Mastering Engagement Using Facebook Timeline & Ad Campaigns


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Facebook Timeline, Ad Campaigns, Social media engagement, Fan engagement, Ad spaces

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Mastering Engagement Using Facebook Timeline & Ad Campaigns

  1. 1. AvenueSocial is an end-to-end service provider• From planning & customizing your unique ideas into social /mobile apps• Integrating apps into your brand’s fan page to enhance your identity and engage your customers• Community and fan management for better user experience• Monitoring and measuring data to optimize your social apps and increase brand experience
  2. 2. Some of worlds leading brands have one thing in common …
  3. 3. Learn How To Use The New Facebook Timeline and Ad Spaces To Build Powerful Fan Engagement and Dominate The Edgerank AlgorithmIntroduction: Facebook CentralCapitalizing on Paid Engagement With Reach GeneratorReal Estate Gold: The New Facebook Advertising OptionsHow To Optimize Your Use of Facebook TimelineThe Co-op: Using Your Timeline and Ads Together
  4. 4. At the annual Facebook F8 conference recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced a lot of newchanges to Facebook’s appearance and ad platforms.Your Facebook page is now at the very heart of all of your social strategies.• How do you make Facebook Timelines work for your business?• How can you optimize your social efforts with Facebook advertising?Get a huge boost in reach, interaction and connection – using widespread news feed distribution.Use the new advertising options to build large communitiesOptimize your timeline for increased engagementTimeline can compliment your ads to create a unique, targeted brand strategy on Facebook!
  5. 5. What is Facebook Reach Generator?The Reach Generator will improve your brand reach from 16% to up to 75%. Thatmeans 75% of your fans will be exposed to your Facebook ads!Paid Engagement Means Increased Content EfficiencyContent engagement is everything on Facebook. If more of your fans interact on yourpage, you’ll be able to achieve incredible marketing results.Reach Generator Allows Your Facebook Edgerank Score to go Crazy!
  6. 6. Fans can engage with yourposts, and with your adverts.There is nothing preventingyour company from selling big,on Facebook.
  7. 7. Facebook Premium Ads – Get more exposure with Facebook’spremium offers selection.Facebook Marketplace Ads – Ads on the right hand side ofFacebook are called marketplace ads.Facebook premium ads will now also appear on fan’s mobile news feeds, andlogout pages. According to Facebook, this is prime ad space – as smartphoneuse is growing rapidly, and 37 million people logout of Facebook each day!
  8. 8. Fan Involvement = Big ReturnsIf you’re going to select ads based on the updates your fans love most, you’llneed to keep track of them with analytics! Fans want to interact with yourad in a variety of new and exciting ways. They’ll share it, like it, comment onit and more.
  9. 9. "The most amazing way to chronicle the experiences of our lives and, arguably, to makethem more relevant and engaging for generations to come. Its a container big enoughfor our lives; its a scrapbook that millions of people can start to populate."Timeline includes your cover, landing pages, apps and tab content! But how do you optimize your use of the new Facebook Timeline?
  10. 10. Your Perfect Cover PhotoCreate an exceptional cover photo for your brand!Your cover image shouldnever stay the same for toolong. It would be muchbetter for you as a brand touse this space for more thana simple image. Brainstormcreative ways to use thisspace to support yourmarketing and social goals!
  11. 11. Tab Functionality and EditingOnce your cover art is done, it’s timeto edit your apps and tabs!It’s important that you set attractive111 x 74 pixel thumbnails for each ofyour tabs. This will entice your users toclick on them, and explore theinteractive apps that you’ve placedthere.
  12. 12. Pinning Your Best PostLike Twitter, Facebook now allowsyou to ‘pin’ your favorite or bestposts to the top of your profile.Recent research indicatesthat brands that use thisspace - ‘pin and win,’receiving a massive 46% ininteraction when theyutilize this area.
  13. 13. Using The History Function To Tell Your Brand StoryPeople love stories, and the newhistories feature gives you theopportunity to tell your brandstory, using various multimedia.Fans can now browse throughthe years, to find milestones,events, and interesting factsabout your brand.
  14. 14. The quality and engagement potential of your Facebook updates isdirectly related to how well your ‘post as ads’ will perform!Avenuesocial gives you the power to do this, by organizing, building,monitoring and managing your Facebook brand timeline and ad campaigns.Check out the list of new optionsthat you have on the right.
  15. 15. You have a community of people right now who are your Facebook fans.These fans are not as involved with your brand as they could be. When youuse the new Reach Generator ad platform, you will be seen more often –which means more traffic, more visibility and more sales for you!You need to continually publish the right content, at theright time. Then you need to supercharge this content bygiving it max exposure from Facebook ads.We can help you do it!
  16. 16. CONTACT AVENUESOCIAL NOW! 510 275 4485 (510) 943 5941 Plug and Play Center 440 North Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085-3869 VISIBILITY | SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE | APP DEVELOPMENT | SOCIAL MARKETING STRATEGY