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New Healthcare Administrator In Training Program offered for International Students.

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China ait presentation

  1. 1. Quality of LIFE Group 
  2. 2. Min Cole 10- now QOLGMSW, MS & PhD Candidate China + US in Applied Gerontology 00-09 AltaMed USA 89-99 MCA China
  3. 3. Quality of LIFE Group Our mission statement: Promoting quality of life for the older adults globally.  Our goal:Assisting aging service providers to ensure quality of life isprovided to the older adults around the world. Connecting olderadults with information and appropriate services ensuring thequality of care is provided for their needs. 
  4. 4.  Service Principles and Believes1.  Respect the Clients and Seniors’ Needs2.  Innovation & Collaboration3.  Quality of the Services4.  Transparency5.  Sustainability
  5. 5. Quality of Life Group! 501(C)(3)!A Loving Group  Cole Global QOLG International Group Insight (Business (Design ) Development) Min Hao Cole (Consulting Services) Beijing, China
  6. 6. Business Overview 2009.12 - 2012.12 Government consulting Professional Architectural consulting Project! Design Education and training
  7. 7. Service Area 1:Governmental Consulting Services What we do: What we did : Ø  China National Aging Service Standards forØ  Urban and rural aging Ministry of Civil Affairs services strategic planning for different level of government Ø  Loving Care Nursing Program Service and agencies. Operation Standards for China AgingØ  Aging service program Development Foundation development. Ø  Livable Community Development and OperationØ  Aging service program regulatory Standards for Tianjin Municipal Civil Affairs standards.  Bureau.Ø  Accreditation, auditing and training services.  Ø  U.S. Long Term Care Experience Study for the State Council of China.! Ø  China State Council’s the 11th 5-year-plan Survey and the 12th 5-year-plan advisory project.!
  8. 8. Service Area 2: Professional Aging Service Consulting What we do: What we did : Ø  Policy and procedures development for Ø  Aging service operational Tianjin Longfugong Senior Services Group. management, policy and ( 6 AL + nursing facilities) procedures.  Ø  Policy and procedures development for Ø  Comprehensive assessment and Beijing Senior Community. (Independent care planning consulting.  Living, CCRC) Ø  Auditing, diagnostic and Ø  Policy and procedures development for problem solving consulting Tianjin Taohua Garden Nursing facility. (SNF) services. Ø  Quality improvement and service procedures ! assessment for Henan Aixin Senior Homes. ( 5 AL + SNF)
  9. 9. Service Area 3: Senior Housing Development Services What we do : What we did :Ø  Marketing and financial Ø  Shandong, 27 Sq Kilometer. Resort senior housing feasibility studyØ  Program and service Ø  Hebei, 12900 Mu, Hot spring Senior Living definition Ø  Tianjin,315 Mu, CCRCØ  Master planning and Ø  Shandong , 2000 Mu Senior Housing conceptual design Ø  Shandong, 317 Mu AL + NursingØ  Management and operation planning Ø  Jiangsu, 300Mu CCRCØ  Pre-opening Ø  Beijing, Senior Housing preparedness Ø  Jiangsu, 100 Mu 2nd Phase, senior livingØ  Recruitment and staff Ø  Tianjin, 340+315 Mu, Senior Housing training  Ø  Hebei, 4000Mu Golf Senior Wellness communityØ  Auditing and program improvement  Ø  Shanghai, Chongming Island CCRC Ø  Fujian, 150 Mu CCRC, ADHC
  10. 10. Service Area 4: Research, Education, Training and Lectures What we have accomplished: “Quality Silver Bridge” Research and Education Training and Lectures QOLG TRAINING BASE USA Tsinghua University Taiwan Peking University CNCA
  11. 11. US-China Operation and Management Branding  Diagnosis & Quality Education improvement Training Needs US-CH Research assessment Operation publish Branding HR Programming recruitment Design Exchange consulting programs
  12. 12. Aging Service Consulting Service Procedure Consulting  Owner Representative  6 7 8 5 4 HR Recruitment, US-China Diagnosis, Master, Conceptual Policy &Procedure  Operation Quality 3 Architectural design  Implementation Improvement 2 Marketing Strategy  Programming  1 Needs Assessment  Client Communication  Operation  Implementation
  13. 13. US-China Operation Implementation Team  rese rese US China arch arch Team Team Psy Edu Edu Psy SW train Train SW Design operat oper design Nur Life Med ion ation Med welln Nur rehab health Health ess style Rehab UNT THU ULM PEK USC NAS MCA ZJU
  14. 14. Method 1 Method 2Ex Directors 运营管理服务办法  Full team (US + CH) (US + CH) 中美联合运营管理专业执行团队 US China International Executive Executive or regional Director Director directors ADM HR Fin Mkt Dir Dir Dir Dir US China Executive Executive Director Director Med Food Life NUR Rehab SW Hth Sev Style Dir Dir Dir Dir Dir Dir
  15. 15. 2013 Business Focus and Services  US-CH Operation  QOLG  Brand  SSSP Program  QOLG  CLAS +AIT  MBA  Diagnosis Certificate Lecture  Training  Degree Program  Owner Reps  Develop Consultant  Quality Improve 
  16. 16. Opportunities for QOLG +US OPERATORß  Tour and on the site Training program  “Quality Silver Bridge” (short term) Joint Certificate Training or CLAS Trainingß  Professional Exchange Program  “Professional Ambassadors program ”ß  Senior Exchange Program  “Senior Ambassadors Program”ß  US - China Joint Operation Implementation Teaming  
  17. 17. Quality of LIFE Group    Los Angeles, USA  Beijing, China Quality of Life Group(NGO)  Beijing Min Hao Cole Consulting Services Telephone: 001-626-290-2228  Tel:86-10-84477702, 84477742