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  1. 1. Narconon Vista Bay, a highly respected drug rehab facility in Watsonville, California,understands the importance of family intervention when its time to confront an addict with a drug problem. The staff at this renowned,much-rewarded facility also knows that attempting to perform an intervention with no previous knowledge or experience can be both extremely hard to do and an immense failure with the potential of making the addict sink further into drugs or alcohol. In order to help families makethe right decisions when it comes to intervention, Vista Bay Rehab has posted a series of videosonline. Many deal directly with the positive effects of a successful intervention, as well as other important aspects of the Vista Bay drug rehab process.drug treatment arizona
  2. 2. The videos answer a variety of concerns that families often have regardingintervention and subsequent treatment For example, many people want toknow when an intervention should take place When is an addict most likely tolisten to reason and be willing to admit that things need to change? What arethe common mistakes made by well-meaning friends and family membersduring an intervention? What advantages are there to making treatmentarrangements for the addict go directly from intervention to a facility? Whatservices can Narconon Vista Bay provide that will help families to conduct asuccessful intervention? All of these subjects and more are covered in videosproduced specifically for Vista Bay
  3. 3. Many residents who have successfully completed the Drug Rehab programreport that what initially got them interested in seeking treatment there werethe highly informative videos about Vista Bay that are posted on the internetUsing innovative techniques to spread the word about its highly effective drugtreatment program is another way that Narconon Vista Bay takes the lead inthe drug treatment field Since its founding in Arizona State Prison in the1960s, Narconon has helped literally millions of people break the habit of drugand alcohol abuse permanently
  4. 4. The success rate for Narconon treatment currently runs over 70% after twoyears for people who complete the Narconon Vista Bay rehab program Whilethat appears to leave room for improvement, this rate is nearly 50% better thanthe best results ever recorded from more familiar treatment methods, such as12-step and drug-for drug therapy If you are currently seeking help regardingintervention for someone you know someone who is addicted to drugs oralcohol, watching the videos available online from Vista Bay can help answer alot of the questions you may have regarding what it takes to conduct asuccessful intervention
  5. 5. Help is also available by calling 877-896-6890 Leland Michaels onceparticipated in an intervention orchestrated by This encouraged him to findout more about Narconon Vista Bay
  6. 6. He has since written hundreds of articles about and its three northernCalifornia facilities Mr
  7. 7. Michaels lives drug treatment arizona with his family in Spokane, Washington
  8. 8. drug treatment arizona