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Search And Display 101 - Drexel
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Search And Display 101 - Drexel


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An introductory look into SEM and Display marketing and how they can fit into your digital marketing strategy.

An introductory look into SEM and Display marketing and how they can fit into your digital marketing strategy.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Search Engine Marketing, Digital & Social AdvertisingAaron Levy Justin Freid
  • 2. Agenda• Who are you two?• Why do Google and Facebook haveso much money?• Why do banner ads still exist?• How do I develop & optimize a digitalad campaign?• Why should a company use SEM anddisplay marketing?
  • 3. Aaron Levy (@bigalittlea)• VU Class of ’08 (Marketing & MIS)• 2 ½ years at SEER Interactive• 5 years in digital marketing on both agency & brand side• AdWords & AdCenter Certified• Managed clients in social, fashion, travel, education, adoption & more 3
  • 4. SEER Interactive (@seerinteractive)• Founded in Wil’s apartment in ’02, now in a 19th Century NoLibs church• SEO, PPC & analytics• ~50 employees & growing• Strong community focus• 4 years in the Philly 100 4
  • 5. Justin Fried (@ justin_freid)• University of Scranton – BS - 2007• Philadelphia University – MBA - 2010• Media Director at TPG Direct• AdWords & AdCenter Certified• Clients: – 21st Century Insurance – Blue Cross Blue Shield – Rosetta Stone – GE – PepBoys• Rapper/Lyricist 5
  • 6. TPG Direct (@TPGDirect)• Direct Marketing Agency • Direct Mail • DRTV • Social Media • Analytics • SEO/SEM• Founded in 1992 by former AIG Employees• 65+ employees• Under the DAS division of Omnicom 6
  • 7. Target Your Customers Where They’re LookingSEARCH ENGINE MARKETING 7
  • 8. What Is SEM? 8
  • 9. Where is SEM? 9
  • 10. SEM on your Phone 10
  • 11. The Big 3 Engines 11
  • 12. Other Engines 12
  • 13. E-Comm Stores 13
  • 14. Search Partners 14
  • 15. How Does SEM Work?• Auction-Based “bidding” system• Bid x Quality score = Ad Rank• Only pay enough to beat the next guy 15
  • 16. Quality Score Factors• Click through rate• Landing page quality• Relevance – Keyword-to-ad in the group, keyword-to-query• Relative performance vs. competition – Based on geo, time of day, category• “Other Relevance Factors” 16
  • 17. SEM - Organize 17
  • 18. SEM - Account Development 18
  • 19. SEM – Keyword Match Types Broad: formal shoes Also matches: formal footwear, evening footwear, mens dress wingtips, classy pumps Modified Broad: formal +shoes Also matches: evening shoes, black dress shoes Modified Broad: +formal +shoes Also matches: frmal shoes, formal evening shoes Phrase: “formal shoe” Also matches: black formal shoes, formal shoes for women Exact: [formal shoes] Matches: formal shoes In each ring, the keyword shown also matches the searches inside smaller rings*Source – 19
  • 20. SEM - Account Development• Pick keywords & match types that make sense and that you can afford• Don’t just guess – let Google’s free tools do the work for you 20
  • 21. SEM – Ad Copy• 25 Character Headline, 70 Character Description• Write ad copy that is good and doesn’t ramble and isn’t superfluous or use big words or confuse the user and is definitely relevant. Make sure the copy screams by using an exclamation point! 21
  • 22. SEM – Ad Copy• Include the major keyword in copy.• Include key value propositions – Why should I buy from you?• Have a strong, clear cut call to action – What am I supposed to do when I get to the site? 22
  • 23. Making Your Life A Lot EasierTOOLS 23
  • 24. Free Tools• Google – Keyword Tool – Traffic Estimator – Trends – Insights – Instant 24
  • 25. Competitive Research• SEM Rush/Spyfu – How can these tools help? • Provide insight into what your competitors are doing – What ad text are they using most frequently? – What keywords are they bidding on? 25
  • 26. Management Tools• Paid Management Tools – – Marin, Acqusio, Kenshoo – Why agencies use these tools – Benefits of these tools over engine interface • Manage multiple accounts in one interface • Advanced bid management • Easier bulk editing • Advanced reporting 26
  • 27. First Touch And RemarketingDISPLAY ADVERTISING 27
  • 28. Display Advertising• What is display? Where do you see it?• Who offers display? – Direct to network – Ad network – DSP 28
  • 29. Display Advertising• How is display bought?• CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions• CPC – Cost Per Click• CPA – Cost Per Acquisition 29
  • 30. Display Advertising• Direct To Network – Advertisers can work directly with networks • ESPN, FOX, CNN etc..• Advantages: – No mark up by middle man – Premium placements and additional ad formats• Disadvantages – No RTB – Limited reach – Limited target capabilities 30
  • 31. Display Advertising• Ad Networks – – Advertisers can work with networks who partner with multiple web properties • AOL, Quantcast, Specific Media – Advantages • Wider reach • Advanced targeting • Account support – Disadvantages • Limited RTB • Limited capabilities of management interface 31
  • 32. Display Advertising• DSP – Demand Side Platform – DSP are changing the way display is bought – RTB – Real Time Bidding (Adwords for Display)• Advantages – Advanced targeting – Advanced bidding – Large reach• Disadvantages – Minimum budget requirements 32
  • 33. Premium Placements• What is a premium placement• Where can these buys occur? – MSN – Yahoo – Youtube – ESPN• What affect do they have? 33
  • 34. Display - YouTube• How can display help boost video advertising? – Companion ads = more real estate – Interact with engaged consumers• Premium Placements 34
  • 35. Display Targeting Capabilities• Contextual• Topic• Demographic• Behavioral• Look-a-like 35
  • 36. Retargeting• Retargeting allows you to continue to advertise to site visitors who did not convert – Influence purchase decisions – Move customer through the purchase cycle – Life Time Value – Upsell current customers 36
  • 37. Retargeting 37
  • 38. Influencing friends & reaching demographicsSOCIAL ADVERTISING 38
  • 39. Facebook 39
  • 40. Facebook Sponsored Stories 40
  • 41. LinkedIn Ads 41
  • 42. Pick Your Mix• Define your audience• Allocate your budget and time to best reach said audience• Make sure the channel and budget fits the goal 42
  • 43. Improve PerformanceOPTIMIZATION 43
  • 45. Account Optimization• It’s all about the bottom line – Metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions only matter if the program is profitable – Your business model should affect how you manage your paid search and display campaigns – Your advertising efforts should link directly with your sales 45
  • 47. Ad Text Optimization• Ad text testing – Frequently rotating in new ad text variations to test different CTA’s – Review metrics such as CTR, Conversion Rate and Quality Score 47
  • 48. Ad Extensions• Phone Number Extensions – Enables advertiser to display phone number in ad – If on mobile device or searcher has program such as skype, user can use click to call function• How can this help a business? – Takes up more real estate on SERP – Directs user to your business phone – Use of local area code 48
  • 49. Ad Extensions• Sitelinks – Great option for businesses with multiple locations • One sitelink per location – Great options for businesses with multiple products • One sitelink per product category – Promote offers and sales 49
  • 50. Ad Extensions• Location Extension – Enables an advertiser to display a specific location – Can be paired with a Google Places account• How can it help? – Takes up more real estate on SERP’s – Allows users to utilize ‘get directions’ link – Reinforces that you are a local business 50
  • 51. Keyword Optimization• Each keyword needs • Important metrics attention – CPC• Intent: – Conversion Rate – Compare insurance vs. – Cost Per Conversion buy insurance – Top vs. Side Performance – Which is better for your • Not all metrics are in Adwords business? – Margin• Match Type Matters – LTV – Attribution 51
  • 52. Account Structure Optimization• Account structure can be influenced by industry – By product – By Theme• Provide best experience to searcher – They’re called ad groups for a reason Search Landing Text Ad Query Page 52
  • 53. Case Study21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 53
  • 54. 21st Paid Search Study• TPG teamed with 21st Century to manage their paid search acquisition efforts GOALS: • Increase policy production • Streamline and improve conversion process • Grow unbranded search volume • Decrease cost per quote and cost per policy costs 54
  • 55. 21st Paid Search StudyIn order to meet 21st’s goals, TPG: • Created more granular account structure to show relevant ads to each search query • Added negative keywords to prevent ads from showing against irrelevant search queries • Expanded keyword targeting to encompass entire purchase cycle Research Ready to buy – Began aggressively testing ad copy variations – Began testing landing page variations through A/B testing – Utilized ClickEquations bid management platform to assist in bid optimization 55
  • 56. 21st Paid Search Study - ResultsTPG’s efforts resulted in – Over a 500% increase in policy production – Over a 250% decrease in cost per policy Cost Per Policy Policies Nov-10 Jan-10 Mar-10 Sep-10 Feb-10 May-10 Jun-10 Apr-10 Jul-10 Aug-10 Dec-10 Oct-10 Policies Cost Per Policy 56
  • 57. Case StudyDREXEL E-LEARNING 57
  • 58. 58
  • 59. 59
  • 60. Perception, not so good 60
  • 61. Profitability – Very good 61
  • 62. Hurdles• Poor industry perception• Long decision cycle• Increasing competition from generic schools• High margins = competition from name schools• Strong regional brand perception, limited national recognition 62
  • 63. Strategies• Course, degree & industry specific themes• Geo-focused bidding strategy• Landing pages with REAL people & REAL benefits• Nurturing ad copy with value propositions• Social advertising: reach people before they started looking 63
  • 64. Tactics 64
  • 65. Results• SEER client for over 5 years (they like us!)• 196% lift in app starts, 10% drop in CPA App Starts CPA Goal Cost Per App Start 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 65
  • 66. Social Media Case StudyFLORIDA BLUE – BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD 66
  • 67. Florida Blue – Social MediaOn April 2nd, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida would be transitioning theirbrand to ‘Florida Blue’. TPG was tasked with promoting the brand transitionthrough digital channels.GOALS: • Alert Floridians of the brand transition and inform them of the changes the business was making • Increase overall reach of Florida Blue through Twitter, Facebook and other channels • Drive users to content that was ‘shareable’ and would cause users to return frequently. • Develop brand advocates and champions 67
  • 68. Florida Blue Social StrategyDevelop content on Florida Blue’s website and blog that is promotion worthyPromote content through social media channels both organically andthrough paid media 68
  • 69. Twitter Results The @BCBSFLORIDA Twitter account has seen a spike in activity since the launch of the brand initiative on 4/2. As you can see by above graph, the account has seen a significant increase in mentions as well as followers, 781 new followers since 3/30! 69
  • 70. Twitter Results The most productive tweet since 4/2 was a promoted tweet that was promoted on 4/3. This tweet reached 12x the normal audience of the twitter account. 70
  • 71. Twitter Results 71
  • 72. Twitter Results 72
  • 74. Landing Page Optimization In order to fully optimize acquisition efforts, 21st’s media landing page needed to be optimizedGOALS: Increase conversion rate of site visitors Decrease drop off of visitors who reach landing page Encourage site visitors to begin the conversion path • Current landing page had been used for 3 years and captured all paid media traffic Little or no learnings were available 74
  • 75. Landing Page Optimization• TPG worked with our in house creative team to create 5 landing page concepts – A/B testing was launched to determine the best creative format – A second phase was launched that focused on multiple variables such as font, logo position, action, color and cues. • Utilized Optimost testing software 75
  • 76. Landing Page Optimization• Phase I of test: 16.54% increase in click-through rate• Phase II of test: 6.46% increase in click-through rate • Lead to overall decrease in cost per policy and a jump in total policy production 76
  • 77. Pass The Ball• Take Aways – SEM and Display play pivotal roles in the sales process – Proper management and set up are key to running a successful campaign – It’s all about the bottom line• How Does This Fit Into Next Week? – Analytics help marketers understand: • What advertisements are working • What keywords are profitable • Understand how marketing channels work together to convert potential customers 77
  • 78. Q&A + ‘Networking’• Open forum for Q&A• Networking for students & instructors• TPG is looking for interns. – Email your resume to 78