br />Going to bars/clubs <br />Going shopping <br />Going to coffee houses <br />Attending concerts<br />Attending theater/plays<br />Attending Artwalk <br />Other (please specify) <br />14. Which of the following is your very favorite type of entertainment you have enjoyed in the past three months? (Check only one) <br /> Eating out at restaurants <br />Going to movies <br />Entertaining friends and family at home <br />Attending sporting events<br />Going to bars/clubs <br />Going shopping <br />Going to coffee houses <br />Attending concerts <br />Attending theater/plays <br />Attending Artwalk <br />Other (please specify)<br />15. I would be interested in learning more about participating in a Moxie Movie Club (much like a book club—attend a movie with a group and discuss it afterward) <br />Yes <br />No <br />Maybe<br />16. I would be interested in learning about the “mobile Moxie”—a mobile projection unit that can come to you rather than you come to the theater. <br />Yes <br />No <br />Maybe<br />17. I would be interested in attending movies on Saturday morning—ie., classic film series or other genres. <br />Yes <br />No <br />Maybe<br />18. I would be interested in attending late night movies—ie., classic film series or other genres. <br />Yes <br />No <br />Maybe<br />19. Would you consider becoming a Moxie “member” to further support community cinema? <br />Yes <br />No <br />Maybe <br />I am already a member<br />Below are a series of statements. Indicate your level of agreement/disagreement. <br />20. I would attend more movies at the Moxie if there were more showtimes available. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree <br />21. I like seeing movies before they become mainstream/known by most (ie., Hurt <br />Locker, Slumdog Millionaire)<br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree Strongly Disagree<br />22. My friends and acquaintances are strong influencers when it comes to making <br />movie decisions. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree<br />23. Parking is a problem when attending movies at the Moxie. <br /> Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree <br />24. Incentives are important to me when I decide to go to a movie (coupons, package deals, frequent diner type cards, etc.) <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable<br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree<br />25. I like the atmosphere at the Moxie. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree<br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree<br />26. I like the people who work at the Moxie.<br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree <br />27. I like the concessions at the Moxie. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree<br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree<br />28. I feel like I understand the concept of member-supported cinema. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree <br />29. It is important to me that the Moxie offers alcoholic beverages. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree<br />Strongly Disagree <br />30. I would like the Moxie to offer entertainment packages—ie., dinner at a <br />restaurant/movie package. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree<br />31. I like the Moxie’s website. <br />Strongly Agree<br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable <br />Disagree<br />Strongly Disagree<br />32. I like the Moxie’s Facebook page. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree <br />Neutral/Not applicable<br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree<br />33. I like the Moxie’s Twitter page. <br />Strongly Agree <br />Agree<br />Neutral/Not applicable<br />Disagree <br />Strongly Disagree<br />Open Ended Questions<br />34. What do you like best about the weekly Moxie e-newsletter? <br />35. What do you like least about the weekly Moxie e-newsletter? <br />What are the first three adjectives that come to mind when you hear the Moxie? <br />37. What do you like best about the Moxie? <br />38. What do you like least about the Moxie? <br /> Thank you for your time! <br />Email (Optional-but necessary if you want to be considered for the Moxie survey <br />drawing) <br /> <br />Primary Research Results<br />The survey given resulted in a more precise identification of our target market. It also showed us Netflix is a primary competitor, and other information about our demographics. Overall, the survey was used as way to gather valuable information for this plans book, and should be given again after the completion of this campaign. <br />