Internet usage and behavioral study of NRI - 2006


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The NRI Online study helps in understanding the status and net usage behavior and preferences of the Non Resident Indians.It gives a highly ‘insightful’ understanding of the current net usage ehavior and preferences of various types of Non Resident Indians.The report is an useful guide to all those who would like to understand and use Internet to market to NRI consumers,Marketers targeting NRI markets – Travel companies, Banks and financial companies,Telecom companies,Real estate players,Websites owners targeting NRI customer base.

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Internet usage and behavioral study of NRI - 2006

  1. 1. NRI Online Snapshot 2006 Online Research & Advisory
  2. 2. NRI Online 2006 By and large two-thirds of the NRI, irrespective of which part of the world they currently live in, feel that what binds them to India is their 'family' back home. Gulf ones highlight family connection somewhat more than the west-based ones. 'Family connection' is Gulf-based online NRI are more connected with India largely what keeps online The gulf-based online NRI not only show higher physical, financial and NRI hooked to India communicational connectivity with India but higher informational and entertainment-related connectivity as well. Gulf-based online NRI travels to India more frequently for both personal and professional reasons. Gulf-based online NRI also call their family and friends in India more. Gulf-based online NRI email also relatively more frequently for personal reasons. Gulf-based online NRI remit money to India more frequently. Compared to the west-based NRI they also check information about India more, though they do so relatively more using the 'offline' mediums. Page 2 0f 7
  3. 3. NRI Online 2006 West-based online NRI connect more online Between the two NRI groups, the west-based online NRI rely on Internet relatively more to stay connected with happenings in India. A significantly higher proportion of gulf-based online NRI prefer to update themselves through the electronic media (TV largely). Online Indians show far However, it is not that the gulf-based ones surf the net less regularly greater interest in than the west-based ones to check Indian content, it is just that they use entertainment content the offline mediums significantly more to watch or read about India. (sports, cinema, Both groups keep a keen eye on India's economic lifestyle, etc.) progress By and large online NRI are most interested in 'economic progress' and 'political stability' of the country (India) than anything else. Interestingly, this is in quite a variance with what online Indians in India are generally interested in. Online Indians show far greater interest in entertainment content (sports, cinema, lifestyle, etc.). This contrast is also reflected in the Indian role models that online NRI have as compared to the online Indians. While online Indians see business, sports and cinema celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Dhirubahi Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar or Shah Rukh Khan as the relatively bigger role models in their lives (apart from their parents), the online NRI look at APJ Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi and Manmohan Singh as bigger role models than these celebrities. Page 3 0f 7
  4. 4. NRI Online 2006 Online NRI show high level of keenness to invest in India Despite very high current ownership of assets in India, a significant proportion of online NRI would like to invest further in India, especially in the physical assets. Almost half the online NRI would still like to invest in a Almost half the online NRI would still like to invest in a house or land in India in the near future. In comparison only around a quarter would like house or land in India in the to invest in financial assets. near future Gulf ones prefer to remit money more through the banking channels Contrary to the popular perception, when it comes to the mode of remitting money to India, it is the gulf-based online NRI who trust the banking modes of transferring funds to India relatively more (both online and offline). This higher preference for banking modes by the gulf-based online NRI may have something to do with the fact that they remit money to India more frequently. Page 4 0f 7
  5. 5. NRI Online 2006 West-based NRI are generally the heavier users of the net, but not the heavier users of Indian content on the net Not only a noticeably higher proportion of west-based online NRI access the net several times a day but also significantly more of them use the The gulf-based online NRI net for more than 2 hours a day from home. check Indian content from However, when it comes to the usage of Indian content online at home, office somewhat more. almost similar levels of online NRI from both regions surf equally. On the other hand, the gulf-based online NRI check Indian content from office somewhat more. Some other highlights about online NRI are: Half the online NRI are South Indians in origin. Only 1 in 5 west-based online NRI is a 'techie'. An equal proportion of gulf-based online NRI are professionally qualified, and they work relatively more in the corporate sector. Gulf-based online NRI have significantly lower incomes. Gulf-based online NRI access the net more from office, west- based ones access it more from homes. Overall 3 out of 4 online NRI who buy online also buy from an Indian website. For entertainment, online NRI connect with Indian music the most. Page 5 0f 7
  6. 6. NRI Online 2006 Their preferred websites for Indian content are: Online Activity Top Website % Preference Most visited Indian website Rediff 11 Info Search about India Google 26 News & Events in India Times of India 13 Search Jobs in India Naukri 34 The gulf-based online NRI are Online Friendships in India Yahoo 34 noticeably more linked to India Matrimony Shaadi 48 than the west-based ones and Booking Travel Ticket to India Air India 23 understandably so. Online Shopping from India Ebay 16 Real Estate info in India Google 10 Indian Cinema content Bollywood 9 Indian Sports content Cricinfo 14 Indian Music content Raaga 17 Indian Fashion content Indiafashion 17 Online Games Yahoo 32 Emailing Yahoo 44 To sum up, by and large the online NRI are highly connected with India, both because of their strong 'family linkages' back home as well as their high levels of concern about the 'progress' of their homeland. In this, the gulf-based online NRI are noticeably more linked to India than the west- based ones and understandably so. Though the west-based online NRI prefer to stay connected with India using the Internet relatively more, and may be classified as the more online NRI per se, in effect they connect online with India only as much as the gulf ones. Page 6 0f 7
  7. 7. NRI Online 2006 For Complete Report Contact us: Sanjay Tiwari | Mrutyunjay | Online Research & Advisory 7, Kehar Singh Estate, 1st Floor, Westend Marg, Lane 2, Said-ul-Ajaib, New Delhi - 110 030, +91-11-32969221 Page 7 0f 7