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GlobalScholar offerings for Business Development. We support YOU to Empower the World to LEarn. COntact me for a demo, discussion and opportunity

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Gs Business Development Slide Deck Vf

  1. 1. Service and Technology Solutions Business Development and Partnerships An International Technology and Development Leader 1
  2. 2. Partnering with GlobalScholar “The most noteworthy thing about gardeners is that they are always optimistic, always enterprising, and never satisfied. They always look forward to doing something better than they have ever done before. “ -Vita Sackville-West Shall we garden together today?
  3. 3. GlobalScholar at high levels Major Financiers: Knowledge Universe, Ignition Venture Capital and Peter Neupert C-Level Leadership: Kal Raman, CEO of Prior to joining, Kal was the SVP of WW hardlines at since Aug 2004. At, Kal was in charge of the world wide hardlines business and also in charge of retail technology and online marketing for the entire company. Kal held variety of jobs at from 1998-2004. He was the CEO of from 2001-04 and also served as COO and CIO. While Kal was the CEO of, the revenues grew 70% to $246 M and the company achieved EBITDA profitability for the first time in Q4, 2003. Prior to, Kal has served as the CIO of NationsRent and Senior Director of Technology at Blockbuster and as Director of Technology at Wal-Mart Muru Subramani, CTO of Prior to joining, Muru was a Research Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Research. While at Microsoft Research, Muru was involved in a variety of research projects and published numerous research papers as part of the Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group. Muru holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from University of Madras, India. John Hults, CFO of Prior to joining, he founded Blue Jean Images, LLC in 2006 and continues as Chairman of this Beijing and Seattle based digital content production company. John was VP Financial Planning & Analysis at Getty Images, Inc. (NYSE:GYI) from 2001 to 2006. Prior to Getty Images, John spent 7 years in the wireless telecom industry. He led the Seattle market as VP/GM for WinStar Telecommunications (NASDAQ: WCII) following a series of financial analysis and process design roles at WinStar and wireless industry pioneer McCaw Cellular/AT&T Wireless. John served 7 years at sea and ashore as a US Naval Officer, and then earned his MBA at the JL Kellogg School at Northwestern University. He is a proud member of the US Naval Academy class of ‘83. Board Members: Michael Milken, Lowell Milken, Brad Silverberg(Ignition, formerly Microsoft - ran Windows group), David Shaffer (former COO of Thomson), Peter Neupert (VP at Microsoft, former Chairman, Jonathan Stearns (Managing Director of AIG Global Investment Group, New York) Company Information:  Currently serving over 10,000 institutions and 4 million students. Clients from the 4th largest school district in the United States to a complete end to end e-commerce solution for the largest supplemental education provider in the eastern hemisphere with 700 centers in 20 international countries. Have serviced client orders from 5k web development order to multi-million dollar engagement for platform development and content. 1 million unique visitors to the PIV Portal from a pre-qualified channel.  Part of the $4 Billion KUE family of companies in education and technology solutions and services. Company Mission: quot;Empowering the World to Learnquot; Technology, Education, Services, Partnerships, Enabling Others to Innovate the Future and the World. 3
  4. 4. GlobalScholar Suite of Tools •Virtual Classrooms •Content and Curriculum •Voice/Chat Enabled Development Whiteboard •Digitization of Content and •Learning Management Tools Curriculum •Synchronous Learning •Tutoring Environments •Education and Technology •Flash Content Development Consulting •Technology Solutions Technology Augmented and Learning Learning Platform Services Solutions Client Market Place Centric Long Site and e- Term Commerce •Content and Curriculum Sale Partnerships •How we can help: •Partnering for technology •Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning •Synchronous learning environments •Self Paced Learning •Integration with partners •Content and Curriculum technology offer within Private Label Platforms and vice versa •Integration with partners •Content and curriculum development 4
  5. 5. GlobalScholar Offerings & Strengths  Technology and Learning Platform Solutions  Augmented Learning Services  Marketplace Site to offer Content and Curriculum  Client Centric Relationships for Long Term Partnerships
  6. 6. Technology and Learning Platform Solutions Platforms for real-time virtual interaction Voice/Chat enabled whiteboard solutions •1:1 (Single Model) •1:Many (Classroom Model) •1:1:Many (Study Cubbies Model) Synchronous environments •Training and learning environment •Virtual meeting spaces •Assessment tools within the environment •Digital content library •Flash records all interactions Educational management tools Flash development •Specialized content •Units of study for training •Interactive media usages •Digitization of client materials 6
  7. 7. Augmented Learning Services Content and Curriculum Development We are not in publishing, but support content development Third party contracts for content development Third party contracts for corporate and government training programs Digitization of Content and Curriculum Contracted to turn existing content into Flash or other digitized format Contracted to convert traditional content into interactive learning modules for use online Tutoring – all levels - bulk hours ability Publisher contracts to offer as supplements to text sales and implementation Subscription support services Augment training services and support Education and Technology Consulting International Educational Expertise Domestic Educational Expertise Web 2.0/Web Technology Expertise 7
  8. 8. Tutoring/Training Services  Delivered 40,000+ hours of tutoring to K-12 students in different states in the US and currently 2,500+ tutoring hours per month  Cost effective supplemental tutoring /training combining off shoring efficiencies, appropriate instructional design elements and standardized curriculum over internet  ADDIE based content development for corporate training contracts  Tutors in Management, Math, Science and Medicine, Engineering are post graduates. All others at minimum are Bachelor degree level  Test Prep services include PSAT, SAT, GRE and Advanced Placement (AP)  Bulk tutoring fulfillment capabilities – Delivering results for opportunities like OHVA, Co1 and tutor outsourcing fulfillment for US based tutoring orgs like Braxton  Online tutoring services to K-12 and college students using global tutor talent pool of 55 in-house tutors and 115 virtual tutors available 24x7
  9. 9. Client Centric Long Term Partnerships E-learning for training and educational purposes E-commerce development Sensitive to unique client needs and markets Long term engagements and relationships Ability to aggressively pursue deadlines for contract fulfillment Experienced 40 member team 200 plus man years of experience Strong account management Fixed bid agreements and contract to order development Target-Scope and Target-Cost Models Use and subscription based models depending upon platform 9
  10. 10. Content Development Services  e-Learning enablement for education and training – Digitization, Assessments, Courseware migration and unit development  Spec to order contract capacity, multiple market experienced  A strong end to end turnkey delivery capabilities with a 40 member team with a combined 200 Man years of e-learning experience  Project Management, Technology resources, Instructional Designers, SME’s, Creative artists and Copy writers  An established and proven model for outsourced development services  Current focus solely on education related development services for K-12, College level and corporate training purposes  Ability to ramp up for new projects  Exceptional quality and on-time delivery record – foundation for our customer retention success
  11. 11. Content Development Services  Digitization (Graphics /Animation) Our IDE, SME , Animators and Graphic designers have helped publishers and educational content providers convert their printed content to a ‘access anywhere’ online available digitally rich content  Skilled and innovative team of graphic designers, 2D/3D animators, a state of art animation studio with latest multimedia technologies help increase interactivity of existing digital content  Move from no animation to 2D or 2D to 3D and enable porting to LMS  Courseware Migration Organizations with extensive content libraries in different formats benefit from our Courseware Migration Experience to standardize form, format and increase delivery channels: Instructor led Training (ILT) to Computer-based Training (CBT) or Web Based Training (WBT) ILT or CBT content to (WBT) or Blended Learning (combining ILT /CBT / WBT)  Assessments  Expert tutors/trainers, pedagogy specialists, a strong content dev team with IDE and creative members helped us create accurate assessments mapped to any state standard /curriculum in K-12 or corporate curriculum.  Revamp of existing assessments and realignment to standards or QA services to check alignment also offered View Demo
  12. 12. Market Place Site and e-Commerce PIV Portal with 1 million unique visitors in a pre qualified channel 10,000 courses in K-12, College and Corporate levels and markets Digital Content and Curriculum Sales Reseller Partnerships Value Added Partnerships Uboost (Reward Systems) OaSES (SES Management Systems) KLC (Content Development) KLC (Platform Services) EF (Lead Gen and Platform Services) LOT (Platform Services Reseller) Global Market Presence Domestic offices in WA, CO, MI, OH, IL International offices in India, Singapore Clients in more than 30 countries Business development partners world wide 12
  13. 13. Marketplace for Content/Curriculum Statistics:  Over 10,000 courses offered in K-12, College preparation and Corporate training space  Access to over 4 million students Capabilities:  Content and Curriculum  All Levels and All Subjects  Asynchronous and Synchronous Offerings  Self Paced Purchase Offerings
  14. 14. How can we help? 6/7/2009 14
  15. 15. We can help…  Provide synchronous environment technology  Expand content reach into Supplemental Learning Space through Marketplace and Private Label inclusion  Develop or digitize exisiting content  Develop digital content to order  Bulk offering of tutoring for publishers, bulk training supports, others  Provide outsource development work  Flash- animated content  Virtual labs  Online learning games, etc.  Other custom development  Integrate to exisiting technology solutions, provide innovation & flexibility  Open to all possibilites with experience quot;thinking out of the boxquot; to met customer needs Client-Centric Long Term Partnerships is Our Goal
  16. 16. GlobalScholar Confidence Proven Product Market Leader Proven C-Level Leadership Proven Teams Experience – Dev, Implementation, Accounts, Management, Technology, QA Proven Innovation to lead the market Future thinking, reality grounded to achieve We can start with a pilot effort and expand based on demonstrated value.  Confidence in production, value and delivery  Demonstrated Client Centric Partner for long term mutually beneficial relationships
  17. 17. Questions? Next Steps? Justin Smith GlobalScholar Director of Private Label Services and Technology (Phone) 425-460-7078 (Internationally) 011-1-425-460-7078 (Fax) 425-977-9727 1-425-460-7078 6/7/2009 17