Voice of Indian Empolyees - 2007


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Voice of Indian Empolyees - 2007

  1. 1. India Employee Speak 2007 Tracking 'white collar' employee expectation, satisfaction, perceptions and intentions J xtConsult Online Research & Advisory
  2. 2. India Employee Speak 2007 JuxtConsult, a pioneer in conducting large scale syndicated research using an innovative combination of offline and online surveys, unveils India Employee Speak 2007 - one of the largest annual syndicated studies that has started tracking employment trends and employer perceptions among white collar employees in Corporate India. The study's coverage includes a wide range of industry segments, functions and hierarchy levels. The study not only captures the current white collar employment profiles and trends, both at the overall and industry segment levels, but also points towards the future trends. The study further tracks the 'frame of mind' of both the working and the prospective executives on their current job aspirations, experiences and priorities right from their perceptions of the relevant companies, to their expectations from the job, to the current satisfaction levels, to the desired improvements, and finally leading to their intended future job moves. Last but not least, the study also delves into the job search behavior and preferences of both those who are currently employed as well as those who aspire to be employed soon. The findings of the study are based on a very large sample base of over 16,500 current and prospective employees surveyed 'online' by JuxtConsult in April 2007. The data collected from the online survey has been made representative of the entire urban Indian population by using appropriate 'demographic multipliers' derived from a land survey conducted also by JuxtConsult during March-April 2007. The land survey sampled over 10,000 households in 31 cities spread across all the 4 regions of the country. The India Employee Speak 2007 reports will provide you: Insightful understanding of key HR trends and issues - employment terms, average · tenures, salary levels and benefits, employee expectations, satisfaction levels, improvements desired, etc. Comparative trends - by industry segments, sectors, size of companies, job functions, · hierarchy levels, etc. Expected future trends - based on current aspirations and intentions of employees and · prospective employees Job search dynamics - active versus passive search, preferred search methods, preferred · job search intermediaries (both offline and online) and their perceptions Corporate brand perceptions - attractiveness of companies on key corporate image · parameters and key HR parameters (both at the overall level as well as at the industry level) J xtConsult
  3. 3. India Employee Speak 2007 Overall Level Industry Level Best corporate reputation in the country Best in attracting talent Best top management leadership Best in retaining talent Most ethical in conducting business Best in salary package Most globally competitive Indian company Best in training and learning practices Most professional in business practices Best in top management leadership Best employer overall Most state-of-the-art amenities and facilities Most employee-friendly work culture Most exciting place to work in Most desirable company Best in employee welfare policies What you get in India Employee Speak 2007 you won't get elsewhere? Highly credible data based on a sound methodology and robust analysis. · Latest information on HR trends and practices in Corporate India. · Readily available insights on employee expectations and aspirations in terms of both the job · content and the company. Demographic, educational and socio-economic identification of white-collar employees and · aspiring employees. How to reach them - their job search and media preferences, both offline as well as online. · Perception of companies among all the relevant audience employees, aspirants and · influencers List of Reports The India Employee Speak 2007 study has a series of 4 main syndicated reports and several other possible supplementary syndicated reports by industry, function, hierarchy and tenure segments. The 4 main reports outlining the 'overall level' findings are: 1. Current executive employment trends and practices 2. Current job search behavior and preferences 3. Employee expectations, motivations and satisfaction 4. Current company perceptions on key corporate and HR attributes The supplementary reports highlight the 'segment level' findings. Some of the proposed and possible syndicated supplementary reports are: Industry-specific reports (for the following industry groups): 5. IT 6. Banking & Finance 7. Consumer Goods 8. Consumer Services 9. Core Industries / Industrial Goods & Services 10. Healthcare 11. Communication / Marcom Support Services J xtConsult
  4. 4. India Employee Speak 2007 Function-specific reports (of the following functions): 12. Marketing 13. Finance/Accounts 14. Information Technology 15. Office Administration & General Management 16. Project Management & Operations Specific employee segment-wise reports (of the following segments): 17. Women (vis-a-vis Men) 18. Qualified Professionals (vis-a-vis General Stream ones) 19. Freshers (vis-à-vis Employed ones) 20. Public sector (vis-à-vis Private sector) 21. Size of company by Number of employees (small/medium/large) 22. Size of company by Turnover (small/medium/large) 23. Hierarchy level in the company (junior/middle/senior) 24. Years of work experience (up to 3 years, 3-8 years, above 8 years) You may buy any of the main reports or supplementary reports individually or as a package. You may also choose as many supplement reports as you find relevant from the mentioned list. It is also possible for you to order a completely 'customized' report for yourself, within the confines of the available information, but such request will have to be discussed and negotiated separately. Note: Completion of any supplementary report is subject to collection of sufficient sample responses in the survey. Pricing of Reports List Price (add 12.36% service tax extra) 1. Any 1 main report : Rs. 100,000 2. Any 2 or 3 main reports : Rs. 90,000 each 3. All 4 main reports : Rs. 75,000 each 5. Any 1 supplementary report : Rs. 150,000 6. Any 2 supplementary reports : Rs. 135,000 each 7. 3 or more supplementary reports : Rs. 110,000 each Payment Terms 50% of the total order amount as advance at the time of ordering the reports. · Balance 50% immediately on delivery of all the reports ordered. · Delivery Timelines The 4 main reports to be delivered 1 report per week within the month of June 2007. · The supplementary reports to be delivered 1 report in 10 days thereafter. · The exact schedule of delivery of reports to be intimated only after confirmation of · the order with 50% advance payment. J xtConsult
  5. 5. 7, Keher Singh Estate, 1st Floor, Westend Marg, Lane-2, Said-ul-Ajaib, New Delhi-110 030 Tel.:+91 11 29535098 E-mail: sanjay@juxtconsult.com Website: www.juxtconsult.com