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Juxt nri online 2010 study
Juxt nri online 2010 study
Juxt nri online 2010 study
Juxt nri online 2010 study
Juxt nri online 2010 study
Juxt nri online 2010 study
Juxt nri online 2010 study
Juxt nri online 2010 study
Juxt nri online 2010 study
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Juxt nri online 2010 study


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. NRI Online 2010 India’s only syndicated study on the Indian Connectivity of the NRI
  • 2.
    • Profiles ‘Online NRI’ from various parts of the world (demographic as well as economic status)
    • Captures how they are connected with the Indian homeland:
      • Physical connectivity (traveling to India)
      • Communicational connectivity (calling India)
      • Financial connectivity (transferring money and making investments in India)
      • Informational connectivity (content sought about India)
      • Media connectivity (mediums used to stay updated about India)
    • Highlights their current frequency, mode of consumption and brand preferences in these connectivity areas
    • Compares and contrasts the two distinct and big NRI markets – ‘North America+Europe’ and ‘Gulf’ - on all the above aspects
    Study Overview
  • 3.
    • Proposed online survey among NRI from various parts of the world between February-March 2010
    • Response collection using geographically targeted ‘contextual search ad campaign’ on Google as well as from some country-specific ‘online panels’ who have NRI as panel members (US/Canada, UK)
    • Reporting sample of over 1,500 online NRI planned from various parts of the world:
      • West based NRI - US/Canada/Western Europe (500)
      • Gulf based NRI - Middle East (500)
      • Asia Pacific NRI – South East Asia/Australia-New Zealand (300)
      • Other NRI – South Asia/Eastern Europe/Africa/Central and South America (200)
    • Overall NRI level reporting after equalizing sample bases from 3 NRI groups (‘West’, ‘Gulf’ and ‘Asia Pacific + Others’) to eliminate any possible sampling skews
  • 4.
    • Demographic and Economic Profile
      • Current country of residence, residence status, years living there, years living outside India
      • Gender, age, family size, native language, preferred language of reading, city of origin in India
      • Current occupation and industry of work, educational qualification, monthly household income in US$, vehicle owned
    • Physical Connectivity
      • Frequency of travel to India, purpose of travel, destination cities, mode of ticket booking, most used brands, preferred airlines for flying
    • Communicational Connectivity
      • Frequency of calling India, purpose of call, cities called, mode of calling, most used brands
    • Financial Connectivity
      • Frequency of making financial remittance to India, modes of remittance, most used brands, financial assets owned in India, likely financial and real estate investments in next 1 year, brands most likely to use
    Information Areas Covered
  • 5.
    • Informational Connectivity
      • Preferred medium to stay connected with India, most used media brands – entertainment TV channels, news TV channels, newspaper and magazines
    • Online Connectivity
      • Net usage dynamics - years of experience in using internet, place of access, frequency of usage, time spent on the net
      • Most used websites from India – for news and events, financial investment info, search/book travel tickets, check real estate info, search jobs in India, matrimonial search, seek friendships in India, social and professional networking, check Indian cinema, music, sports, fashion, health/ayurveda, astrology and spiritual content
      • Online buying from Indian websites – frequency of buying, average monthly spends, products bought, most used websites
    • Emotional Connectivity
      • Motivation to stay connected with India, Indian role models, likelihood of returning to India
    Information Areas Covered
  • 6.
    • NRI Online 2010 Main Report
    • Overall NRI level findings on:
      • Demographic and economic profile
      • Online connectivity
      • Informational connectivity
      • Emotional connectivity
      • Media connectivity
    • Comparative reporting of the above information among the 3 NRI groups – West-based NRI, Gulf-based NRI, Others
    List Of Reports
    • Supplementary Reports
    • Financial Investment and Remittance Supplementary Report
      • Financial connectivity
      • All info about NRI investing in India
    • Calling India Supplementary Report
      • Communicational connectivity
      • All info about NRI calling India
    • Traveling to India Supplementary Report
      • Physical connectivity
      • All info about NRI traveling to India
  • 7. Price of Syndicated Reports
    • Payment Terms : 50% advance, 50% after delivery of all reports
    • Preliminary Delivery Timeline : Main Report – First week April 2010
            • : Supplementary Report – 10 days per report from date of order
    • Report Delivery Format : PDF
    Report Price (Rs.)* service tax extra as applicable Main Report 150,000 Supplementary Report 150,000 each Main + 1 Supplementary Report 250,000 Main + All 3 Supplementary Reports 450,000
  • 8. Contact Details
    • Address : 3, Kehar Singh Estate, 1st Floor, Westend
    • Marg, Lane 2, Said-ul-Ajaib, New Delhi – 110030
    • Telephone : +91-11-29535098, +91-9811256502
    • Contact Person : Sanjay Tiwari
    • Email : [email_address]
    • Website :
  • 9. Thank You!