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In the eye of the perfect storm

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  1. 1. KatrinAnderssonLimited In the eye of the perfect storm Katrin Andersson Founder & Director Katrin Andersson Limited City Business Library Aldermanbury, London 22 November 2010 Photo:  Crocky  ©   Human Leadership and its potential Part II of III
  2. 2. KatrinAnderssonLimited A change consultancy that makes a difference :  Why  do  companies  work  with  Katrin  Andersson  Limited?   They  are  facing  change,  and  want  a  catalyst  to  speed  up  the  process  of:   :  Expansion  and  growth  of  the  business   :  How  to  succeed  in  hard  6mes   :  Personal  leadership  poten6al   :  What  do  we  achieve?   Most  common  denominators  among  our  customerbase.  They  have:   :  Succeded  with  successions  and  promo6ons   :  Become  a  recognized  subject  ma>er  expert   :  Improved  their  strategic  thinking  and  increased  speed  to  market  with  new   product  concepts  in  the  UK  and  abroad               That  requires  courage.   1
  3. 3. KatrinAnderssonLimited Today’s agenda 22 November 2010 :  Introduction :  Human Leadership :  In the eye of the perfect storm :  Common purpose :  Co-piloting :  Innovation of new knowledge :  Break :  Triangular simplicity and complexity :  Teams and Groups and Individuals :  Summary and conclusion :  Close 2
  4. 4. KatrinAnderssonLimited Human Leadership :  In an ever-changing global economy change has become a necessity - not an optional strategy for risk takers. :  Change in human behaviour, business objectives and strategies – to generate growth in good and in bad times. :  The era we live in requires leadership skills that are human. :  Leadership is about human behaviour. :  ‘Human leaders’ clearly define visions, actions and results for themselves, the business and the individuals interacting in or with the organisation. 3
  5. 5. KatrinAnderssonLimited Identity, History and Culture :  Courage to enter and test the unknown, belief in what you are doing and confidence in the power and influence to creating change. :  With the individual at the centre Human leadership is about courage and purpose, realise potential, create focus, drive, growth, profitability and sustainable results. 4
  6. 6. KatrinAnderssonLimited HUMAN LEADERSHIP Photo:  Crocky  ©   5
  7. 7. KatrinAnderssonLimited Human leadership is about 6
  8. 8. KatrinAnderssonLimited Human leadership put into practice :  Vision is about courage – strategy & planning! :  Action is about change – tactics & execution! :  Result is about – outcome & the bottom line! ‘Why and how’ is a catalyst – explore your Vision, Action and Results! That is courage. ©   7
  9. 9. KatrinAnderssonLimited Human leadership is about growth and sustainability
  10. 10. KatrinAnderssonLimited In the Eye of the Perfect Storm ©   9
  11. 11. KatrinAnderssonLimited “You  can  have  a  good  >me  and  work  very  hard.  In  a  team  where  we  all  are   focused  on  one  thing,  to  deliver  the  best,  to  excel  to  inform  and  educate,  you   will  need  to  co-­‐operate  and  compete,  you  will  argue  and  give  way  for  new   ideas.  You  will  need  to  have  a  sense  of  freedom  and  lots  of  humour.  You  will   get  a  lot  of  your  support  from  your  team  and  from  being  part  of  that  team  in   a  world  of  complete  uncertainty.”     A common purpose Jon Snow, Channel 4 News From Join the Freedom Fighters. Watch Out for the Sharks: leadership and management in the 21st century. Katrin Andersson 2002. 10
  12. 12. KatrinAnderssonLimited What is common purpose? :  It is about shared values, direction and focus :  It will fuel creativity, drive and determination :  A consistent, clear message that enables growth 11
  13. 13. KatrinAnderssonLimited Co-piloting Photo:  Crocky  ©  
  14. 14. KatrinAnderssonLimited “What  makes  a  good  leader?    –  Being  a  catalyst  for  change   and  give  good  direc6ons”   Sinclair  Beecham,  Founder  Pret  A  Manger   and  the  Hoxton  Hotel.   Interview  in  Metropolitan/eurostar  Nov  2010.       Co-piloting – an ongoing conversation 13 “  [We  need  to]  Treat  people,   companies  and   organisa6ons  as  complex   organisms  rather  than   machines  with  linear   func6ons  only.”     From  Join  the  Freedom  Fighters.  Watch  Out  for  the  Sharks:   leadership  and  management  in  the  21st  century.  Katrin  Andersson   2002.       :  Co-piloting is about talent and practice, ambition, aspiration and sustainable results. :  It contributes a strategic and philosophical quality above and beyond behavioural performance alone. :  A balanced vision between task, team and individual outcomes and goals. :  The destination is to align business strategy and people in order to achieve extraordinary results.
  15. 15. KatrinAnderssonLimited Innovation of new knowledge Dynamics of learning – how we learn :  Unconscious incompetence > We don’t know, and we don’t know we don’t know. :  Conscious incompetence > We know what we don’t know and we are practising on achieving the new knowledge/skill/behaviour. :  Conscious competence > We are aware of the new knowledge/skill/behaviour but we haven't yet achieved a habitual and seamless competence. In order to continue and embed the learning we need to continue to practice and concentrate while we are doing it. :  Unconscious competence > Our knowledge/skill/ behaviour has become embedded as habitual, seamless and automatic. We don't need to think about what we are doing, we are doing it naturally, as a part of your natural talent and ability. :  Excellence and mastery >There is an argument for a fifth state in learning and practising - when everything comes together and we enter “a state of exquisite flow.“ Conscious incompetence Conscious competence Excellence and mastery 14
  16. 16. KatrinAnderssonLimited Inspiration and drive – motivation :  Some of us are: – motivated by short term goals and achievements, others by longer-term outcomes – driven by individual goals, others by team and group goals – inspired by role models close to their heart and home, others by well known people, celebrities and ‘icon’s’ :  Our strongest inspiration might be triggered by a visual representation, by sound or a particular feeling, a tactile touch, a smell or a taste – our different sensory preferences. 15
  17. 17. KatrinAnderssonLimited IN THE EYE OF THE PERFECT STORM Photo:  Crocky  ©   16
  18. 18. KatrinAnderssonLimited Triangular simplicity and complexity 17 :  Successfully approaching the future is about belief, interaction and viability – a triangular simplicity and complexity, adhering to: ©  
  19. 19. KatrinAnderssonLimited Teams, Groups and Individuals – working together :  Create vision, set direction and be prepared to shift and adapt to new and changing circumstances. :  Be brave, recognise and constructively approach uncertainty. Resourcefully support each other ready to explore the unknown, review mistakes and celebrate success. :  Reach outstanding potential, together and alone. Embrace, motivate, stimulate and retain diverse and top talent. “Create instead of criticise “1+1=3” discovery instead of complacency.” 1+1=3 18
  20. 20. KatrinAnderssonLimited Summary In the eye of the perfect storm is about leadership and determination, commitment and action. In the eye of the perfect storm, a common purpose and innovation of new knowledge. It is about believing in the unknown and making it happen, daring to taking risks without knowing exactly how it will turn out in reality.
  21. 21. KatrinAnderssonLimited Human Leadership and its potential Part III 7 February 2011 20 Register: E-mail Phone: 020 7332 1812
  22. 22. KatrinAnderssonLimited Katrin Andersson Limited 41 Richmond Avenue London N1 0NB Tel +44 207 609 9665 Thank you.Would you like to hear more, tune in on Twitter: @KALtd