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  1. 1. There are many things to consider if you want to buy a website for your small business. If you live in a town like Portland, Oregon, which has more than its fair share of web designers, buying a website can be overwhelming. This handy guide will help you with some of the
  2. 2. There are five ingredients?that you will need if you want to create asuccessful website for your small business in Portland These are:Hosting - Youll need to find a hosting company that gives you agood price and allows enough bandwidth for what you want to doDomain name - Is your domain name already taken? In that case,how much does it cost to purchase it? Many small business namesnow originate from available domain names Planning - Youll needto plan out the design for your website before you begin talking witha web design company or a web developer The planning stage iscrucial and it will save you time and money - Clearly articulate whothe audience is going to be What type of website would you like tohave? Your site can be informational like a high tech marketingpamphlet
  3. 3. It can also be an e-commerce storefront or a social networking hubOr it can be a hybrid of several different types There are no limitswebsite to what an affordable small business website can be -Make a list of your websites contents Will it have video or will it useFlash? Will your customers be able to contact you from your site? -Make sure you know why you need the website Try to write down intwo columns the features your business needs and wants from awebsite
  4. 4. A needed feature is one that you cannot continue without having Awanted feature is one that you can postpone until phase 2 - Makesure that you articulate how the website will look before you presentit to a web designer Browse other websites that you like, and feelfree to draw sketches of your web pages You can even draw a mapof where the pages will be in relation to each other Promotion Thismay be the most common stumbling point for all new website owners
  5. 5. It is not as simple as if you build it, they will come ?Just like a brickand mortar storefront, you have to promote it - Your website iswhere your brand lives in the online world Take advantage of everyopportunity to direct people to it from the physical world Put it onyour business cards, stationary, and marketing materials
  6. 6. - There are many ways you can optimize your site for searchengines as well This is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO,and it is the crucial difference between getting zero visitor or millionsof visitors Many Portland web designers offer at least a minordegree of on-page SEO, so make sure your site is optimized forsearch, no matter what Maintenance This would be the care andfeeding of your website Your website is not static like a neon sign
  7. 7. It is a powerful way to communicate with your customers To make itwork, it will take time and effort - Set aside time to post a regularblog, videos, and press releases Your customers need a reason tovisit your site regularly - Web developers can maintain your site, oryou can do it yourself with special editing software
  8. 8. - A Content Management System, or CMS, can also be used to edityour site without the addition of expensive software Most CMSsystems pay for themselves in the first 2 hours of use, rather thanpaying hourly rates for web designers Ask these questions andmore to ensure you have a solid understanding of what is involved insetting up your website, and getting it found in the Portland, orPacific Northwest抯 regional markets Soon you will be onyour way to finding a great web development company, and anoutstanding deal on a website design
  9. 9. website