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Published in: Career, Business

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  • 1. Ever wanted an Internet job but couldnt get it because you didnt want
  • 2. to buy the software to download in order to get the job, or you didnt wantto pay the startup fee for the job? Ever wanted to sell something onlinebut didnt want to pay the fee it costs to sell the item? Well, you donthave to You can make money online for free Things you have to pay forbeforehand that are otherwise free are called scams There arelegitimate ways to make money out there on the Internet, but be careful in your search
  • 3. The article below will explain scams, how they can hurt you, whatscammers are after, how to watch for scams, and easier, free ways tostart earning online Make money online for free, but beware scammersand people who only want your money There are some key things toremember while searching for a way to make money online for free:-NEVER give out any important or personal information over the Internet,such as an account number or credit card number Even if someone tellsyou they need it in order to pay you, dont do it
  • 4. -Avoid giving out social security numbers and last names over theInternet -Avoid giving out addresses and phone numbers over theInternet If an employer wants your account numbers because he saysthats the way hell pay you, dont do it
  • 5. Its a scam, and he can wipe out your entire account like that Be carefulSame with survey companies
  • 6. If they ask you to type in your account information after taking thesurvey, its not a good idea There are some honest people out there, butjust remember whoever youre dealing with is probably not one of themSocial security numbers and last names make it extremely easy forsomeone over the Internet to find you, steal your money, and even stealyour identity
  • 7. Avoid this whenever possible Addresses and phone numbers providegreat links for scammers and thieves to gain access to your account, oreven to come to your home uninvited This puts your family in danger aswell
  • 8. To make money online for free, there are a few steps you can take:-Consider taking free online surveys and getting paid -When sellingsomething over the Internet, find a site that requires you to pay nothingbefore selling that item -Think about getting a part-time job over theInternet for some extra pay here and there when you need it -Write someblogs and collect small amounts of money each time someone accessesyour blog -Enter writing or poetry contests that offer cash prizes Earningfree online is just what it says it is Make money online for free Youshouldnt have to pay any start-up fees, any software downloads, norevised or new resumes prior to receiving the job, no access fees,anything
  • 9. Normally with those jobs, once you pay the start-up fee, you probablywont end up getting the job anyway So whats the point of scammingsomeone, anyway? Well
  • 10. You dont have to