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Staffing Tools Meme Spring Mail Deck042010

  1. 1. Improve Speed/<br />length of recruiting cycle <br />Intelligently Recruiting and Staffing Across Web Voices<br />MemeSpring│ Search, Share, Track, Discover - Your Web Intelligence Agency<br />Better Qualify Source of hire <br />MemeSpring │ Search, Track, Share, Discover tools intelligently help your team improve metrics to serve more clients, more effectively with relevant candidate information . Filter candidates and sources to find the most relevant quality candidates to match the relevant contextual intent of the position, not just a set of job description keywords.<br />Reduce Time to fill<br />Reduce Costs for recruiting<br />Increase Quality of hire: skills and cultural fit<br />Increase Retention rates<br />
  2. 2. Understand and Filter with relevant context to provide the best candidate for the position<br />
  3. 3. Social conversations are noisy, need to be filtered for contextual relevance (not just keyword)for actionable intelligence<br />Social Media Sites<br />So how do you filter the crowd? Ultimately, you have to filter these sites for relevance and context. Keywords will not satisfy this filter need. If a candidate contributes interesting content and commentary, you (and your company) can gain an insight on the individual that may be valuable due to the context of their social voice.<br />In the case of Facebook and LinkedIn there is the added benefit of building community and connecting common friends, work associates, industry groups, etc. Many people also use these sites, similar to Twitter, to post comments.<br />If you are inclined to dismiss social media as a tool of the younger generation, think again. In fact, 30% of Facebook users are older than 35 and Twitter’s largest demographic is 35 to 49 year olds (which comprise 42% of all visitors).<br />The key with any social media site is not to simply establish yourself and disappear. Many companies set up a “jobs” account where they post information about open positions that they have. But, if no one is “following” the account on Twitter, it’s like the proverbial tree falling in a deserted forest. <br />Blogs are a great way to connect with others and communicate with potential employees. According to, 75% of people find blogs useful, important or critical. From our research regarding Web 2.0, we saw that almost 80% read blogs daily. <br />
  4. 4. So, how does the technology work?<br />Staffing engagement has traditionally been dependent on cold calls, emails and personal relationships, without a repeatable process for an entire organization. The MemeSpring Staffing Business Intelligence Tool is aimed at making staffing process-oriented, efficient and effective.<br />The technology personalizes and filters the research with contextual relevance to identify potential opportunities. The product— which can work in a web browser or inside a customized platform— is a real-time search and filter of information about candidates and corporations collected from a variety of sources including of blogs, social networks, etc. along with the data traditional sources to provide the recruiter with a clear picture of the prospect business’s internal structure and dynamics or candidates social voice and unwritten skills exposed. <br />The product— which can work in a web browser or inside a customized platform— can be set for push as well as pull options to feed the recruitment team with relevant information on their opportunities across a wide variety of sources.<br />
  5. 5. Results: Increased Candidate Placement, Shorter Cycles, Better Aligned Candidates and Happier Hiring Managers<br />Placements in the past w/o Intelligence<br />Increased placement rates with Intelligence of relevant client need filtered with context <br />Staffing Teams armed with contextually filtered relevant data on the opportunity to engage for best results<br />Opportunities<br />Contacts<br />Leads<br />Craigslist has 9 million documents going up and 9 million going off each day. If you were searching candidates on Craigslist, how do you know who is the most contextually relevant candidate to the intent of the hiring manager without the MemeSpring │ Search, Track, Share, Discover tools to real time search, filter and share with you aligned to the intent of the hiring manager? How can you hear the candidates voice across social media easily and quickly? How much valuable time is lost by attempting to do with work-arounds; lost information you should have access as relevant contextual data, but buried in the noise of non-relevant search responses?<br />
  6. 6. Customizable API sources crawled for what you may want to monitor filtered by relevant context<br />Social Media, Blogs and Search Engines<br />Selected Social Media, Blogs, <br />Search Engines and Business Publications<br />
  7. 7. Added Benefits:<br />Benefits<br />One of the benefits of understanding the powerful information of a social media recruiting strategy is that you can use the MemeSpring tool to gain a variety of different types of candidates that may have not been uncovered before. These include:<br />Internal Candidates: Create a robust understanding of current employees that may not be in a database and insure that employees in (or out) of the career path are recruited.<br />Active Candidates: Qualify job search criteria and ensure robust recruitment of candidates looking for a job now - online and off, and in your current ATS & CRM<br />Selective Candidates: Research and mine resume / candidate sources for candidates actively (daily) by using push or pull technology filtered by relevant context to the intent necessary – not just keywords.<br />Passive Candidates: Find and maintain relationships with currently employed talent that might not be looking to change jobs today – know what they are saying, where they are at.<br />Another critical benefit is understanding the impact social media can have on your company and your opportunity in employment branding. By understanding your brand (and the opportunities brand) in real time, your online image can be protected and established as a “culture” match, prior to the first interview. <br />
  8. 8. Relevant Contextual Staffing IntelligenceBetter Search= Better Intelligence= Better│Search, Track, Share, Discover“Your Web Intelligence Agency”<br />"There is no doubt that the landscape is being altered by social media," Aberdeen Group Research Associate Alex Jefferies says. The only way your company can effectively manage customer relationships is to be wherever the customers are, and allow them to find you through whatever channel they prefer. Jefferies anticipates that social networks, though they may seem like a chaotic mess of information right now, will prove to be extremely beneficial -- especially, he adds, once they can tap into the connections of their colleagues and their colleagues' friends.<br />Two years ago it was all about experimentation and discovery…Now, in 2010, companies are bringing tools in-house, not only to analyze relevant conversations and social feedback, but to begin acting upon the insights.<br />“Gartner Reveals Five Social Software Predictions for 2010 and Beyond,” the report presents several predictions: <br />•By 2012, more than 50 percent of enterprises will use activity streams that include enterprise microblogging, (Twitter) but less than 5 percent will utilize standalone microblogging itself;<br />•by 2014, 20 percent of business users will opt for social networking services instead of email as their primary vehicle for interpersonal communications;<br />•by 2015, 70 percent of applications designed for collaboration and communication on desktop computers will be modeled after user-experience lessons gleaned from smartphone applications; and<br />•through 2015, 25 percent of enterprises will routinely utilize social-network analysis to improve performance and productivity.<br />“Making social information actionable seems to be resonating with clients,” Joseph Hughes, a senior executive in Accenture's CRM practices says. But it's all very complex and companies are now beginning to ask questions such as, "I've got complaints on Twitter, on forums, and I've got 10,000 call center agents, and 10 people on Twitter, is now the time to make decisions on how do I bring more Twitter into the call center or bring call center folks onto the Twitter handle?"<br />Joseph Hughes notes that many companies seem to be using two different knowledge management elements -- one internal, traditional solution and one social external one -- in their strategies. " This is the year, Hughes says, that the industry will see consulting and tools brought forth from two directions:<br />•large vendors offering add-on products and services, and <br />•independent companies that are able to sit in the middle, regardless of technology. <br />It's a new phenomenon, Hughes says, but one that will only gather speed in the coming months.<br />
  9. 9. Next Steps:<br />Is there a value to enable the “MemeSpring │ Search, Track, Share, Discover” tools for your staffing teams to use with uncovering leads that match with the relevant contextual opportunities for candidates and company opportunities you are seeking?<br /> If yes then: Reach out to me now at:<br />Who are the key decision makers for the opportunity?<br />Lets schedule a next steps meeting together to catch people up and get their acceptance of value.<br />What is needed to share for the opportunity to go forward? <br />