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  • 1. PROFILE IN ISRO - ISAC M.V.KANNAN Engineer-G Head, Projects Division PPEG, ISAC Date of birth : 17th March 1950 Educational Qualifications: B.SC (Madras University);DMIT(Aero) from Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai Area of Specialization: Project Management, Specialization in Spacecraft structures load testing and Experimental stress analysis Present Designation: Head, Projects Division, PPEG Engineer, Structural Analysis Project Coordinator ,Design & Analysis, ANURADHA 3SAN21 Test team leader, Static load testing of all S/C structures (SROSS ,IRS,INSAT,GSAT,I-1K and 2K composite etc) Head, Experimental Stress Analysis and NDE Project Engineer (Structures) - SROSS 1 Positions Held Programme Manager (Structures & Mechanism) – SROSS 2 Deputy Project Director, SROSS-C & SROSS-C2 (Nov 1973 to till date) Deputy Project Director,INSAT-3B & GSAT-1 Member-Secretary, PMB (INSAT-4B/INSAT-4C/INSAT-4CR/GSAT- 5/GSAT-6/GSAT-7/GSAT-8 Member, Project Executive Board,Chandrayaan-1 Head, Projects Division, PPEG Deputy Project Director, Astronaut Training Centre (ATC- HSP),Technical Services
  • 2. Awards: 1975 Distinguished Award for Aryabhatta Recipient of ISRO Team Excellence Award for INSAT- 4CR in 2009 Patents : 2 Nos Memberships (National) : Life member ISAMPE Special Roles (Chairman/Member) :Reviews / Advisory / Management Committees / Contracts / Event Managements etc Technical Publications/Papers: • Publications – 10 in technical journals/international /national conference • Technical Reports/Documents: Over 300
  • 3. Accomplishments / Achievements/Experience: I have a total experience of over 37 years to my credit in static load testing and analysis of aerospace structures, project management in various capacities / roles. As Head of Static Load Tests and Experimental Stress Analysis, I have contributed significantly in the area of testing of Indian Satellite Structures and validation of associated structural elements. STRUCTURES – ROLE: ANALYST / HEAD, EXPT STRESS ANALYSIS / STRUCTURE LOAD TESTING, DESIGNATE (STR SUBSYSTEM) FOR S/C Structural Analysis (Till 1981) Finite element techniques and supporting matrix methods and generation of computer programmes (FORTRAN) - Formulation of matrix for finite element tapered beams – Demonstration of the tapered beam elements successfully in the Static, Free vibration and Response Analysis of tall chimneys of varying cross sections (Aero, IISC Project).Static and free vibration analysis of ANURADHA (3SAN21) using SAP-IV- Static and Free Vibration of ABM support structure of Apple Satellite Structural Testing & Experimental Stress Analysis (1981 to 2002) I have specialized in Structural static load tests and experimental stress analysis subsequent to my transfer to Experimental Structures Division. I have established experimental stress analysis laboratory comprising of Strain gauging and measurement technique, Stress measurement using Reflection photo elasticity, Residual stress measurements using blind hole drilling technique and supporting software tools for analysis of data. I have carried out experimental studies using these techniques to support design for all structural elements and associated joints for all Satellite projects. In the area of structural static load tests of Indian Satellites, I have played major role. The test requirement for each satellite is different and I have to replenish the test set up based on objectives of test every time even though certain test support elements are common. I established a full-fledged static test rig to support large spacecraft test activity. The glossary of all major activities connected with planning and execution of static load testing of satellite structure is as mentioned under where in my role and involvement is significant. 1. Establishing a fully fledged Static load test facility (for individual & combined loading) comprising of test rigs, displacement measurement set up, Computer controlled hydraulic loading system, Instrumentation, Data acquisition system and analysis software support for testing of large Structures. Compressive loading of with
  • 4. extensive monitoring of strains and displacements using strain gauges, photoelasticity, dial gauges and LVDTs. 2. Developmental tests: Load tests on corrugated short cylinder, conical Honeycomb Sandwich cylinder, CFRP short cylinder, Static load tests on Satellite secondary structural components /joints for design iterations. 3. Process control and material validation tests for honeycomb sandwich components. 4. Experimental characterization of Elastic and strength properties of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic). 5. Static Qualification combined load testing (as per launch vehicle load specifications) of all Structures of Scientific, Remote sensing and communication Satellites. o SROSS-I (Structural Model)(150 Kgs) o INSAT-II Structural Model (2000 Kgs) o IRS-1C/1D Structural Model (1000 Kgs) o Corrugated Short Cylinder compression test o Honeycomb sandwich shell compression load test o INSAT-2E Structural Model (2500 Kgs) o IRS-TES, IRS-P5, IRS-P6 (1200 Kgs) o CFRP /Honeycomb sandwich cylinder compressive load test o IRS-P5 (Composite version) 6. Experimental studies using strain gauging, photo-elasticity, residual stress measurement. Project Designate I have served in projects under various capacities as given below and delivered the subsystem in line with requirements/challenges/constraints. In addition, I am responsible in carrying out requisite qualification/acceptance level static/dynamic/acoustic environmental tests on all these spacecraft as structural expert. Project Engineer, SROSS-I (Structures) Programme Manager, SROSS-II (Structures) Deputy Project Director, SROSS-C and SROSS-C2 (Mechanical Systems)
  • 5. Deputy Project Director- INSAT-3B (Structures) Deputy Project Director - GSAT-1 (Structures) PROGRAMME PLANNING & EVALUATION GROUP (PPEG) Head, Projects Division, PPEG (2003 to 2010) PPEG is a centrally coordinating agency in the Centre as well as Technical secretariat of the Director. As PPEG takes care of Centre Level Resources in Multi Project Environment, Projects Division’s role becomes very critical when project activities are in peak mode in addressing real time issues. Many such critical issues related to projects are addressed in real time. Besides the above, the Division has the responsibility of handling Satellite Technology Cell dealing with TDPs and Respond Programmes of this Centre and MOUs / Technology Transfer/IPR/Patenting/Copy rights etc related activities of the Centre. More coordinated /effective approach for spacecraft project monitoring & scheduling in multi projects environment including periodical reviews is established under my guidance and team support. I have pro actively extended the scope of our function beyond projects schedule follow up and linked activities and successfully brought out good analysis documents /reports on performance of projects in terms of schedule and technology aspects and technical publications in a befitting manner. In a nut shell, I am responsible for making the role of Projects Division of PPEG more effective by establishing good liaison with project teams, Group Director, PPEG and Director, ISAC. This has given me further recognition of becoming member-secretary for GEOSAT projects PMB. The role played by me in the realisisation of fast track satellite INSAT- 4CR and Chandrayaan-1 project was well appreciated by Management. Worked closely with all Directors (since2003), ISAC in the development and implementation of spacecraft programme operational plan, project priorities and streamlining the project activities in the Centre and status reporting to Director. I am the recipient of Team excellence award (INSAT- 4CR) in the year 2008. I have been also given the responsibility as Deputy Project Director, Technical Services – ASTRONAUT TRAINING CENTRE for Human Space flight programme. PATENTS: • Improved Universal Testing Machine, Patent No.184705 (1995), R.Samuel, K.Haridas, M.V.Kannan, P.S.Nair and A.V.Patki • A Multichannel Automated Static Load Testing Machine, Application No.1356/MAS/95, R.Samuel, K.Haridas, V.Kesavan, T.S.Sriranga, M.V.Kannan, P.S.Nair and A.V.Patki TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS Over 300 documents on Design, Analysis, Testing, Project management etc
  • 6. PUBLICATIONS 1. M.V.Kannan, R.Samuel, P.S.Nair "Qualification of Spacecraft Structure for Quasi-Static loads"ICSTAD Proceedings, July-August 1990,Bangalore-India. 2. Dr.M.K.Padmanabhan, M.V.Kannan, "Some experimental studies on residual stresses due to forming and machining of aluminum alloys" VI International Congress on Experimental Mechanics, Oregeon, USA (June 5-10,1988). 3. Dr.M.K.Padmanabhan,M.V.Kannan, "Studies on assembly stresses and stress distribution due to loading in multiple bolted joints" VI International Congress on Experimental Mechanics,Oregeon,USA(June 5-10,1988) 4. Dr.M.K.Padmanabhan,M.V.Kannan, Design and development of a computer controlled system for Spacecraft static testing" Twentieth Mid Western Mechanics Conference,Purdue University,Indiana,USA (August 31,Sept.2 1987) 5. Dr.M.K.Padmanabhan, M.V.Kannan, "Honeycomb Sandwich shell part-II testing for typical space qualification load levels" International Symposium on "Innovative applications of shells and spatial form" Nov.21-25 1988,Bangalore-India. 6. R.Samuel, K.Haridas, M.V.Kannan "A new system for Spacecraft Static tests" Journal of Spacecraft Technology, Vol.9, No.2, July 1999. 7. M.V.Kannan "The flexural and Torsional constant of Honeycomb Sandwich construction" (presented during XI National Seminar on Aerospace Structures Feb.8-9, 2002, Bangalore- India. 8. R.Samuel,K.Haridas,M.V.Kannan,P.S.Nair & A.V.Patki “A new System for Spacecraft Static Tests” Vol9,No.2,July 1999 Journal of Spacecraft Technology 9. Ms. Deepti Lakshman, M.V.Kannan, H.Bhojraj “APPLICATION OF ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES IN SPACECRAFT PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Journal of Spacecraft Technology Jan 2010 10. Jagathipriya, P.Byali, M.V.Kannan CRITICAL CHAIN MANAGEMENT – a new project management philosophy for multi-project environment: Published in JST Vol. 2008 issue 2.