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Hello, …

I’m Justin Smith, Director of Private Label Services at GlobalScholar. I am reaching out to you seeking a quick conversation regarding a guaranteed mutually beneficial opportunity. My partner and I believe we can help you improve employee productivity and proactively save money. We can provide you a proven tool to enable multiple training delivery channels across divisions of the company without having to manage multiple LMS installations. This will improve the identifying of the skills and gaps to facilitate owning an effective training/learning service for content development and delivery within #company#.

We lead the Private Label division at GlobalScholar, a firm serving 10,000 plus institutions and over 4 million learners globally. The Learning Management System (LMS), allows you to better organize training and developmental opportunities and match them more closely with the business goals of the organization. Flash content development (for asynchronous learning modules), and comprehensive Online/Offline Learning Platform is premium in feature and functionality. In fact, our experience has been if you are using a competitor, you are overpaying for services. Our learning platform is specifically designed to enable companies and training schools best practice to manage training/learning needs completely online while owning online/offline or hybrid systems including the freedom for best practice synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Examples of our corporate partners in the private label division are:
360Training - Large Multi-National Training and Service Company
Confidential Client – 7th Largest Training and Service Company in the United States
Confidential Client – Billion Dollar Plus Training and Service Defense Contractor
Microsoft - Billion Dollar Plus Software Company
Examples of our partners in the public education division are:
Miami Dade County School District -400 plus school sites, 390,000 learners – 4th largest school district in the United States
School Board of Broward County, FL – 272 school sites, 260,000 learners
Cobb County School District, GA - 113 school sites, –106,000 learners
New Mexico State University-Carlsbad – Post Secondary Institution

Given our proven experience we are confident in our abilities to service your needs easily with customization, migration/implementation and ongoing support structures. We seek a 1 hour or less demonstration and discussion to discover together if we can improve the health of your service needs and save you money to turn training from a cost center into a revenue center or reducing the spend while increasing the best results.

We can be reached by calling 425-460-7078 in Bellevue WA or email by simply replying to this message. The demonstration and discussion can be on a broad scope. To simply invite any members of your organization, add their email to the reply and we will facilitate day/time to your suggestion.

Best regards,


Justin Smith, Training, Learning and Content Development
Former Training Manager for INC 500 Company – Served Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic #1, #3 Hospitals in USA
Former Secondary School Principal (15 years) – WASSP “Principal of the Year 1999”
GlobalScholar Director of Private Label Services and Technology
(Phone) 425-460-7078
(Fax) 425-977-9727

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  • 1. Pinnacle Corporate Suite Learner Centric with Social Learning and Optional Rewards Module LC/SL Electronic Records Management ERB Dynamic Interface and Messaging DIM Learning Management SystemLMS Analytics SystemA Virtual Classroom w/ Voice/Chat Enabled White Board VCWB Pinnacle Corporate Suite Dynamic Companies, Empowered Employees: Developing the Future
  • 2. Teaming Partner GlobalScholar at high levels Major Financiers: Knowledge Universe, Ignition Venture Capital and Peter Neupert C-Level Leadership: Kal Raman, CEO of Prior to joining, Kal was the SVP of WW hardlines at since Aug 2004. At, Kal was in charge of the world wide hardlines business and also in charge of retail technology and online marketing for the entire company. Kal held variety of jobs at from 1998-2004. He was the CEO of from 2001-04 and also served as COO and CIO. While Kal was the CEO of, the revenues grew 70% to $246 M and the company achieved EBITDA profitability for the first time in Q4, 2003. Prior to, Kal has served as the CIO of NationsRent and Senior Director of Technology at Blockbuster and as Director of Technology at Wal-Mart Muru Subramani, CTO of Prior to joining, Muru was a Research Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Research. While at Microsoft Research, Muru was involved in a variety of research projects and published numerous research papers as part of the Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group. Muru holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from University of Madras, India. John Hults, CFO of Prior to joining, he founded Blue Jean Images, LLC in 2006 and continues as Chairman of this Beijing and Seattle based digital content production company. John was VP Financial Planning & Analysis at Getty Images, Inc. (NYSE:GYI) from 2001 to 2006. Prior to Getty Images, John spent 7 years in the wireless telecom industry. He led the Seattle market as VP/GM for WinStar Telecommunications (NASDAQ: WCII). John served 7 years at sea and ashore as a US Naval Officer, and then earned his MBA at the JL Kellogg School at Northwestern University. He is a proud member of the US Naval Academy class of ‘83. Board Members: Michael Milken, Lowell Milken, Brad Silverberg (Ignition, formerly Microsoft - ran Windows group), David Shaffer (former COO of Thomson), Peter Neupert (VP at Microsoft, former Chairman, Jonathan Stearns (Managing Director of AIG Global Investment Group, New York) Company Information:  Currently serving over 10,000 institutions and 4 million learners. Clients from the 4th largest school district (390,000 learners) in the United States to a complete end to end e-commerce solution for the largest supplemental education provider in the eastern hemisphere with 700 centers in 20 international countries. Have serviced client orders from 5k web development order to multi- million dollar engagement for platform development and content. 1 million unique visitors in a pre-qualified channel on our PIV portal.  Part of the $4 Billion KU family of companies in education and technology solutions and services. Company Mission: "Empowering the World to Learn" Technology, Education, Services, Partnerships, Enabling Others to Innovate the Future and the World Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 3. Challenges facing Adult Training • Challenge areas: – Maintaining the existing learner relationships to encourage reuse of services for personal/professional growth. – Designing, delivering learning ADDIE outcomes-based content or curriculum, or SCORM for government requirement – development of relevant content – Providing a collaborative network of users and learning platform (Hybrid – online and offline) – Ensuring highest quality training instruction, content, curriculum, assessment, record management, analytics and transcripts of learning sessions – Tracking and record keeping of a learning organization group wide – Asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities within the same platform – Professional development – for changing approaches anywhere, anytime – Online/Offline Learning, Academy or Events based, Risk Management, Client and Consumer needs GlobalScholar solutions deliver an integrated, consistent, real-time view of operations to a vision focused on training and learning for performance Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 4. Adult Learner Training Platform Features • Online and Offline Capacity • Academy or site based usage and worldwide online reach both • Social Networking and Social Learning • Collaborative Learning • Content/Curriculum Management Company wide • Content/Curriculum/Assessment Development Company wide • Asynchronous and synchronous learning within the same platform • Course Planning to meet the needs by Job Role and Department Objective • Assessment Delivery – Online and Offline • Virtual Classroom • Integrated Record Book • Attendance Manager • Student/Learner Information System • Certification and Transcription • Professional Development Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 5. Adult Learner Training Platform Features  Hierarchical View and Set up of All Processes and Functions Allowing for Multiple Tenancies within the same Platform Instance for Multiple User Groups (Divisions, departments, subsidiaries) Super User Group State IT - (All Access) Division Group 1 (Public Safety) Div Dept 1. A (Fire Management) Office of the State Fire Marshall Office of the Building Inspector Div Dept 1. B (Law Enforcement) Highway Patrol Criminal Investigations Division Group 2 (Health & Human Services) Div Dept 2. A (Family Services) Child Advocacy Health and Welfare Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 6. Added Feature Overview • Learner Centric training combined with Social Networking of Current Users and Potential Users • Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device. • Comprehensive, State-of-the-art, Seamless and Open Learning Technology • Content Development, Records Management, Training Management, Rewards Modules • Analytics Module provides Real Time data for Sound Decision Making • Dynamic Interfaces, Dynamic Messaging to Meet your Corporate needs Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 7. Learner Centric + Social Learning Integrated Platform Your Learners Gradebook • Records Management • Attendance Standards Tracking Analytics • Student Performance Empowering Quality Training and Learning • Any time • Any Place Training Tutoring • Virtual Classroom • Synch/Asynch Services • External Resources Recognition Rewards • Student Motivators • Extrinsic Rewards Collaboration • ePortfolio • Peer Evaluation Systems Management • Learner Info System • eCommerce System Assessment • Benchmarks • Measurement • Assessment Wizard Content Curriculum • Lesson Plans • Activities • Resources Wireless Mobile Internet VSAT Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 8. Future of Employee Learning Development  Integrated Immersive Learning Experience  Technology immersion – Learn anywhere, anytime and any device  Personalized Learning Paths  Aligning learning outcomes to the demands of the workforce and job roles  Individualized paths for learning based on styles and job roles  Access to content from various sources  Knowledge Skills  Professional and Skills Development of Learners and Trainers  Learn to be collaborators, access and manage information, greater cultural awareness  Boundary-less Education  Expand opportunities beyond physical locations  Access the best training anywhere in the world  Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  Access the best learning technologies at lowest costs  Eliminate administrative, support and IT burden Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 9. Dynamic Interface, Messaging Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 10. 10 Bridge the gap between Learning Environment and Social Networking! Empower learners with powerful social learning tools combined with Superior LMS capabilities.
  • 11. Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 12. Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 13. 13 At a glance view of planned activities, learners that need attention, individual learning plans while enabling social learning Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 14. 14 Integrate rich content, best content from web and deliver content in the most engaging fashion Gather, Interact, Learn – in a seamless fashion integrating the best of the breed tools to facilitate “engaging” learning Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 15. Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 16. Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 17. 17 Leverage the cutting edge web 2.0 technologies such as Ajax for improved productivity and ease of use. Now learners find it engaging! Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 18. 18 State-of-the-art Grade Book – not just data – but analysis at your finger tips to ensure the best learner outcomes! Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 19. 19 Powerful just-in-time drill-down analysis tools to “empower” every individual to arrive at the best learning decisions! Days Injury FreeManagers Evaluation Employment Pre Assessment Business Continuity Attainment Training Performance Distribution Work Attendance Training Performance Employee Injury Watch List Employee Watch List Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 20. 20 The best virtual classroom with integrated VOIP, whiteboard, document sharing, annotation, multimedia sharing, record, playback and many more. Pinnacle Corporate Suite
  • 21. Over 10,000 institutions-organizations-companies Over 4 million learners world-wide K-12 | Higher Education | Corporate | Supplemental | Extended Learning Pinnacle Corporate Suite