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  1. 1. 4Videosoft iPad 2 Manager, the best iPad 2Transfer, can easily transfer files music, movie,photos, Camera Roll, camera shot from iPad 2 to computer and from computer to iPad 2. The iPad 2 Manager Platinum can also transfer, manage and backup TV shows, Podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, voice memos, SMS andcontacts from iPad 2 and import PDF and ePub to iPad 2.Edit PDF os x
  2. 2. The iPad 2 Manager supports transferring iPad 2 files to iTunes, and convertDVD and video files to iPad 2 Moreover, this iPad 2 Manager also supportsdifferent iPod, iPhone, and iPad versions * Transfer/backup files betweeniPad 2 and computer * Transfer files among all iOS devices * ConvertDVD/video/audio files * Support different iPad, iPhone and iPod versions,including iPhone 4S * Support different iTunes versions, including latestiTunes 10 5 1 * Support latest iOS 5
  3. 3. 0 1 * Compatible with Windows 7 "iPad is here " We get the exciting Edit PDFos x news from Apple com iPad is amazing! Right? There is a trouble on iPadto my friend Jerry
  4. 4. How to transfer PDF to iPad? He can visit web link of a PDF file or view PDFformat Email attachment directly However, he cant download PDF filesthrough safira Here I will show you how to transfer PDF to iPad through Appsfrom Windows PC and view PDF on iPad First of all, you may getGoodReader at iTunes Store for $0 99
  5. 5. MyPDFs is at the same price However, GoodReader performs better for largePDF files Thus we take GoodReader for an example to walk you step by stepThen, launch iTunes and connect your iPad to your Windows PC And youmay follow the instructions bellow: 1
  6. 6. Click on your iPad 2 Click on the Apps tab 3 Scroll down the screen untilyou see the File Sharing and go to GoodReader 4
  7. 7. Click on Add and choose the file you need When the file window opens, locatethe files and select it 5 Once you finish adding, click on the Sync Then youPDFs are all on your iPad So you could view PDFs through GoodReader nowon your iPad Some changes to reading PDF on iPad PDF is easy to read oniPad
  8. 8. However, the navigation isnt the smoothest Want to change your readinghabits? Here comes iBooks A free application gives you a novel way to readbooks With it, your entire books are easy to organize What is more, you maylargely improve your reading experience with different fonts, along with beingable to adjust the size of these fonts and adjust lighting
  9. 9. You can also adjust lighting so that you wont strain your eyes And reading abook on iPad is so simple and comfortable, just like reading a real book Whenyou are reading something interesting or important, use the Bookmarkingfeature to highlight the text and refer to it later Everything is amazing, expectone little weakness iBooks only support EPUB format- the most popular openbook format in the world
  10. 10. Hence you need to convert PDF to EPUB books There are number of tool toconvert PDF files into epub format You can use PDF to EPUB converter onyour Windows, MAC or Linux system and then you may get in love withreading with iBooks Have a try! You can check out the details and get moreinformation about how to transfer PDF to iPad by checking out the resourcelink
  11. 11. Edit PDF os x