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Flight stretches
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  • 1. When preparing for a long haul flight, it is important to forman exercise routine to avoid any unwanted injuries. Deepvein thrombosis occurs when a person remains inactive fora long period of time and blood collects, causing a clot(usually in the legs). Unfortunately, DVT is a very real risk topassengers and can prove fatal but luckily, there are somesimple ways to avoid it.
  • 2. NECK STRETCH Sitting upright on an aircraft for a large amount of time can actually damage your neck long term. To avoid injury follow these steps and stretch once every hour. 1- Sit up straight and inhale deeply. 2- Exhale and slowly turn your right ear down towards your right shoulder. 3- Hold for 20 seconds. 4- Repeat exercise on the opposite side.
  • 3. ANKLE ROTATION1- Stretch your legs out underthe seat in front of you as far asthey will reach.2- Lift your right leg and rotatefoot slowly in a clockwisemotion.3- Repeat with left leg.4- Repeat movement again, thistime in an anti-clockwise motion.
  • 4. STRETCH YOUR LEGS When the fasten seatbelt sign is switched off it is a good opportunity to walk around the aircraft. This will allow you to stretch your legs and get the blood pumping around your system again.
  • 5. KNEE-CHEST LIFT1- Bend forward, gripping yourright knee with both hands.2- Bring knee towards chestslowly.3- Hold position for 20seconds.4- Slowly return foot to floor.5- Repeat with opposite leg.
  • 6. THE OVERHEAD STRETCH 1- Again, start by sitting up straight in your chair, inhaling deeply. 2- Slowly begin to bring your right arm up above your head until it is fully extended. 3- Repeat with the left arm, keeping the original arm in the air. 4- Hold for 30 seconds and then slowly withdraw both arms.