Srg Ep Weekly Update 01052010


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Express Pros SRG Weekly Update 01/05/2010
Sys Admin, SharePoint, SilverLight, Java, Ruby, Developer

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Srg Ep Weekly Update 01052010

  1. 1. Express Pros Seattle Specialty Resource Group
  2. 2.  Client looking for a developer to do two projects:  1) DATA CONVERSION WORK PROJECT: They want a  IT CONSULTANT: 1 current, possible 3 additional resource who could write a program to convert data openings within 4 weeks. from an XML format to NITF. They are not looking for  Developer background in Sharepoint, and C#. a full commercial go-to-market product. Here’s what Must be able to go under the hood with a client, do they said “We changed vendors for both our internal development if needed and be able to customize the and external archives, and we have some old data in a sharepoint. Its full scope to enable the client to have very raw format that we need to convert into a custom integration with SAP and others. Microsoft something usable.” Estimate of 3-5 days work needed. company environment experience plus  2) DATABASE PROJECT: Someone who can design and  Email resume to me at create an Access-style database for them. One nuance Subject: IT Consultant “They're a Mac office, Access is not an option, but it has the kind of functionality we need.”  -----------------------  The client stated that these are not pressing time  SILVERLIGHT DEVELOPERS: sensitive but would like to have an agreement in  Developer background in SilverLight, and C# place with someone to begin working on the  Email resume to me at problems. Email resume to me at Subject: SilverLight Developer Subject: Development Projects  -----------------------  -----------------------  SHAREPOINT DEVELOPERS:  SYS ADMIN JR  Developer background in Sharepoint, and C#  Growing downtown Seattle client seeking two (2)  Email resume to me at positions to start as soon as possible. Subject: SharePoint Developer  Qualifications:  -----------------------  - Operating Systems - MS Windows Server and Linux.  - Web: Apache and MS IIS.  JAVA DEVELOPERS:  - DNS: Bind and MS DNS.  Java, Java Script – all levels of experience for current  - MTA: Postfix, Sendmail, and MS IIS(SMTP). and upcoming positions. Must be competent  - DB: MySQL and MS SQL. developer, not a learn on the job role.  - Fundamental troubleshooting.  Email resume to me at  - Scripting is plus. Subject: Java Developer  - Knowledge about TCP/IP.  - Cisco switch/router experience is a plus.  -----------------------  - Configuration of firewall is a plus.  RUBY DEVELOPERS:  - Knowledge of PC repair, Knowledge of RAID  All levels of experience for current and upcoming  - Experience of Dell server is a plus. positions. Must be competent developer, not a learn  Education/Experience/Certifications/Others: on the job role. eCommerce experience with a rails  - Associate's degree or higher degree in IT-related kit is a positive. field preferred or equivalent working experience.  - Certifications (MCSE, MSIT, CCNA, CCNP, LPI) are a  Email resume to me at plus. Subject: Ruby Developer  - Bilingual Japanese/English is a plus.  -----------------------  Email resume to me at  SPECIALTY RESOURCE (TECHNOLOGY) PROFESSIONALS TEAM Subject: Sys Admin Jr  EXPRESS EMPLOYMENT PROFESSIONALS Role  2401 4th Ave. Suite 150 | Seattle, WA 98121  Phone 206.443.5627 | Fax 206.443.4757  -----------------------  Justin Smith, IT Staffing Director  Email:  