Karora Brand Brief


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Irish eco chic beauty brand KARORA has been created to offer consumers a more stylish & glamorous choice in the natural beauty category-Skinwear ♥ Tanning ♥ Cosmetics ♥ www.karoracosmetics.com

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Karora Brand Brief

  1. 1. about us Welcome to theWorld of PureEcoChic KARORA is the fusion of eco & chic beauty and has been created to offer consumers a more stylish & glamorous choice in the natural beauty category. At the heart of every KARORA product is a potent blend of pure active botanicals brought to life in formulas that deliver natural sensorial skin treats. We offer a pure, natural and glamorous alternative to traditional chemical-laden cosmetic, skincare and tanning products. All our products are multi-tasking treatments in one pure formula and can be used by those with even the most sensitive skin. With KARORA you will discover unique skin boosting formulas that nurture, nourish and revitalise. But its not just whats on the inside that counts either, you will be indulged with our exquisite and seductive packaging which is always recyclable and always environmentally friendly. KARORA is a brand that provides naturally active, innovative and effective beauty products. We strive to produce the purest, most chic products while meeting the changing needs of our consumers. We are dedicated to monitoring market trends and ensuring our pure, natural and eco chic ranges reflect current styles.
  2. 2. brand brand positioning positioning KARORA is the fusion of eco & chic beauty and has been created to offer consumers a more stylish & glamorous choice in the natural beauty category. Eco chic is a term becoming increasingly prevalent - it simply means a combination of trendiness and eco-friendliness. We offer a pure, natural and glamorous alternative to traditional chemical-laden cosmetic, skincare and tanning products. Pure ecochic We have developed our products, packaging & marketing collateral to have stand out shelf presence in the natural category.
  3. 3. bronzing positioning unique concept Botanical Tan exceptional formula Pure Quality signature ingredientsacai berry, argan oil and jojoba seductive packaging Stand Out Shelf Presence
  4. 4. Prep & Prime the easy peel…grain free & pain freeeffectively removes dead skin cells without harsh scrubbing KARORA Smooth Operator Multi-Action Micro Peel gently and effectively removes dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin dramatically improving skin texture and tone. This is a non- irritating grain free exfoliator which helps restore a smooth, even and radiant appearance to the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Citrus this product stimulates the skins natural renewal process.
  5. 5. Self Tan Mistour unique spa formula..a botanical bronzing treat oh soooo good…we bottled it KARORA Self Tanning Mist pure active botanicals advanced bronzing and skin firming treatment. The tinted formula glides on effortlessly to envelope the skin delivering an even, nutrient rich golden tan lasting up to seven days. Fused with a proprietary blend of pure active botanicals of acai berry & argan, vitamins and essential oils, this unique self tanning mist leaves the skin moisturised, nourished and revitalised.
  6. 6. Gradual Bronzing Moisturiser build a gradual super natural tan with sun protection benefits KARORA Gradual Bronzing Moisturiser SPF15 pure active botanicalsbuilds a subtle natural tan or can be used to extend anexisting tan. Containing a touch of organic tanningagent, natural botanicals and protective sun filters thisinnovative formula hydrates, protects and leaves skinglowing.Fused with a proprietary blend of sweet orange extract,jojoba, vitamin E and essential oil of argan, this rich andluxurious formula glides on the skin leaving a citrusfresh fragrance..
  7. 7. Botanical Bronzing Professional FormulasWith a clear point of difference, KARORA is building a loyal following among modernwomen and beauty professionals. Here is our story…See, Smell & Feel the DifferenceKARORA botanical bronzing formula is a luxury tanning therapywhich delivers a rich, radiant bronzed glow while also providing apowerful age fighting, skin firming and cell rejuvenating treatment.When tested side by side with other sunless tanning formulas,KARORA bronzing stands out from the crowd. One of the biggestreasons is the color, a natural rich healthy bronzed glow combinedwith pure active botanicals that really leave the skin looking naturallytanned, toned and healthy.The KARORA promise is quality, purity and performance inEVERYTHING we do. With KARORA’s pure eco chic botanicalbronzing treatment your clients will really SEE, SMELL & FEEL thedifference.
  8. 8. Botanical Bronzing Professional FormulasKARORA is a botanical bronzing treatment that ticks all the boxes on trend “eco chic” proposition organic, paraben free, chemical free formulated with pure active botanicals developed with long term health in mind suitable for all skin types delivers a rich natural bronzed colour lasts up to 7 days with a natural fade diminishes the appearance of cellulite leaves skin hydrated & silky to the touch fragrant without the fake tanning smell dries in seconds instead of minutes no sticky or greasy feeling
  9. 9. Were on message – media sound bites “Irish tanning range KARORA...botanical bronzing ...this is self tanning at its most progressive” “maternity & infant loves new Irish eco brand KARORA...Our favourite things botanical bronzingIrish glow...eco chic with hydrating & skin colour fused with firming properties” pure active botanicals” “Karora gradual “new Irish eco chic bronzing brand KARORA has a moisturiser whole range of (SPF15) ticks all products that the boxes” includes loads of vitamins & essential oils”
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