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  1. 1. A complete framework for FLASH games and social networking Presented by Federico Carrasco jobs@grebooca.cominf
  2. 2. The Market The global gaming market is huge. • Global video game market: $40+ billion • Social offer-based browser games market: $100+ million • 80 million people in the US play casual games every month¹ The social Flash gaming market is ours to create. Sources: 1. NeoEdge Networks
  3. 3. The Goals • For Grebooca: to acquire the biggest part of the FLASH online games in social networks • For the Players: A game distribution network of tightly coupled social and multiplayer games with its internal economy and monetization procedures deployed over social networks and the web • For the Flash Game Developers: A one-stop-shop platform to create, distribute and monetize social, multiplayer, and coin-em-up games
  4. 4. What is Gameyola is a platform that distributes and monetizes FLASH games on leading social networks: • Gameyola’sAPI allows FLASH game developers to connect toGameyola’s viral distribution engine and monetization capabilities. • Gameyola brings the distribution and monetization benefits offacebookto the thousands of free single player FLASH games on the web. • Gameyola is a global community of FLASH game players.
  5. 5. Converge Players, Developers, Games Games Players Developers
  6. 6. The ecosystem Flash Game Players User Layer Facebook, MyS Social Network Layer pace, etc Portal Game PortalLayer Individual Game Layer Flash Game API Developers Diffusion Monetization Platform Layer OfferPal, Etc. Offer-Based Advertisement Network Layer
  7. 7. Technologies EC2/S3 social networks Cloud Computing
  8. 8. User Acquisition Strategy Legacy 7 million users Scoreboards Challenges Viral Growth Rewards for team size Tournaments
  9. 9. Social API for FLASH Developers Features 1. Simple function set 2. Single line of code integration 3. Dynamically loaded / Auto-updated Functions 1. Get player data (name, sex, picture) 2. Get/Decrease player coins (point of sale at the point of failure).Get/Set player best score for a particular game (used in leaderboards) 3. Set player score for a particular game instance (used in user-to-user challenges) 4. Get player’s team size
  10. 10. Competition Increased Leverages Offer Based Casual Competitor Scoreboards Challenges Status with Social Virtual Games Friends Networks Currency Gameyola(1) X X X X X X Zynga X X X X X Mob Wars X X X X X Playfish X X X X Kongregate X X X Pogo X X CrazyMonkey X X Addicting X Games ArmorGames X X Mindjolt X X PopCap X Spogg X X X (1) Gameyola will be the first player to bring virality and offer-based virtual currency to casual games.
  11. 11. Roadmap Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 • 4,000 Flash Games • Virtual Currency • Alternative Monetization Streams • Facebook only • Social API • FB + OS + Web • No API • Viral Distribution • Iterated Virtual Currency and • Redesigned UI Viral Techniques
  12. 12.
  13. 13. A complete framework for FLASH games and social networking Presented by Federico Carrasco jobs@grebooca.cominf