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Planet Technology Investment


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Planet Technology project is aiming to create computer assembly plant that produces its own computers and brands, to tackle the market needs, transform our society from Technology consumer to …

Planet Technology project is aiming to create computer assembly plant that produces its own computers and brands, to tackle the market needs, transform our society from Technology consumer to Technology producer, to gain the capability to address our own needs in the business sector, education and also at home user level. There is more in this project concept then meets the eye, it is not only profit generator and technology transfer point, but also it is also a startup point for future technology based industry in the region. This plant will become one of many, and BlueDot the brand we are trying to reintroduce to the market is going to become a leading name for more than PCs and laptops. It is part of the vision to reach there, and to become pioneers. Mohamed Adam is the Foundation Committee Vice President & the Technical Advisor of the Foundation Board.

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  • 1. The Golden Roles
  • 2.  ICT Development Partnership is a Win-Win deal; two ways transactions and this process are governed by transparency and credibility.  Our Solutions are based on a solid researches & study for the targeted markets, keeping in mind previous attempts and practices.  Delivering the Actual requirements by Conducting a thorough needs assessment of the community to be served.  Enforcing localization policy by ensure local ownership, get local buy-in, work with a local champion, and be context specific.  Gain understanding by engaging a local problem-solver with some degree of responsibility, and involve them sufficiently so they can identify and address problems as they arise.  Prioritizing Team Work by forming sound partnerships and collaborations, and be good partners and collaborators.  Set concrete goals and take small achievable steps. Always realistic about outputs and timelines.
  • 3.  Building initiatives on technology-neutral concepts so it can be adapted as needed to accommodate technology change over time.  Targeting Nation wide including groups that are traditionally excluded on the basis of age, gender, race or religion.  Identifying and understanding the external challenges we face, and take practical steps to address them.  Keep monitoring and critically evaluating our efforts with effective tools, report back to our clients and supporters, and adapt our approach as needed.  Insure the sustainability of the initiatives over the long term , create sufficient income points within to be self-sustaining, or delivering on a social mission so effectively that it is worthy of funding.  Enhance the local expertise, engage a total solution for creating local Technology awareness.
  • 4. People Behind The Name
  • 5. TAGA Engineering Taga engineering, is a Sudanese owned company which is a part of a well established group of companies known as EGI which focus on finance, management techniques, telecommunication, Engineering and industry with an aim to expand, consolidate and strength its present leading position in the fast growing engineering and industry of Sudan and the region.
  • 6. Lootah IT Solutions LITS was founded in 1990 as the emerging Information and Communications Technology (ICT) business division for S.S. Lootah Group of Companies, and known as one of the most recognized names in the ICT Solutions Provider in the U.A.E.
  • 7. The Vivid Mental Image
  • 8. Through its different technology units, and a network of Technology Provider Partners, dedicated to bring the benefits of new technologies to the masses, Planet Technology Investment will work with Education Firms, Private Sector, Local Industry, NGOs, and Government and facilitate the invention refinement and dissemination of the innovations to every village of Middle East & Africa by combining the creativity of Entrepreneurs with the technical know-how of universities & Research Centers to grow sustainable, culturally appropriate solutions.
  • 9. Planet Technology Investment has embarked on an adventurous 5 year plan covering Middle East & Africa for meeting the grand challenges in brining the benefits of quality ICT technologies in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Empowerment of the disabled, Village Livelihood Generation and Rural Connectivity, keeping in view the need to operate in local languages and to support local culture and tradition, by empowering people at grassroots level forming collaborative efforts with Educational Centers, R&D laboratories, Local Industry, NGOs and Government.
  • 10. The Broadest Goals To Accomplish
  • 11.  To undertake educational, research and development activities and facilitate designing and technology transfers in the field of information and communication technologies.  To establish a national and international network of people, projects and initiatives dedicated to bringing the benefits of the most advanced information and communication technologies, other allied disciplines and emerging knowledge fields to the common man and the needy people.  To facilitate establishing Manufacturing plants and production facilities for application of supplying technology products in the field of information and communication technologies, to facilitate and help the deployment of innovative products that would benefit the common people in affordable costs.
  • 12.  To cooperate and work with other educational and research institutions, industry, non-governmental organizations, governments, other multilateral agencies in Middle East & Africa and abroad and most importantly with ordinary people and to reach Affordable technologies products & services to all out targeted market especially the village economy and rural areas.  To foster creativity and research skills and combine these abilities with entrepreneurship by facilitating technical know-how transfers and technology transfers to enable and implement sustainable culturally appropriate solutions for the people.  To engage in solution-finding for the global challenges of poverty, lack of literacy, poor health standards to create employment opportunities.
  • 13. The Broadest Goals To Accomplish
  • 14. Computer & Consumer Electronics Production Lines
  • 15.  Production Capacity of 240K Unit Every Year.  The best value for the best price.  Comes with Financed bundle for the end user (individuals / Organizations).  Continues updates and development .  Trade-in mechanism.  Customer care platform region wide.  Shipped with Advanced Software Bundles.  Strong distribution & sales outlets network.  Unique designs and finishing.  Unique connected experience.  Strong value chain.  Understanding the needs.  A competitive management tools.  Fixable upgradeable structure.
  • 16. Software & Hardware Research & Development Division
  • 17. Software Development  Localization Services.  Distributing Data Driven solutions.  Maximizing Added Values.  Developing local Expertise.  Creating Network Services.  Powering eGovernment & eEducation Systems.  Building Distributed Programming Solutions.  Solution Design & Architect Consultants.  Developing Alternative Software Solutions.  Developing Smart Communities
  • 18. Next Generation Software's
  • 19. Solar Power Solutions  Developing Affordable Low-Cost Small Solar Powered Electricity Generators.  Developing Solar Power Enabled Integrated Low Voltage Computer & Electronic Systems.  Developing Solar Power Enabled Public Terminals.  Enhancing Communication Systems and stations with power alternatives.  Powering Researches & Development of Alternative power for house hold.
  • 20. Computer Alternatives  Developing Affordable Low-Cost Computer Alternative Systems.  Empowering Low Cost Communication.  Deploying Easy to Use Solutions.  Creating Third Layer Communication Carriers.  Implementing New Communication Protocols.
  • 21. Smart Community Network  Central service center peer city where ever our enabled projects are located.  Services come in a packages and profiles  Those services are delivered through our main portal at the Internet network based on ITTP Protocol.  Services are provided in two patterns, the free public Access portal and the Advance Subscriber Access.  Single Point of service and extendable connected experience.  Advance User friendly interfaces & command units.  Customizable package set and scalable infrastructure.  Integrated emails, forums, devices  Integrated Community Circles  Self-learning Systems  Integrated with service providers  Hyper data aggregators
  • 22. iMap-TV Services  On Screen service interface.  Simple remote control access.  City wide services location and information.  On screen yellow pages.  Live feed form different city locations.  General live updated Information Ticker .  Special Offers and Promotions Add sections.  Hyper service links and controls.  GPS Tracking Services .  Appointment Location Service.
  • 23. Living Automation Systems  Light and scene control  Main living areas and bed rooms  Energy management  Out door lighting – time scheduling and scenes  Energy management  Air conditioning – user control and automated  Car park/garage – automatic on/off  Curtains/Blinds/Sun shades  Control of irrigation, fountain, pool  Access control, Surveillance and Security  Alarm integration  Camera/surveillance  Remote access and notification  Automatic door locks  Biometric keyless entry  Entertainment  Digital Home server for TV, music, video and photos  Multi Room audio/video  Streaming HD audio and video
  • 24. Wireless Broad Band Internet & Communication Solutions
  • 25. ‫خدمات النترنت والتصالت في المناطق النائية‬ ‫خدمات التصالت سواء الصوتية أو البيانية النائية ل يمكنها‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫أن تدر الدخ ل الكاف ي لتعوي ض رأ س المال والتكاليف‬ ‫التشغيلية في وقت قصير.‬ ‫أ ن تركي ب الهات ف الواح د ف ي الري ف يكل ف ف ي المتوسط‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫خمسة أضعاف ما يكلفه في المدينة.‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ل يعتبر هذا الجزء من الشبكة مربحً في المد القصير طبقً‬ ‫ا‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫للعتبارات المالية البحتة.‬ ‫أهمية أقل لمشروعات التصالت الريفية النائية التي تكون‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫أقل ربحً من الناحية المالية إذ ل تسفر عن إيرادات مباشرة‬ ‫ا‬ ‫في البداية.‬ ‫توج د فجوة بي ن عدد الخطوط الهاتفي ة ف ي المناط ق الريفية‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫النائي ة وعدده ا ف ي المناط ق الحضري ة ف ي الكثي ر من بلدان‬ ‫العالم.‬
  • 26. ‫الحلول المطروحة‬ ‫• تجهي ز مراك ز تواج د للخدمة )‪Service Point Of‬‬ ‫‪ Presents )PoP‬حيث يمكن لسكان الرياف الوصول‬ ‫إلى الخدمات وإستخدامها من خلل توصيلت سلكية إلى‬ ‫منازله م . وهذا الح ل س يكون مكلف ا جدا لم ا س يرافقه من‬ ‫كل ف بنائ محطات الخمات الفرعي ة وكل ف تمديد‬ ‫التوصيلت والصيانة وخلفه.‬ ‫• تجهيز شبكة لسلكية قادرة على تزويد الخدمات اللسلكية‬ ‫للتص الت والنترن ت ، ويتطل ب الم ر تنص يب أبراج‬ ‫خدمة لسلكية على أبعاد معينة لتأمين التغطية المطلوبة.‬ ‫الص عوبة ف ي هذا القتراح ه و إيجاد الح ل التقني الذي‬ ‫يستوفي المتطلبات التقنية والقتصادية للمشروع.‬
  • 27. Available Connectivity Solutions Wide Band Best Value VS Price 2G 1G Narrow Band Fixed Services Mobile Services
  • 28. ‫حلول ماكس للخدمات اللسلكية عريضة الحزمة‬ ‫إن حلول ماكس لتقنية الخدمات اللسلكية عريضة الحزمة هي مجموعة من التطبيقات والنظمة‬ ‫التي تم إختيارها بعناية لتوفير أفضل الحلول لعملئنا من الشركات المختصة في مجال تزويد‬ ‫الخدمات اللس لكية للنترنت ‪، (Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP‬‬ ‫تقوم طاقات تكنولوج ي بتس خير موارده ا المختلف ة لتص ميم الح ل المث ل الذي يناسب ميزانيات‬ ‫الجهات التي ستقوم بتزويد الخدمات اللسلكية للمناطق النائية .‬
  • 29. MAX Solutions Development Team Technology Providers @ccess Software Provider Nilgiri Networks Hardware Provider Digital Devices Providers
  • 30. 3.5 Million Subscriber in more than 25 Country World wide Installations
  • 31. Advanced STB, Automotive CS, and Multifunctional Terminals
  • 32. Automotive Computerized systems  Advance Navigation Systems.  Voice Control Interface.  Multi Communication Layers (Data, Voice, SMS, Emails).  City Information Integrated.  Car Control & Security System.  TV & Radio Built-In.  Entertainment & Media Center.  Easy Installation Process.  Data Recovery System.  Multi Network connectivity (GPRS, EDGE, Wi-MAX, Wi-Fi).  Bluetooth Extensions Ready.
  • 33. Multifunctional Terminals  Produce Customized (ATM, Parking meters, Sales Point systems, Security and Access systems, Prepaid Systems, etc.)  Advance Solar Powered Terminals.  Develop Sub-Service Network.  Smart Card Extensions Ready.  Easy Installation Process.  Data Recovery System.  Multi Network connectivity (GPRS, EDGE, Wi-MAX, Wi-Fi).  Bluetooth Extensions Ready.
  • 34. Digital Set-Top-Box  Advance Receiver features combined with on-line service availability.  iMap-TV service structure built in.  Advance content management and TV control.  Advance EPG.  Dual Channels & PiP features.  Internal PVR features.  MM Keyboard & Remote Control.  Customizable Feed Receiver (Satellite, Anita, Digital, Versatile , IPTV…. Etc).  Interactive TV Service built over (ITTP Protocol).  Built in Communication structure.  Built in Expanding Features ports.  Home Networking Ready.  Multimedia Server.  Built in Smart Card reader / Multimedia Cards Reader/ USB connectors.
  • 35. Dynamic Digital Signage & Advance Presentation Systems
  • 36. Dynamic digital signage  Live Data Control With Rich Content.  Powerful Visualization Effects.  Advance Data Distribution Method.  Point Of Sales Advertisements System.  Fixable Design & Multi Perouse Structure.  Enhanced Power Consumption.  Multi Network connectivity (GPRS, EDGE, Wi-MAX, Wi-Fi).  Short Range Bluetooth Data Sender.
  • 37. Dynamic digital signage
  • 38. Virtual Reality, Virtual Studios, Virtual Systems
  • 39. Backgrounds 3D Visualization is now a standard in engineering : Dassault CATIA and other software went from 2D to 3D in the 90’s Since then, companies as Renault, Peugeot, Boeing, Fuji Heavy Industries have invested in large-sized display and image generation system to visualize products, equipment, vehicules in their various design phases. Their investment is growing, so-called “reality centres” and “power walls” have become a must in most industrialized countries : why ?
  • 40. Why Large Size Visualization ? We Provide Visualize to sell, lobby or buy-in : whether internally or externally, expensive and complex projects need to marketed. The presentation of future projects help materialize the concepts and sell into/to an organization prior to completion. Large visualization to collaborate : while a 20inch screen is enough for a couple of persons, a key meeting with 10 persons needs to happen on a several meters wide screen
  • 41. Why Large Size Visualization ? We Provide Virtual Studio Technologies & On- Air Graphics systems for TV Stations and Media. Virtual Studios is a TV Studio that allows actors and presenters to interact with computer-generated characters, figures, Data and environment in real time to convert an empty Blue Room to a massive Studio full of Effects and Audience.
  • 42. What we can Offer you …
  • 43. Market Facts …
  • 44.  Computers with Financing programs and easy payments.  Wireless Internet Service Provider Infrastructure.  Customized Software Solutions.  eEducation Systems and Solutions.  eGovernment Systems & Solutions.  Media Enhancement Solutions.  Digital Community Learning Centers and Network.  STB Based Network.  Dynamic Digital Media Signage.  Advance Visualization Services.