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New hope presentation public

  1. 1. New Hope Christian CommunityAckert Park Skilled Care Community November 20th, 2011
  2. 2. Philosophy of CareNew Hope Christian Community was formed to serve persons with mental andphysical handicaps who desire to live in an environment where they can developto their fullest potential. These individuals share the same basic need as all of us:to be loved and accepted as they are. "Whatever you did for the least of these my brothers, you did for me." Jesus - Mathew 25:40
  3. 3. Resident Engaged Community Resident Care CommunityVillage Connectivity Emotional WellbeingVocational Connectivity Physical WellbeingSocial Connectivity Spiritual WellbeingResident/Staff Connectivity Intellectual Wellbeing "Whatever you did for the least of these my brothers, you did for me." Jesus - Mathew 25:40
  4. 4. E-Business: Spreading the Word _Kendall Brune Churches Insurance Families e-Blast
  5. 5. Purchase of Versailles propertyExciting support from the cityWhy in Versailles:  Quality Industries Sheltered Workshop Purchase four parcels across from Shop  Affordable location  In the town center  Great access to services  City Participating
  6. 6. New Hope Christian Community – Versailles (building alternatives)
  7. 7. Christian Churches Disability Ministry (formally CCFH) proposed new building
  8. 8. This OLD House!
  9. 9. This OLD House….is GONE ~!
  10. 10. What will the new House look Like???
  11. 11. It is time to Celebrate~! Party Horns for Everyone~!
  12. 12. Ackert Park Skilled Care Community is helping to Pave the way!  On June 1st, 2010 -Ackert Park is Open for Residents
  13. 13. Ackert Park Update (continued)
  14. 14. Ackert Park Update – Volunteer Award  Last year on June 17th, Dr. Sharo given Humanitarian Award by NHCC
  15. 15. Donated Quilts on Display!~!
  16. 16. Ackert Park Update – Kendall & Shari Census Currently at 68 Residents 6 Residents with developmental disabilities 3 with mental limitations Challenges Plumbing & Electrical updates New AC units Donations (received on behalf of New Hope Christian Community)  2,256 female items  4 cases of holiday decorations  1,184 male items  27 TVs  26 chairs/tables  32 Quilts & lap warmers  24 boxes of decorating items  6 Shelves
  17. 17. Ackert Park Update (continued)Volunteer activity (on behalf of New Hope Christian Community) Quarterly Volunteer Service Hours Residential activities 48 hours Personal Shopping 16 hours Clothing Room 82 hours Ministry Church services 32 hours Bible study 42 hoursHarvester Christian Church is includes Ackert Park in their October annual all church workday. They will be painting and cleaning blinds.
  18. 18. It is time for New Hope to Spread the News~! New Hope Volunteer - Shari & Paige Presented at Missouri Convention Worked with activities director to oversee activities for residents Visited residents one-on-one Oversaw the clothing wardrobe Monitors the New Hope FaceBook account Wrote articles for the newsletter Conducted interviews for future e-blasts Prepared and sent letters to donors Special Events planning and preparation Made room numbers/signs and room name plates The NHCC Board is grateful for all Volunteer services
  19. 19. Ackert Park Update (continued) We also want to recognize Paige Brune for her contributions as NHCC’s On Site Ambassador at Ackert Park. Paige provided a great assist to Shari in her work during the summer Months Staff in many areas that benefit the ministry of New Hope Christian Community. Thank you – Paige !!!!