Portfolio by Justinas Dadonas
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Portfolio by Justinas Dadonas

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Justinas Dadonas portfolio for university admissions.

Justinas Dadonas portfolio for university admissions.

More in: Design
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  • 1. PortfolioJustinas Dadonas ?
  • 2. Personal statement In most cases this section creative thinking is crucial in there is at least one chance in should be called artists state- every field and can be learned the million of success I’m ready ment, but I really cannot do from every field in different, to take it. that having no professional but equally interesting and American astronomer Carl training in fine arts or design. useful ways. This portfolio Edward Sagan has said “I don’t That’s why there is a big ques- should introduce you not only know where I’m going, but tion mark on the title page. with my humble artistic capa- I’m on my way” and this is true Having said that I always was bilities, but also my other com- to me. Sometimes it’s very interested in these fields and petences. hard to see the final goal, but I striven to have some connec- I really believe that having a know that the way to reach it is tions to them. unique set of skills gives you to learn something new every- My educational background a chance to create something day . That is why I want to learn comes from science and entre- bigger in this world. It’s a big arts and design. That’s why I preneurship. These field may risk, because there is no per- want to do something I never not sound artistic and creative fect recipe for this set and it done before. As we know, the at first, but they do require as would be much easier to con- future doesn’t belong to faint much creativity as any other centrate on something stable hearted and only the brave artistic field. In todays world and consistent. However if have the ability to create.2
  • 3. Some info:First name: Justinas Content: Personal statementSecond name: Dadonas Info and ContentBirth: 1988.07.29 Drawing, sketching and paintingCountry: Lithuania Animation and StorytellingEducation: BSc in Physics (MODERN TECHNOLO- BicyclesGY MANAGEMENT AND PHYSICS program) Manufacturing skillsExperience: 2 years at JSC “MET” as solar product Digital skillsdeveloper and engineer. Building stuff6 years at different non profit and academic or- Solar and Product developmentganizations. Science (or other skills) Photography 3
  • 4. Drawing, sketching and painting This is presentation of classical arts skills I do have right now. Although I did not have aca- demic experience involving such skills, thanks to some good teachers outside and lots of doodling around I’m not at zero with them. My favorite mediums are pencils and water- colors, so most of these are done with them. I’m ready to learn more, because I truly be- lieve that drawing is one of the fastest ways of communication.4
  • 5. Top left: pipe; detailed drawing, pencil Top right: pipe; detailed painting, watercolorsBottom left: pipe; fast sketch, pencil Bottom right: pipe; fast sketch, charcoal 5
  • 6. Top left: kettle, charcoal Top center: kettle, detailed pencil Top right: kettle, watercolors Bottom: details from above6
  • 7. Left top and bottom: plastic robot; pencil, watercolors Right: plastic robot, details; pencil, watercolors 7
  • 8. Top left: nutcracker; watercolors Top right: bottle opener; watercolors Bottom left: nutcracker; fast sketch, pencil Bottom right: bottle opener; sketch pencil8
  • 9. Top left: lock part; sketch pencil Top right: bracelet; sketch pencilBottom left: light bulb; sketch pencil Bottom center: socket; sketch pencil Bottom left: glass cube; sketch pencil 9
  • 10. Top left: rice cookie; watercolors, pencil Top center: table souvenir; watercolors Top right: perfume bottle; watercolors Bottom left: class cube; watercolors Bottom right: bottle opener; watercolors10
  • 11. Top left: still life; watercolors Top right: still life, detail; watercolorsBottom left: still life; watercolors Bottom right: still life, detail; watercolors 11
  • 12. Top : lock part; black paper, white pencil Left top: still life; black paper, white pencil Left center: still life, detail; black paper, white pencil Left bottom: medical; black paper, white pencil12
  • 13. Just for fun... Top : lock part; black paper, white pencil Left top: still life; black paper, white pencil Left center: still life, detail; black paper, white 13
  • 14. Animation & Storytelling I love cinematic arts and especially - animation. It involves both beautiful techniques, technologies and incredible storytelling. Everything that is needed to create a really moving experience. Few years before I started doing stop&motion animation and been in love with this art since.14
  • 15. Characters Top left: Space beaver pirate, steps; Wacom tablet Bottom left: improvised animation studio Top right: Space beaver pirate final; WacomStudio Bottom center: “Notebook adventure”, animation stills Bottom right: “Mike the Lab mouse”, animation still 15
  • 16. Story Story for me is the es- sential thing that makes everything work. I’m not talking only about anima- tion or movies. I’m talking about everything - every good product has a great story behind it, every successful and meaningful business idea comes with some incredible back- ground. And it’s really a hard task to tell a story in meaningful way for your client or viewer, but that is a thing I am learning now a lot and want to improve on to. On the left: Storyboard elements for animation “The Fix” including camera movement, sound, and the mood of the sceen; pencil and watercolors16
  • 17. Pixel brains digital skillsI’m aware that todays world require artistsand designers to be skillful in digital media.This is something I really enjoy and am a fastlearner at. I must say I’m no pro at any ofthese activities, but I can do a lot and I canlearn really fast when I have something touse these skills on.My digital skills:Adobe PhotoshopAdobe InDesignAdobbe PremiereWacom tabletAutoCad 2DSketchUpHTML/CSS 17
  • 18. Dirty hands manufacturing skills I do believe that the future belong for those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Both in direct and indirect ways. I always loved to fiddle with things and doing DIY stuff. This love only kept on growing. Power tools are no problem, every material is interesting and my garage is my sacred place. I do follow everything new in makers world. 3D printing and other high tech manufac- turing technologies are no strangers for me too. My manufacturing skills: Welding Metal working Painting Wood working Glass fibre Resins Mechanics ...18
  • 19. BicyclesThe grace, lightness and effec-tiveness of bicycle is somethingI really admire. That’s why I haverestored, remade and customizeddozens of vintage road , time trialand track bicycles. I love vintagebikes because of the craftsman-ship, all the hand work and lovethat went in to them. I do believethat this gives them a soul ele-ment that most of modern prod-ucts do not have. And the materi-als - steel and aluminum, feel realand genuine which I really admire. 19
  • 20. 20
  • 21. Building Bicycles are only a small part of everything that hap- Top left: Cafe racer type motorcycle project pens in my garage. I customize vintage motorcycles, Top center: Recycled foglamp desk lamp work with my enduro bike, recycle stuff in to some Top right: Steampunk blaster project in processStuff home elements and do a lot of other unnecessary, but awesome stuff. Bottom: Making custom metal seat for motorcycle 21
  • 22. Solar and product development For several years I had worked in a Lithuanian solar energy company JSC “MET”. Being a product developer and engineer I did a lot of prototyping, material research, finan- Top left: Solar module in the making cial calculations and etc. One of many projects I worked was solar powered buoy for Top center: Solar buoy prototype marine and river use. I did the research, rendering, prototyping, material selection Top right: Solar buoy prototype and final assembly. Bottom: Solar buoy prototype renderings22
  • 23. My background in science gives me some unique point of views. I do thinkScience that this education provides tools for logical and scientific thinking which can be used in other fields as well. I do understand materials on atomic scale and know processes which may be invisible for others. This deeper understanding can be invaluable in product development. My bachelor thesis was in a field of Biophysics - toxicity of quantum dots.Business At university and today I’m deeply involved in activities of non-profit orga- nizations. New types of learning and teaching always were an interest of mine, that’s why I was a member of University Senate and students councilOrganization in my studies and organize academic events up to this day. In was and am very interested in entrepreneurship. These skills are crucial for anyone who wants to make any kind of influence on world. That’s why I’m always following world startup scene, upcoming technologies, new business models and etc.Left: fluorescence of quatum dots Center: fluorescence of quatum dots Right: cells under microscope 23
  • 24. Photography Being interested in cinematic arts, one cannot help to be involved with photography. In light- painting experiments in my hometown Vilnius we used different light sources to get artistic effects and got some interesting results.24
  • 25. 25
  • 26. Justinas Dadonas jdadonas@gmail.com Facebook // Blog // Linkedin