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Art mini lesson

  1. 1. Art Mini Lesson (Identity) By: Justine Hoster
  2. 2. Objectives Students will be able to explore their identities through expressing themselves, while creating a self-portrait out of paper mache and paint. Students will be able to identify who they are as a person through prioritizing their likes and dislikes before starting their art project. Students will be able to create three-dimensional self- portraits while referring to artist, Marc Chagall’s “Me and My Village”.
  3. 3. Identity
  4. 4. Self-Portrait a person’s portrait or description of him or herself. In this case a self-portrait is a three dimensional model depicting characteristics of a persons interests.
  5. 5. Hook Read Thumbelina and define identity. Discuss artist Marc Chagall and his self portrait, “Me and My Village.” Writing workshop.
  6. 6. Instructional Input A self-portrait is a representation of an artist, which can be painted, photographed, drawn or sculpted by that very same artist. It is believed that artists created self-portraits of themselves since the earliest times, but it was not until the fifteenth century that we could recognize and document artists being the focal point or a main character in their work. This is because of the use or invention of mirrors in that time period. “Me and My Village was created in 1911
  7. 7. Guided Practice Students will create their own three dimensional self- portrait. Students will use their writing workshops to help create ideas as to what they would like in their self-portrait. The students will watch part one of the video in order to create their paper mache head, and will use the second part of the video in order to create the painted face. This will be a two day activity. The first part of the activity will take an hour and a half, and the second activity will take an hour.
  8. 8. Independent Practice Once the students finish their projects, they will allow them to dry overnight in the classroom. After they are fully dried the students will present their work to the class and explain why they did what they did. This exercise allows the students to see that everyone has their own identity and everyone is unique.
  9. 9. Closure Once the students are finished presenting their work I will give them all positive feedback and ask them what they learned through this activity. I will once again explain identity and have the students recall Marc Chagall and Thumbelina.
  10. 10. Resources ml