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The ICoC Business Breakfast Club, 24 August 2010:
Katrin Andersson Limited
What is courage?
Human Leadership
A catalyst for change
Are you brave?

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  1. 1. 'I go where there is courage’ Katrin Andersson Limited Katrin Andersson, Founder & Director The ICoC Business Breakfast Club Islington, 24 August 2010 Photo: Typogram ©
  2. 2. Today’s agenda The ICoC Business Breakfast Club, 24 August 2010 : Katrin Andersson Limited Katrin Andersson Limited : What is courage? : Human Leadership : A catalyst for change : Are you brave? : Q&A
  3. 3. A change consultancy that makes a difference : Katrin Andersson Limited Katrin Andersson Limited – Based in Islington with a global network ‘I go where there is courage’ – together with courageous business leaders and brave decision makers. – We support change in companies and organisations through conversation, communication and human leadership...That requires courage.
  4. 4. Courage – Katrin Andersson Limited what does it mean?
  5. 5. Courage from a client perspective Creative Industry - A client said to me: Katrin Andersson Limited “When someone comes to us and say “We have this idea, we know it would be great but it is impossible to do…” “That instantly triggers me” – my client continued. “It makes me start thinking how can I do that, how will we make it possible, how will it work?” That is courage in the thought leadership process.
  6. 6. How to be Katrin Andersson Limited courageous in real life?
  7. 7. Courage put into practice : Vision is about courage : Action is about change Katrin Andersson Limited : Result is about a catalyst – explore your Vision, Action and Results! : Working with a courageous client: “While expanding into new avenues and environments keeping the company identity and family feeling. In the leadership team we also discussed, debated and made changes in how to best balance and profit from the creative genius and smart business nous present. © That is courage.
  8. 8. Human Leadership : In an ever-changing global economy change has become a necessity - not an optional strategy for risk takers. Katrin Andersson Limited : Change in human behaviour, business objectives and strategies – to generate growth in good and in bad times. : The era we live in requires leadership skills that are human. : Leadership is about human behaviour. : ‘Human leaders’ clearly define visions, actions and results for themselves, the business and the individuals interacting in or with the organisation.
  9. 9. We co-pilot change and human Katrin Andersson Limited leadership. What does that mean...
  10. 10. A catalyst for change : We act as a catalyst for change using the VAR© model : Katrin Andersson Limited Vision stands for courage : Action stands for change : Result is a catalyst …for further action and change. ©
  11. 11. Are you brave? : To test your courage: : For the creatives, the impossibles, the leaders, the brave decision makers, Katrin We offer a 20 minutes free flight Andersson co-pilots change in individuals, path towards change, to identify Katrin Andersson Limited companies and organisations. your vision, your action and your result. : We act as co-pilots for change building courage, new strategy, interactive communication and operational fitness and finesse. : Katrin Andersson is a visionary change consultant exploring your vision, action and result enabling people and businesses realise their potential and achieve goals. : Fly KA free today. Be courageous and make your booking: +44 (0)20 7609 9665 or visit www.katrinandersson.com Photo: Typogram ©
  12. 12. Katrin Andersson Limited 41 Richmond Avenue London N1 0NB Tel +44 207 609 9665 katrin@katrinandersson.com www.katrinandersson.com Katrin Andersson Limited …would you like to hear more, tune in on Twitter: @KALtd