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  • 1. Oracle Advanced Benefits: Automated In-House Benefits Administration & Online Enrollments Jeff Eaton Practice Manager, Compensation & Benefits 1 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 2. Agenda • OAB Key Features • Life Event Processing • Online Benefits Enrollment (Employee) • Benefits Administration (Admin) • Q&A 2 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 3. OAB: Automated Benefits Administration • Oracle Advanced Benefits (OAB), allows for a large degree of Automation while offering flexibility to enforce the business rules required by your enterprise. 3 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 4. Key Features • Flexible data model helps you manage a wide variety of benefit plans • Helps you maintain enrollment history, capture enrollment changes, and calculate deductions • Life event processing allows you to control who, what, and when benefit changes can be made • Delivered Benefits Self Service enables web based real time enrollment • Enforce complex eligibility rules using eligibility profiles • An eligibility profile is a reusable set of eligibility criteria based on employment and/or indicative data of employees. 4 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 5. Key Features • Calculate and store multiple rates as applicable for each benefit • Supports a variety of calculation methods (Flat Amount, Compensation Based, Coverage Amount based, etc.) • Supports variable rates to calculate rate variations (Age Based, Employment Category Based, etc.) • Scheduled enrollment processing for annual enrollment and off cycle rate changes • Flexible Credits management • Effective communication with your employees using online instructions and confirmation statements 5 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 6. Key Features • Delivered tools to minimize implementation time: • Plan Design Copy – a tool to copy or move benefit plans within or between databases • Configuration Workbench – a tool to load enrollments and dependent/beneficiary designations from a spreadsheet • Benefits Service Center – A launch pad for benefit administrator to look up everything benefit-related 6 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 7. Life Event Processing 7 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 8. Life Event Processing • Benefit changes in OAB can only be done within an enrollment period • Life events can be made to trigger automatically when employment/indicative data changes for an employee • Examples – New Hire, Address Change, Salary Change, Part Time to Full Time, Termination • Delivered batch job picks up and processes all triggered life events. This can be scheduled to run nightly to process life events triggered for that day. • Once processed, the life event stays open for the enrollment period as specified in the configuration. 8 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 9. Life Event Processing • Employees can enroll/make changes to their benefits within the life event enrollment period • Control what the employees can change during a life event, for each benefit and life event combination • Example - Marriage Life Event; Restrict life insurance benefits, plan changes, and allow only tier changes for Medical, Dental and Vision • Delivered batch job can be scheduled nightly to close the enrollment period once the end date is reached • Specific defaults can be configured for each benefit and life event combination • Use life events to automatically recalculate life insurance coverage amount, rates, etc. when salary changes • Life events can be configured to run automatically in Recalculate-Only mode without opening an enrollment period if the only impact is on rates and coverage amount 9 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 10. Life Event Processing • OAB allows for employees to initiate certain life events on their own from benefit self service • Examples – Marriage/Add a DP, Birth or Adoption, Divorce/DP Separation, etc. • After adding contacts, employees can change their coverage tier, designate them as dependents and/or beneficiaries • The system can be configured to suspend elections until dependent certifications are received • OAB also supports enrollment certifications for Life insurance plans • Example – Certain changes can be suspended until evidence of insurability is submitted 10 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 11. Employee Online Benefits Enrollment 11 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 12. Initiating the Enrollment • Text is configurable • Employees may add dependents and beneficiaries online 12 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 13. Recalculating Benefits Eligibility • Limit Medical tier display based on contacts 13 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 14. Displaying Instructions 14 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 15. Setting Default Enrollments • Default enrollments are displayed and can be changed 15 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 16. Updating Enrollments • Each employee chooses from a specified list based on their eligibility 16 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 17. Configuring Self-Service Pages • Ability to enable multiple rates for each plan to be displayed 17 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 18. Designating Dependents • Allows eligibility profiles for dependents 18 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 19. Designating Beneficiaries 19 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 20. Confirming Enrollment 20 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 21. Signature Section • An optional signature section may be displayed within the Confirmation Statement if desired • The Confirmation Statement button launches a configurable PDF 21 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 22. Benefits Administration (Admin) 22 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 23. Benefits Service Center • The configurable Desktop Activities dropdown menu options can be linked to all benefit-related forms 23 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 24. Online Administration • Administrators are able to continue benefits selection process for employee 24 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.
  • 25. Questions & Answers Speaker: Jeff Eaton Email: Phone: 603-566-5767 Recording & Presentation: webinars/online-archives 25 © 2009 KBACE Technologies, Inc.