Nstip portal training workshop strategic research proposal submission


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NSTIP Portal Training Workshop “Strategic Research Proposal Submission“

16th September 2013 Science and Technology Unit (STU) Umm Al - Qura University, Makkah

Presented by:
Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khalil Al-Allaf
Noman Ahmed Shah, PMP, ITIL

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Nstip portal training workshop strategic research proposal submission

  1. 1. NSTIP Portal Training Workshop “Strategic Research Proposal Submission“ 17th September 2013 Science and Technology Unit (STU) Umm Al - Qura University, Makkah
  2. 2. NSTIP Strategic Projects & Portal  The National Science, Technology, and Innovation Plan (NSTIP) portal provides the platform for researchers to submit their research proposals in the fields specified by the NSTIP in Saudi Arabia. It provides a common platform for researchers, STUs, and KACST to collaborate and contribute in the development of research according to the country’s National STI plan.  To submit new proposal, a researcher or Principle Investigator (PI) needs to register on KACST’s portal as well as in the Saudi Researcher database. Once registered, researchers can login on to the NSTIP portal to submit and administrate new research proposals.  The workshop focus on covering the hand-on experience on NSTIP portal, where a researcher will be explained the registration module and proposal submission module.  Following two modules will be covered in this workshop:  Registration on NSTIP Portal  Submission of Proposal.
  3. 3. Major Steps 1. REGISTER ON NSTIP PORTAL http://nstip.kacst.edu.sa 2. CREATE SRDB(Saudi Researchers Database) PROFILE. 3. SUBMIT APPLICATION (ONLY PI)
  4. 4. User Roles  PI’s roles: (Only PI will submit proposal)  Step 1,2,3.  Co-I’s roles: (No proposal submission)  Step 1,2  Acceptance of PI’s submitted proposal request via portal system. (My Actions TAB in portal)  Researcher’s roles: (Only registration)  Step 1,2 only (OPTIONAL)  External Co-I (Outside of Kingdom)  NO External Co-Is from 2012 onward.  PM’s or Consultant’s roles: (None on Portal)
  5. 5. Application Submission Workflow PI / Co-I / Researcher Registration PI Submit Proposal Co-I acceptance STU Review NSTIP Review AAAS Review
  6. 6. Frequently Asked Questions  1. External Co-I’s?  No External Co-I  2. Proposal Start Date?  Min. 6 months and Max. 1 year from date of Submission.  3. Co-I Qualification?  Either MS or PhD?  4. Division of Budget  Compensation: Max 40%.  Equipment & Materials: 40-60% (depends upon track).  Travel: <10%  Others: <10%  STU: 7%  Total: 100%
  7. 7. Frequently Asked Questions  5. Summer Compensation?  Same as normal salary (as per no. of days and per year total)  6. Figures/Tables/Equations in Literature/Methodology section?  Upload Pdf document of each respective section in portal.  7. Management Plan (Form RE-D1-6) Excel file?  System automatically generate Excel files for your reference.  8. Proposal Form STU-UQU-NPSTI-A1?  System automatically generate PDF file, when you save/submit proposal.  Download that file, print and review it.  If it is OK? Print final copy and submit to STU Office after online submission.
  8. 8. Useful Documents  STU-UQU-NPSTI-A1 Proposal Submission Form  “NSTIP Portal – Presentation” – this power point document  NSTIP Portal Registration Manual  NSTIP Proposal Submission Manual  NSTIP User's Guide  Submission Guidelines (English)
  9. 9. Useful Links!  NSTIP Portal URL:  http://nstip.kacst.edu.sa  Proposal Application Forms  http://uqu.edu.sa/page/ar/172776  Proposal Guidelines:  http://uqu.edu.sa/files2/tiny_mce/plugins/filemanager/files/4320402/NP STI_files-March_2012_final.rar  "Tips for success before submission.docx" read thoroughly and follow each instruction.  Strategic Plans / GOALS of NSTIP:  http://uqu.edu.sa/page/ar/172774
  10. 10. Participate!  Feedback Survey: Please provide your feedback at following url: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/kamc-feedback  Please Fill Sign-up sheets to receive contents of this workshop
  11. 11. Thanks & Regards  Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khalil Al-Allaf  Director, Science and Technology Unit  Faallaf@uqu.edu.sa  Contact: stuuqu.ad@gmail.com +966 25271622  STU Portal: http://stu.sa  Noman Ahmed Shah, PMP, ITIL  Linkedin: sa.linkedin.com/in/nomanshahpmp  E-Mail: naqureshi@uqu.edu.sa