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interior design project

interior design project

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  • nice examples! the pictures demonstrate perfectly the style you are showing!
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  • good job! very good examples
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  • 1. Interior Design Project By: KC Antonioli
  • 2. Queen Anne A table that has its ends dropped off and can be put up to make the table bigger. http://www.oakbarn.biz/Tables/200_08B%20Drop%20Leaf%20Table.jpg
  • 3. Chippendale http://www.museumfurniture.com/venetian/9commode1-18thc.jpg http://www.dian-abadi.com/images/antique-reproduction//chippendale-armchair-gcpda.jpg This style is a combination of many other styles, including French and Rocco. The chippendale style is known for being naturalistic, decorated with images of fruits, leaves, and birds. Also it can be distinguished by its fronts of chests, and drawers wich are curved.
  • 4. Federal Style
    • This federal style is made up of elegant, simple, and classical, geometric shapes.
    • http://www.canalstreetantiquemall.com/FeaturedPhotos/featured%20(9).jpg
  • 5. Contemporary/Modern
    • http://www.rocking-chairs.com/bentwood-O.jpg
    • http://www.furniturestoreblog.com/2009/03/28/savannah_bent_wood_rocking_chair_by_jolyon_yates.html
    The contemporary/modern style involves wood, glass, marble, stone, or plastic materials. The example in this slide is the Bentwood Rocking Chair.
  • 6. Art Nouveau
    • http://www.artnouveaufurniture.com/images/MajorelleCabt.jpg
    • http://www.artnouveaufurniture.com/images%5CGaillard.jpg
    The Art Nouveau style is based on natural forms, and patterns. For example on this piece of furniture the art work on it are leaves.
  • 7. Shaker
    • http://www.furniturestoreblog.com/2007/05/28/characteristics_of_shaker_furniture.html
    The Shaker style is very simple it’s purpose is to serve the duty that it was built to serve. In this slide this bench is very simple and servs it purpose which is for you to be able to sit down.
  • 8. Empire
    • http://www.furniturestoreblog.com/2007/12/23/marston_sleigh_bed_from_restoration_hardware.html
    The Empire style is the style of looks, and it serves a very important cause which is decoration. This picture above is of an Empire Sleigh Bed.
  • 9. Hepplewite
    • http://chestofbooks.com/home-improvement/furniture/Olden-Time/images/Hepplewhite-Settee-1790.jpg
    The style Hepplewhite is known for its chair backs; which are the shield and heart backs. The bench above appears to have the shield back in two occations.
  • 10. Duncan Phypfe
    • http://images.artnet.com/artwork_images_529_463435_duncan-phyfe.jpg
    The Duncan Phyfe style is usually made with mahogany. The Table above is a good example of this style because its leggs are lyre-shaped, and curved pillars. The chairs in this style have legs that are curved out to the sides.
  • 11. Baroque
    • http://www.antique-furniture-reproductions.com/barok-armchair.jpg
    Baroque is an Italian style. It is ment to let size, scale, and proportion stand out. Many of the materials used are marble, ivory, and bronze. Also it has broken, twisted, and reserved curves.
  • 12. Spanish Baroque
    • http://www.rfurniture.com/store/prodimg/BolgnaBed.jpg
    The Spanish Baroque style has a lot of elaborate carvings, and gilt decorations. As you can see it the bed frame and head board above, it has very difficult and elaborate wooden carving.